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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Please check out the Directory of Blogs I am creating! It's called: from Jland to Blogger

Hi! It's so cool to be over at Blogger, in the sense that it is finally nice to have only one place to blog, instead of two. I have finally migrated from AOL journals to here! Yes, it took awhile -- John was in the hospital for about three weeks. And was sick about a week before that. So I am a month behind the rest of my friends who have moved over to Blogger. That's okay though, I'll just have to learn.

I've been very frustrated, though, LOL. I love learning new things, but it has been a little difficult. I want things to work and I want things to work now! Yesterday I had my All About Me Section disappear! I was able to add it back in by html code, though. I am getting a little smarter, LOL. I also keep having these wrenches appear, even after I sign out. Those of you who are on Blogger will know what I am talking about. Those wrenches that help you edit your widgets (gadgets) in the sidebar. Even after I had signed out, these wrenches kept appearing! I am thinking, "Okay, I am trying to make this blog look kind of nice, and everybody is seeing wrenches??? What's up with that? Not cool!"

Right now I am very frustrated, and want to go back to AOL Jland, LOL. I know things will be okay eventually in this blog service, but I am getting frustrated. Does anybody know the number of a REAL person to call if we are having problems? Or who to email? I know we can get in touch with Guido at Magic Smoke jlandhub, but, I mean I need to get in touch with somebody who is actually on Blogger staff. I have a support question to ask!

This bemoaning reminds me of something. I figured since we were all in this together -- we who moved from Jland to Blogger -- that we should have a Directory to find one another. That way we will always be sure we have each other's blog addresses when we need/want them. So I started a directory of blogs. Right now it is in it's infant stages, a collection of blog names and information. But eventually it will be more organized, and my hope is, a well used directory.

If you would like to be part of the from Jland to Blogger directory, just go to the blog (click on link I just gave you!) and put your blog name, and other information asked for, under the appropriate letter of the alphabet that your blog starts with. For example, my blog is Sometimes I Think, so I will put it under S. Oh, and if you would like, you can mention from Jland to Blogger in your own blog/journal, and ask others to come add their blogs to the Directory. That would be cool!

Okay, I will do another entry soon. John is doing a lot better, and I want to let you know more about what is going on with him. But first I have to let him use the computer, LOL, so he can tell others where his blog is!

For those of you who are not with Jland (hi Mississaugua, Ontario & Vienna Wien, Austria, and the rest of you all!), If I just proceeded to bore you, sorry. I will get to posting regularly again soon. I have lots of photos I have taken for the past month or so, and lots of stories to go with them! I want to show you the Light the Night Walk photos. The walk that John and I went on to help raise money to fight cancer. I also have photos of a cave we went in, a couple days after the walk. I have fascinating photos and stories to go with that. I also have photos of John at Hershey Medical Center, shingles and all.

Would you all all like to see the photos of John at the hospital, shingles and all, or is that too gross, LOL? I took them while he was lying there, and he said he doesn't mind if I show you...

Okay, I must get off and allow John to use the computer. Bye for a few, and love to you all, Krissy :)
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