Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

How many hours a day on the computer would you consider addiction? (Question is from my friend Dan.) 

My answer:  I would have to say four hours.  And I would have to say, unfortunately, that many days I am addicted, lol. 

How about you? 



  1. sarajanesmiles6/20/2005 4:44 AM

    My computer, most days, is on from first thing in the morning to last thing at night!  I pop on and off all day long.  Is that an addiction?  I think so!
    Sara   x

  2. jules196420016/20/2005 6:35 AM

    I would say 24, lol so I am not addicted ;).........Jules xx

  3. chemelia26726/20/2005 7:19 AM

    I would say if you spend as much time at the computer or more  as you do at work or school thats an addiction.  

  4. Hmm...maybe it is not so much how many hours, but how it effects your you stay on too late at night?  Get on many times a day?  Get on it instead of doing something else important?  Forget your priorities?  Hmm...So that is why I only get on in the morning and hardly get on later in the day..when something important is going on then I do, but I try not to.  I don't think I am addicted, but those who try to get a hold of me on the phone or don't have a journal or computer say I am. lol.  I think I am on two - five hours a day.  Probably on average three hours, I would say, 3 - 4.  Ooops, I wrote too much! lol  Good question! xox

  5. eternallife236/20/2005 8:30 AM

    I think that if it interferes with you not doing other things that need to be done then you have a problem. *Louise*

  6. Well  know I am is my outlet and helps me do crafts..we have 3 addisted in this house. My daughter is the worst.........Ithing you are hooked when as soon s you are ready to go off some one says switch itover to me...or likeI check it with my morning coffee.................Kasey

  7. springangel2356/20/2005 9:26 AM

    More than 2 would be in my opinion...but hey...I do not have more than one or two to spend per day if I am lucky...

  8. I`m not sure if it`s an addiction on my part, but I can easily spend 6 hours on the computer!   But...... if I have other plans and I don`t get online all day I`m ok with that.  I do love the journals though, as it feels like a little community.  So I do miss it if I`m away too long. :-)

    Sandra xxx

  9. Currently I am seeking answers after having deleted my partitions and formatting HD for clean install.  Geek talk? LOL  Does it ever end?  I try not to take myself on the computer so seriously. LOL   Take care - Mark

  10. I don't think it's how long you're on, but if it interferes with normal daily activity.  With me, that activity would be sleeping.  I will come home from work around 11pm, and not get off sometimes until 1 or 2am. I dunno, maybe it's just me...
    --Annie =)

  11. rocketman6854346/20/2005 12:08 PM

    Well at the weekend i spend a good 8 hours per day not in the same session.I take regular breaks including to watch tv.I'd say i was addicted but what the hell i don't drink much so you have to have other bad habits.I think now i'd be lost without the internet.


  12. I'm with everybody..I'm an addict! LOL!! ...On a serious and honest note, actually since I started my online journal a month ago and gotten comments that's when I felt connected with some people so now I check my email every now and then just to check for entry alert and of course comment alerts..when I went away for the weekend I wished I have a notebook computer just so I can do my I guess it's a sign of addiction for me LOL!  hours?? I sign on whenever! ;-D
    Gem ;-)

  13. Jeeze...4 hours?! I have my computer on and logged in all day long. LOL

  14. firestormkids046/20/2005 3:59 PM

    Yep, totally addicted!  Penny  

  15. I don't believe that journaling and utilizing the computer to make contact with the world outside your normal existance is an obsession.  I'd like to think of it as more of a creative outlet, an avenue that one can utilize to share their world and take a look at other journalers world.  We discover alot about ourselves and others that way.  We see how very alike we are and what a small, small world this really is.

    As long as we use the computer as a tool for the betterment of ourselves and others then what's the harm?

    Think about what you used to do, that you might call an obsession, before you started journaling?   Weigh it out?   Does this fill a need that you had within you prior to not journaling?  Only you can determine if you have allowed it to become an obsession and take the necessary measures to make it not an obsession.  Back off on the hours you spend, see how that makes you feel, but don't quit all together, you'll just replace it with another distraction to feel that hole that  was there before you started journaling.   Just relax and enjoy it for as long as it last, I'm going to.  


  16. missboogerhead6/20/2005 8:46 PM

    Okay, I don't believe that a certain time limit fits the bill.  I feel that if you are on hte computer to avoid the responsibilities and chores of daily life... there's a problem.  Are there days I use it as an escape?  Of course.  But I agree with Marlene on this one.  :-)  Give yourselves some credit guys -- you're not THAT bad!  LOL
    ~Miss O

  17. Yep.. I'm addicted.. my husband has dubbed me the internet Queen.. but that is only because I know more about the net then he does haha.

  18. thefaircolleen6/22/2005 5:23 PM

    I think I am addicted too!My husband calls me Rita Web!I think if you have your p.c on all day long and have crumbs on the keyboard and never socialise with real friends and refuse invitations then you definately have an addiction.I dont know what the fuss is about really,if you read a book all night long would that make you addicted to books?If you spend all night on the phone would you be addicted to phones too lol! Seriously though if its all you do and get no exercise and stay indoors all day long then that is really bad.Four hours online should be enough for anyone?

  19. I don't think of the computor as an addiction, but a different way of finding and contacting friends; a creative outlet and a knowledge base. It's great! (And so are friends like you).
    Sylvia x


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