Monday, February 19, 2007

monday morning question


If you were invited to a dinner party, and could choose who you were going to sit next to, which one of the following persons would you choose, knowing that you would have a chance to talk about their occupation with them?  A general in the army, a dentist, a phlebotomist, a medical social worker, a campaign manager, a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, an astronaut, a daycare owner, a garbage collector, an engineer, a pilot, or a priest. 

If there is somebody that you would really rather choose that is not on the list, feel free to make your own choice.  Or pick two answers.  Anything goes!  Have fun, Krissy :)

My answer:  Okay, I am picking two answers.  I am picking the priest because I want to know what he has to say about the things of God.  Actually, I had breakfast with a priest yesterday (he was from Nigeria) and he was absolutely fascinating.  The table of people and I listened to him intently as he spoke about the things of God and about his country.

The next person I would want to sit next to would be a medical social worker.  I love the field of medicine, and the field of social work.  I have had medical social workers help me over this past year and I am grateful for them.  I would be interested in learning more about their job.

Your turn!  Krissy :)


  1. I already am  trained as a phlebotomist, just didn't particularly like it & due to physical limiitaions, cannot bend over people and do the job.  I defitely would be a medical social worker.  Like you, Krissy, I have always been interested in medicine plus I have a degree in Social Work.  Easy Question. Thanks for asking & letting me play.  Merry

  2. Mine are not on the list lol.  I'd like to sit next to a writer's agent or a publisher.  Either would interest me greatly since I write.
    loving you

  3. my choices are a dentist and a medical social worker.

  4. Wow, a priest from Nigeria, how cool!  Welcome home, Krissy!  Hope you guys had a wonderful, special time!  I bet you did!  So, I would like to sit next to a priest, too, to talk spiritual issues and I think I would also like to sit next to an artist of some sort - maybe a painter or writer or something and see what they were writing or painting or working on.  Although, I am tempted to say a trash collector.  I have always wanted to know what people throw away!  LOL  Great question!  Love, Val xox

  5. randlprysock2/19/2007 10:22 AM

    Hi Kristina... I'd like to sit by the general, the pilot, the astronaut and the teacher.  I have tons of questions for them all.  Great question!! Hugs,

  6. I think the astronaught and the general

  7. rickardfoghorn2/19/2007 11:29 AM

    well id pick the doctor if its a he and good looking lol, no really would choose the doc or nurse at the end theyd wanna get away from me and all my ailes and pains... Good Q

  8. mastersblynn2/19/2007 11:30 AM

    I would want to sit next to my Dad who is a doctor of theology, a writer, a painter and a lover of music. I think he is the most interesting person on this planet. Good question! xox Barbara

  9. malagutigrrl2/19/2007 12:18 PM

    I'm going to pick two also.  First I'd pick the Campaign Manager because I love politics and I've worked on a few campaigns but a far cry down the ladder from campaign manager.  
    My second choice is the garbage man, so I could thank him for what he does.  It's got to be one of the most horrible jobs on earth and garbage men are often looked down upon as if they are as value-less as the garbage they tow away.  Imagine, just for one second what your town would look like without them...


  10. I think I would sit next to a doctor if they were a plastic surgeon and talk them into doing a whole body lift.  Just kidding!!!  I would sit next to a priest and a professional horse trainer(Horse Whisper'er).  Krissy, it would be so nice to sit with the priest that you did.  He must have been so interesting. So glad you and John are doing ok.  Take care          Love and hugs   Myke

  11. hugsdoodlewacky2/19/2007 1:30 PM

    (((((((((((((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))))))))))))))I woulld first want to sit by a Doctor,I would probllay ask Him all kinds of qestions,even about my health person I would want to sit by is a genreal in the army,would love to hear about all the things He has seen and even would ove to write to them to.Have a nice da.

  12. a lot of good choices there. I love your answer.

  13. My mom on one side and God on the other.  (I've got lots of questions...)


  14. irisheyes19292/19/2007 4:24 PM

    I would choose the about the only thing everlasting...
    and a phlebotomist...I have no idea what that is!

  15. jlocorriere052/19/2007 5:34 PM

    Can I sit next to the astronaut please, I love astronomy! I would have loved to meet Carl Sagan, he was so interesting to read and would have been great to listen to. Jeannette xx  

  16. Answered at my blog!
    Have a great Monday!

  17. Since I am a nurse, I'd like to sit next to a nurse to compare notes. I always find it interesting to talk to other nurses. My next choice would be a Doc. I love talking to Docs about their work.  Once I sat next to a surgeon on a plane, and when he found out I was a nurse he just opened up and started talking of his work. It was very interesting, to say the least.
    Good question!

  18. mysterylane20052/19/2007 10:49 PM

    astronaut,  pilot.  they would have interesting tales.

  19. kaydeejay54492/19/2007 11:22 PM

    Wow, what a choice and what a good question.  I would choose to sit between the priest to discuss the difference between his religious beliefs and mine and the campaign manager to discuss politics and find out if he/she had any religious beliefs.  It would such an interesting evening!
    Hugs,  Kathy

  20. nyuknyukpik22/20/2007 12:59 AM

    I pick the garbage collector---there's something more interesting about blue collar workers to me.

  21. the owner of a large business, something the person created themselves, it is always fun to talk a person who is both creative and driven... has a vision besides them they are paying for dinner and I'm getting something good! I also would sit next to a writer of some positive thinking material... they do public speaking world wide and they are always upbeat and inspired... a person like that would be really interesting to be next to, surely you leave dinner taking something positive from them and their energy.

  22. can I add Ive had dinner dates with 3 doctors, a dentist, business owners, a budist teachers, writers, artists, publicists, and a bunch of other occupations and I have to say the doctors and dentists which I had real dates with were not anymore interesting then any other type of person I ate a meal with... in fact sometimes a bit more boring lol

  23. my pick is rither the army general, the priest or the astronaut

  24. sarajanesmiles2/20/2007 4:26 PM

    First I would need to know which ones are single, he he ;o)
    I'm joking!
    I think the astronaut would be interesting to chat to.
    Sara   xxx


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