Saturday, November 5, 2005

John's appointment moved up

I haven't done an entry since Monday.  I've been in pain all week and have not been able to do it.  Some days my back just spasms out of control bringing excrutiating pain.  I saw a physical therapist three times this week.  Yesterday I finally got a therapist that really knew what she was talking about.  She taught me how to fight against the spasms, by moving into them when they occur.  Gee, this makes such a huge difference when they grip me suddenly!  Why didn't the other therapists show me this?  So even though I hurt, those big spasms don't make me scream anymore.

What else is new?  Yesterday kind of brought a surprise.  Dr. Claxton's nurse called from Hershey and said that after John's biopsy slides went to cytogenetics at the Mayo Clinic, that Dr. Claxton has decided he wants to see John on Nov. 17 instead of waiting till Dec. 1.  Apparently something serious was found upon analysis of the slides.  Wow, I wonder what it could be?  She is of course not allowed to tell us, but phoned us to come in on Nov. 17 as Dr. Claxton had asked her to.  So it looks like John is on the fast track to get the transplant...

On to a much lighter note, tonight I am going to sit at the computer and attend the Vivi Awards.  Later on today I will be doing an entry to show you what I am going to wear to the Vivis tonight.  I can't say much, other than I will be wearing red, lol!  I also need to write my speech this afternoon so I can put it in my journal tomorrow.  I know it won't be an acceptance one, but that doesn't matter.  I love all of you so much in J-Land and I want to thank you.  I love, love, love you guys!  

Okay, talk at ya'll soon.  Love, Krissy :)  


  1. jlocorriere0511/05/2005 9:19 AM

    Glad you have a slight relief from your back spasms. Hope John's appointment goes well on the 17th. How do you know it won't be an acceptance speech?!! Good luck with the awards! Jeannette.  

  2. don't count on it not being an acceptance speach yet, honey...Can't wait to see your pics posted :-)...Love you, my heart!! xox

  3. rocketman68543411/05/2005 9:28 AM

    Sorry to hear about your back pain.Glad you've found a suitable therapist.Have got my fingers crossed for John.Good Luck at the Vivi awards tonight.Hope you have an enjoyable night

  4. ally12313058591811/05/2005 9:33 AM

    Krissy so glad about the therapist  showing you how to fight against the spasms...Hope John is on the fast track.....
    best not wear red Krissy we wont be able to see you when you take the walk down RED CARPET to accept .....Ally

  5. Krissy, I'm so sorry, I forgot to ask how you were feeling from your back when we were chatting last night. Again, you are amazing in that you didn't mention how you were feeling; just your concern over John.

    Glad you found a therapist that worked for you and gave you practical steps on how to reduce the spasms.

    I'm sure you look smashing in red!


  6. I'm glad the new technique(?) for controlling your pain is working.  Ya know, I would personally scare away the pain for you if I could, Krissy.  I would grab those spasms and swat them away... shooo, shooo, go away pain!
    Looking forward to your Vivi apparel in your next entry.  I'm off now to get a manicure and have my hair done for the celebration.
    Best to you and John,

  7. Good luck with the awards, and most importantly with Johns appointment.  glad you got a way to fight the spasms when they occur.


  8. Krissy sorry about your back:( Good luck tonight:) Hope everything goes ok at the doc appt.


  9. heathyrxmarie11/05/2005 11:38 AM

    I hope you start feeling better soon, and you can start doing the normal things that you love to do.  I will also keep John in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. I`m so sorry to hear that your back is still giving you so much trouble Krissy.  Now you have a good therapist, hopefully it will improve quickly.  As for the VIVI`s I`m sorry but I can`t attend as I`ll be asleep, being in the UK, but I`ll be thinking of you all in your best party! :-)

    Sandra xxxx

  11. articwulf5836811/05/2005 12:02 PM

    I hope everything is ok with John and I wish that you didn't have spasims. Vivi Awards!!! Finally

  12. I am so sorry you have been in such pain, Krissy!  Love and prayers for you and John!


  13. Gentle hugs to you and John!!
    Good luck at the awards tonight!!
    Linda :)

  14. Hope all goes well at the doc appt.

  15. Hope your back spasms will not be extended too long.   The medication I take daily keeps me just sedated enough that my back does not become severly tense and painful.   John's appointment being moved up must be giving you both reason for apprehension.   May the upcoming transplant be successful and elimate the cancer.   mark

  16. dreamingbrwneyes11/05/2005 2:50 PM

    Prayers are being said for the both of you. Good luck tonight!!!

  17. You have my prayers Kriisy, enjoy tonight. Tell me all about it tomorrow, I simply can't stay up. have a ball.
    Sylvia xx

  18. Hugs & prayers to you and John. I'll be thinking of you both. Have fun at the VIVI's.


  19. hope you get to feeling better soon. Things willl work out ok for john I just know it,will be praying tho


  20. pixiedustnme11/06/2005 3:15 PM

    Well at least you know the Mayo Clinic puts you in good hands - best of luck to you both as you pray for peace in this upcoming appointment.

  21. Krissy
    I'm praying for you guys.

    God Bless

  22. sarajanesmiles11/06/2005 5:50 PM

    Glad the physical therapist was able to help you a little m'dear.
    Thinking of you and John.
    Sara   x

  23. So sorry you had pain this day.  A good physical therapist is key...I know.  Prayers for John and his appointment. ;)  C.

  24. glad everything went good and have fun at the vivis

  25. I am so glad the therapist helped you with the spasms.......I can hardly wait for Nov. 17 to find out things......fingers are crossed and saying many prayers...

                                                                         love you  hugsssss


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