Friday, November 23, 2007

the meaning of the term Black Friday

Several of you have asked me why the name "Black Friday", as if the name were something dreay or dreadful.  Actually Black Friday is a term coined by retailers, and it is the day of the year that retailers usually finally move from being in the red (losses) to being in the black (profits).  So it is a good thing for retailers.  They are now making more money than they owe.

Black Friday, for retailers, is also an indicator of how Christmas sales will be for the year.  Here in America, there is some growth this year, but not as much as last year.  One of the reasons that there is not expected to be as much growth this Christmas season is because Thanksgiving began late this year, leaving less shopping days before Christmas.  This has some retailers worried.   

Some people mistakenly think that Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year.  In actuality, it is about the fifth busiest.  The busiest shopping days of the year are the two weekends before Christmas. 

By the way, the most popular gift that people are choosing to get for others this year for Christmas?





  1. sugarsweet05611/23/2007 12:58 PM

    I made a post re Black Friday yesterday.  :)

  2. "Black Friday" is one day of the year this lady stays home.  On the local TV news last night, it showed people lined up, some even in tents waiting for the stores to open.  It's below freezing here and I think those people are crazy!  Linda (at home) in Washington state  

  3. Kristi,

    Thanks for stopping by my journal.  Actually what I wrote is not exactlly how I feel.  I was thinking about how my boyfriend should be feeling in this moment, his father is going thru a heart surgery and besides, he is unemployed.  Please pray for him.

  4. They must be mad camping out for Black Friday bargains as I have read in so many journals today.I have just sent you a short E.Mail Krissi.Take Care God Bless. Hope you and John are both well.Kath

  5. I know it does sound dark. thanks for the info.


  6. princesssaurora11/23/2007 2:46 PM

    Avoiding the crowds today and enjoying all of us being home together!!!

    be well,

  7. Aren't you the bundle of information?  Very good explanation.  Have a good weekend.


  8. newsworthy82211/23/2007 4:56 PM

    I slept in til 9 a.m... then went to the gym and worked out.  after that I went to some stores downtown, far AWAY from the malls. LOL.  It was not bad downtown, as I went there during the late afternoon.  I did look over the ads yesterday however didn't see anything I couldn't live without! My husband went out on Black Friday two years in a row which I think is funny because I had to work so I told him what he should get.  He is very competitive so getting the deals was kind of a game for him!  However this year he went hunting with his brother which he considers to be a lot more fun :)
    sounds like you had a nice day!

  9. cacklinrosie10111/23/2007 5:49 PM

    Interesting...I thought Thanksgiving was a bit early this year.  Anyway, I can't see that there will be huge sales this Christmas season because of gas prices and the effect on the ecomony.  Love ya, Chris

  10. And boots, we sold a ton of women's boots and men's workboots today, lol....
    We could have been busier though, although they did make enough of a mess.....
    Have a great weekend!
    Linda :)


  11. Thanks Krissy for the information on Black Friday.  I"ll tell you what it really is.  The Black look on my face as the crowds of people bump into me and step on my feet while talking on their cell phones.  The old ladies swinging their monster purses and whack me in the back or butt.  The people pushing baby strollers and roll right over me. Trying to find a sales clerk because there is only ten minutes before the sale is over.  Not finding the right door I came in at the Mall and then can't find my car,....Never again am I going shopping!!!    LOL

                                                       love Myke

  12. I spent most of this morning sick in bed with a killer headache and stuffed sinuses ... but I hadn't planned to go shopping anyway.  Too many people, especially since the few items I want to get aren't on sale, anyway!  I'm feeling a little better now (well enough to sit up at the computer and type, anyway, lol), and the kids have been so helpful today, bringing me snacks and keeping my youngest busy--I'm so blessed!  
    Thanks for the interesting tidbits about Black Friday!

  13. I clicked a link and got your journal by mistake but what a great mistake! Love the journal and I love black friday! Great deals! Take care!


  14. Black Friday isn't the busiest shopping day of the year?  Hmm... I thought it was.  Wow, misinformation everywhere I go!  Thanks for letting us know!  Love, Val xox

  15. Clothing sounds like a good idea to me.....June:)

  16. I knew why it was called Black Friday, but I did think it was the biggest sale day of the year.  Enjoy your day.

  17. Well, krissy, I drove all the way to your place but you weren't on the step like you said you'd be at 3:45 AM Friday.  I didn't want to ring the door or knock and wake up John, so I just Went shoppping with Val.  (Ya right.)  I am just kidding, I am not even a good fibber.  I use to thrive on going shopping that day.  And I went at it like dogs at the gate of a race.   If someone got a little bloody, too bad, I had to get my bargins!)  (Not really of course, but I did get high on that Black Friday shoppiing stuff. This is just like 5 yr. ago.  But no way would I go now, even if I pay more later. I thought it was the 4th busiest shoping day but I didn't know the most popular item was clothes.  I thought it was tv's, computers, all that type stuff, or jewelry.  Gee, Krissy, you may be a young friend to me, but you are such a smart girl, I learn from you all the time.  How was your Thanksgiving?  Hey, did you go shoping (WITHOUT ME) Friday?  Don't tell me if you did.  LOL
    I love you Krissy, sweetie, and hug John for me.  Merry


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