Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Castillo Kids sing

I am going to do a real entry later tonight or tomorrow. :) Meanwhile, I thought I would put this video in.  It's just for fun!  The words are kind of silly, I know, but like I said, it's just for fun.  I just enjoy hearing the kids singing.
The group calls themselves the Castillo Kids.  They are Joey, Jessie and Julie Castillo, and they are 12, 10, and 8!  I found them on YouTube.  It's amazing how many instruments they play, and how quickly they pick up a song.  Joey says they often play by ear, and learn songs in one day!  That's incredible.  Okay, without further ado...                                                                    


     If the video doesn't work, click on this link below:


  1. They are very cute!  They should be on "America's Got Talent."  Linda in Washington state  

  2. They just might be famous someday :)...........alice

  3. I have seen the video before, they are very talented :o)

  4. Talented youngsters. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You have a wonderful Blog.  I just started a few and I see I have a long way to go.  I would like very much to put some of the links you have in one of my Blogs.  It is called "Boy, Is My Face Green." and deals with the enviroment and what anyone can do to help clean our Earth.  JB.

  6. HA HA HA HA!

    YOU'VE BEEN  TAGGED in one of my blog entries..... :P

    There ya go check it out!!!

    ~ Christopher ~

  7. OMG they are too cute!!! Love them!!! They have good harmony!  It is also one of my favorite songs!  Love Michael Buble's version too!


  8. Cute kids.            Dawn

  9. Krissy,  this was so fun to watch.  They are such cute and talented kids.


  10. How did you put YouTube on your site???

    I love YouTube!

  11. Thank you for your kind  words of congratulations for being Editors pick.  Mort is such a wonderful , couragous man.  I  got aquainted with him  through Journal  When I was in s and his story of careing for his mum and having MS.  He listed my tribute to my sons journal on there also.  Alan died at age 42 from complications of MS.  I worry about Mort  and he made  it possible  for me to write the tribute, to my son, because I did not want to  do it if it bothered him.  He is being so supportive.  Yes it  was a sad day My 2nd husband passed away, but not totally unexpected.  When he was 25 he had a blood clot lodge in his heart. I had been married and divorced and we had 4 children together.  Then I met Lee.  He had already had heart surgery which was long ago since I am 78 now and he was also., a young man.  It is a miracle they saved himbecause in those days heart surgery, especially open heart surgery was rare.  The Dr's at VA hospitAL TOOK A CHANCE.  It left one side of his heart paralyzed, but he was  alive and young and strong will not to give up.  We had one son and he was nearly 5 when his dad died. I have never regreted marrying him even if I knew his life would not be long.  I musrt end this with saying thank you for visiting my Journal and please come bacxk.  Lucille4364

  12. randlprysock9/02/2008 1:14 AM

    I am sorry I am so behind with journaling.... lots going on but hope you had a good Labor Day.

  13. howiseeit1019/05/2008 11:32 AM

    This was great.  I wish I knew how to put the YouTube directly into my mail.  I can get the URL easily enough, but not the actual video.  


  14. fisherkristina9/06/2008 9:14 PM

    There are no editing buttons so I can edit my blog, LOL, so I am making a comment in here, mere so I can get my edit buttons back and edit an entry!  I did it before and it worked!  So now I am trying it again to see if I can edit.  Let's cross our fingers!

    Krissy :)

  15. I got your question about how I found Stephen's blog, Waiter Rant.  If you are in any blogspot journal, there is a neat feature at the top of the screen that offers "Next Blog".  I use to click on it and keep going until I found a blog in English that looked interesting.  You can find several blogspot journals in my sidebar to get you started.  Also, I have a link in my sidebar about how to look at blogs from JournalSpace.  Lots of good stuff out there.

    Have fun.

    Dust Bunny Protector

  16. Thank you so much for encouraging me. I need all the prayer help that comes my way. lol
    I downloaded updates and a new version of aol appread. I cant find my buddy list, or my favorites and even needed to ask a friend to send me a link to my iwn journal!   I feel so sumb.  I have aol send invites to my private journal to someone who was not happy about that. it may have been me clicking on the wrong name that was in my buddy list or address book. I am so confused. lol  sincerely, jun


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