Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

If you could do something really adventerous for charity, what would it be, where would you do it, and for which charity?

First let me say that I loved the fact that you all sent Monday Morning Questions.  They were so creative!  Then let me say that I realized something about myself.  I was frightened to answer so many of them!  It is so hard for me to reveal some things about myself.  After pouring over questions for about fifteen minutes this morning and trying to think which ones wouldn't be too frightening for me to answer, lol, I decided to just go ahead and ask a question a week, in the order that they were given to me.  So I will ask and answer the first question submitted which comes from Sandra.

If you could do something really adventurous for charity, what would it be, where would you do it, and for which charity?

My answer:  Gee.  I have to give a boring answer.  I am SCARED to do anything adventurous.  So I would have to do boring old volunteer work (which wouldn't be boring to me) for something like an unwed mother's home or for a cancer organization.   


  1. chemelia26723/29/2005 7:12 AM

    I want to work in a war zone as a nurse with either the International Red Cross or Doctors without Borders. I have a strong desire to help people who are torn, and hurt by war.

  2. jules196420013/29/2005 8:58 AM

    I would like to use my skills as a nurse and go and help in orphanages in third world countries..........Jules xxxxxx

  3. sarajanesmiles3/29/2005 1:46 PM

    It's not really adventurous, but I would LOVE to take part in one of the big sponsored walks or fun runs, for the National Autistic Society.  This is something I really could do, just need to get fit, which is a goal for this year anyway.  Who knows, I could end up skydiving or white water rafting!!
    Sara   x

  4. Adventurous for charity eh? How about...take food and medical supplies to a country torn apart by civil war...like Rwanda. It's pretty dangerous down there. But I just might do it. And bring back a couple of war orphans to raise too. :-)

  5. kissofvanity3/29/2005 6:34 PM

    I lived in the Projects years ago.  I remember what many children's little faces looked like on Christmas morning and Easter morning when their mommies and daddies didn't have much money for gifts or celebrating.  I also remember what those little faces looked like when their mommy and daddy were all f'kd up on holidays and didn't give a damn.

    If i could do something adventurous, i would go to the big day after Christmas 50% off clearance sales and buy as much Christmas stuff as i could--toys, decorations, fake trees, gift wrap, stockings, stocking stuffers....and the same thing at the big day after Easter clearance sales and buy baskets, stuffed animals, plastic eggs and decorations.  

    Then i would pack it all away safely in my spare bedroom till next year, and next Christmas i would go back to the Projects with decorated trees, stuffed stockings, wrapped gifts and hand them out.  Same thing next Easter with Easter baskets and stuffed animals.

    It may seem a trivial thing to do, but it would sure be meaningful and memorable to some children who really deserve it.

    Ana  ((0.~))

  6. I would go to a third-world country and help them out in any way deemed necessary.  That would be really swell.  I would need an encouraging buddy, though.  Wanna come with me, Kris?  xox

  7. wow tough question Sandra and Krissy....I guess I would join the peace corps or salvation army...this would be if I was single and no kids...travel to third world countries and do charity work there....


  8. Very tough question, been thinking about it since yesterday. I used to walk for Heart Disease, and that was a good cause. The past few years I haven't participated, other than donations. The last one was buying new DVD's for our servicemen/women in January, one of the local Mom's headed it up. I try and give to new charities every year.   ~Deborah

  9. This is a difficult question for me to answer, because of ill health. But I have in the past done voluntary work with the Blind, Red Cross and until recently helped run and organise support groups for carers (people who look after friends/relatives with severe illness and/or disabilities). My pet project was the local Mental Health Carers group. I am still a carer though -  I could never give up on hubby. If it were possible I would continue my work with carers, as a very high proportion of them suffer ill health themselves - often due directly to their caring role. My adventures would be confined to the local area.
    Sylvia x


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