Monday, September 24, 2007

monday morning question


What volunteer work do you do?  If you aren't doing any right now, what volunteer work would you like to do if you had more time?

My answer:  I volunteer as a board member for a local cancer organization (for cancer survivors and their loved ones). 

When I have more time, I want to do more for the cause to fight cancer.

How about you?   



  1. I recently volunteered at a local coffee nook for a Christian organization.  I really liked doing that.  I had to stop because too much was going on in my life and my loved ones needed volunteer work.  LOL  I would like to do volunteer work for cancer or animals, perhaps.

  2. onestrangecat9/24/2007 4:55 PM

    When I was a teenager I volunteered at the local Red Cross.  I was on their disaster  team.  Whenever there was a house fire or apt fires we would go there and make sure people had a place to go, money for food, and money for some clothing if they lost everything.  We would get there with the fire and police still on the scene.


  3. I volunteer my services for my neighborhood, serving on the Homeowners Association Board as their VP, oversee the Social Committee for neighborhood parties, welcoming new folks to the neighborhood with Welcome Baskets and I also put out a monthly Newsletter to all the neighbors about what is going on in our housing community, our town, etc.  Also with Meals on Wheels in our area and enjoy visiting with the elderly folks in our community. Arlene (AJ)

  4. lifesabench69/24/2007 11:34 PM

    Hi Krissy- right now I don't have any time- but someday, I'd like to help out at a local mission and Pregnancy Crisis clinic.  Maybe meals on wheels.  Thank you Krissy~ God Bless you- hope you're all doing OK.  Love Carolyn

  5. Nice one!

  6. HI Drissy...I'm new to Jland.  I've been reading your journal for a few weeks now.  I am a former dialysis nurse.  I understand your concern over John's precious kidneys. former husband had to had a kidney removed.  Hope all goes well.  My thoughts are with you!

    My volunteer work...I am a BLS Red Cross instructor, I am a Nursing/Anatomy and Microbiology tutor at a college nearby, and I am the secretary of the Bay Aire  Activities Committee (Bay aire is our neighborhood Association).


  7. mercycarries9/28/2007 11:25 AM

    Hmmm well I volunteer in my kids class rooms at school as much as I can since I work and am a single parent. I'm thinking about possibly volunteering for the local heart association since my father and sister both passed away to  heart related deaths and Im now being affected. Not that I am only doing it for myself but for the countless millions that have died to heart related illness. I just sit here ashamed that I dont do more volunteer work but with working full time and being a single mom theres not a lot of time to volunteer at the moment. I will gladly volunteer my ear and shoulder to anyone who needs to vent and needs encouragment though. God bless you, Denise

  8. oops previous comment says I'm "not" the rep...Meant to say "now" the rep.  LOL

  9. I am not the rep for the Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center for our church.  It is part of our Missions Team ministries that we support.  (We each take care of a program).  So I have met with them in recent weeks.  The next event will be in spring in which I will sponsor a walk and raise money for my walk - will probably invite the youth group too and involve them as they will be good at this.  In the mean time, I will be collecting maternity clothes, baby items, and will pass out baby bottles to collect pocket change to be turned back into them.  I will also be holding a "baby tea" for the CCPC to collect items to donate for the new Moms and their babies.  The center gives facts to mothers to help them make decisions, hopefully not to abort but to have the baby.  They also counsel those who have had an abortion.  They also have a third avenue in which they go around to youth ministries and schools and talk about abstinence (sp?) and STD's and so I will get a session set up for our youth as well.  So I guess you could say I'm volunteering by helping with these things.  And in doing so, it sounds like I'm helping the youth minister out by planning some events with the teens.  LOL  I have a lot to do and just getting started.  But before I do I'm working on another project to send care packages to all of our college students called "spirit kits" - LOL.  Once that is out of the way, I can do the other.  I love talking about all this stuff.  he he.

  10.     I am the secretery of an organization that helps working people through emergency situations, like layoffs, illnesses and accidents. My job is to collect food at Christmas, provide pamphlets and newspaper advertising, and to help out whereever needed. I love my job. Just had a can shake to raise money for Christmas. WE did fairly well.

  11. nyuknyukpik210/05/2007 2:16 AM

    sorry--I haven't been by in a while and saw this and thought I'd like to answer it.

    Hmmm--I do a lot of stuff at school--I am the book club moderator, co-advisor of my friend's club and all around teacher you can count on for support.

    I am active in my high school alumnae assoc. as well.

    If I had time I'd volunteer to walk the dogs at the local shelter and I would cry every time one got adopted.  The day we adopted our dog one of the volunteers came running out to the parking lot to say good bye and she hugged my dog and was crying.  I felt bad for her--but she kept saying she was crying because she was happy Loni (that was the dog's original name) was getting a new home.


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