Monday, December 11, 2006

monday morning question


Did you like to ride around looking at Christmas lights when you were a kid? 

Do you like to drive around looking at them today?

My answer:  So shoot me!  It's two questions!  I was just real curious if you liked to see lights nowadays. 

My answers are YES and YES.  I loved looking at them as a kid.  I still go around looking at them as an adult!

I haven't done it yet, but I found out last year that my town has a bus ride tour that drives you all around town looking at the lights.  There is even an announcer, and he stops at the best houses so you can get a better look!  Just like when you were a kid!  At the end of the tour you get some homemade cookies and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.  I am going to take the tour this year, as it sounds like an inexpensive and great way to have some fun.

Okay, have a great week everybody, love you, Krissy :)


  1. I didn't do it as a kid but I do it with my kids now.  The big drive thru one in Hershey Park is FABULOUS so if you are back in that area anytime soon (which I almost hope you aren't because that probably means John is back in the hospital) BUT....if you are there....check it out!  You stay in the car and just drive through.


  2. hugsdoodlewacky12/11/2006 8:40 AM

    (((((((((((((((((((((((KRISY)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))My answers to both questions is a yes Mom and Dad when us kids were little,we wold go driving and looking the pretty lights.I do now,but,its not the same when as a kid,not as much as lights on the houses nowadays.But sure wish I had something like yours here.HAve a nice day.

  3. midwestvintage12/11/2006 9:03 AM

     I didn't do it as a child, they didn't do the lights like they do now but I did it with my children and now that they are grown I do it with my husband and dog.  The dog loves it,  Ok we love it but the dog likes to ride in the car.


  4. I missed last year in my town due to my health but I got to see them Saturday. They are better than ever! I love looking at lights! Tammy

  5. Yes and Yes....
    Every time we get in the car is an opportunity to look at lights... but we will go one night next week just to look at the best places... We have Christmas Tree Lane, Huntington Blvd and Clovis neighborhood that go all out.... and a house in our neighborhood that keeps adding more and more every year and you can probably see from outer space now....
    Have a great week!!!
    Linda :)

  6. yes.  down south we walked around the neighbor hoods looking at the lights.  no one willwak with me here so yes i love to ride around looking at the lights.  especially in the rich neighborhoods!  and yes  i loved looking at lights as a kid also.  but i love ours the most.!

  7. I was just doing that last night! I also love to photograph them and am hoping some will be decent enough to show. Loved it then~love it now! Deb

  8. Yes & Yes!! The only thing better than Holiday lights is Fireworks --which I also love! <LOL>

  9. yes of course I do like it... I love it in fact. I will need to do that soon. :) no I didnt do it last night. I dont drive lol but I will get someone to drive me around soon and look at the lights.

  10. I don't think people lit up the outside of their houses when i was a kid and there was no christmas street lights.  Dad didn't have a car so that might be why i don't remember seeing any.  But now i love it, the twinklier the better.
    Jenny <><

  11. I used to see the lights when I was a kid delivering newspapers on my bike mainly.     We would collect trees from the curb going to garbage and build enclosures with them to play in.     I don't drive and look for lights.   The bus tour is a great way for people to see them.     On TV a home was featured that was the biggest home in a populated area.    The owner spent $10,000 on lights that reached 3 stories up and must have been a feat to get them on circular spires on the new model old fashioned home.    His electric bill is almost $2000/month.   At that level I am not sure what the owner is illustrating about the birth of Jesus.    It stops cars on the main road and creates traffic problems.     It seems a little more like the circus came to town,  lol  .     mark

  12. in my town we have the lighting of the green ceremony every year. santa is there in his little house so pictures can be taken. The tech school does all the work and every year its different.
    This year they have a memory tree.

  13. firestormkids0412/11/2006 10:53 PM

    I wrote a book!  Here's the link:   Love you, Penny

  14. here is my tuesday morning answer to your monday morning question. :)

  15. lifesabench612/12/2006 8:52 AM

    I loved going looking at all the lights when I was a kid.  My parents used to take us into Toronto every Christmas to look at all the big department stores displas, then we'd take a slow trip home so we could look at all the lights.  I haven't really had a chance to go yet this year yet, butt down here, everyone in town goes all out for displays and decorations.  Some of them are really cool!  Have a great week Krissy!  Hope John's feeling OK!  Carolyn

  16. mastersblynn12/17/2006 2:06 AM

    I did!  And I do!  I am going to take some pictures of our town tomorrow night!  Be looking for them! xoxBarbara

  17. I LOVE to ride around looking at Christmas lights!
    Gem :-)


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