Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to get Comment Alerts on Blogger

Okay, so like, I still want to write regular posts, but I haven't had time. I am still setting things up with my blogs, and also trying to catch up on hours of housework and other things I missed while John and I were away while he was in the hospital. But I will do a proper post soon. Just hang in there with me, especially you international readers, who must be bored by now, of the things I have been writing of of late. I know I promised I would update you on John and some other things...

But for now I want to help those of you who have made the move to Blogger with me. I want to say I figured out how to get my Comment Alerts, and I wanted to share it with you. Perhaps you all have already figured it out, LOL, and I am the last to do so! I am three weeks behind because I was in Hershey! But I will share this with you in case you don't know already.

And I will also say I am sorry that I didn't know it earlier, and some were making comments, and I didn't catch them right away. I know I hurt some of you, by asking you questions that you had already commented about, because I missed your comments. I also haven't answered questions or visited your blogs. Or added you as followers. Two reasons. I just haven't had time, with trying to migrate my blogs, sidebar, etc AND I haven't found all your comments yet! What a nightmare. But I am learning. I wish I had known about the Comment Alerts from the beginning -- then I wouldn't have missed any of you all's comments. Now I am going back and searching for them all. Rest assured I will find them though.

Now I will tell you how to turn on your own Comment Alerts to your own blogs. I suggest you do this - this way you won't miss anybody who has commented in your blog.

I am not saying that you should get Entry Alerts like we did in AOL. If you got Entry Alerts, we would go back to having hundreds of emails again, LOL. That was unmanageable. We have faces now to read other's blogs, and feed readers such as the Google Reader. I don't understand the Google Reader yet, and how to read others completely yet, but I will figure it out. I am reading in my dashboard right now. If anybody could explain to me the best way to read others blogs, please email me! I am so confused!

But back to getting Comment Alerts - those who will comment to you in YOUR blog. Do this:

Click on Customization, then Settings, then Comments, then go down to Comment Notification Email - put in your own email address. Do NOT put anybody else's email address in here, unless you want them to get all the comments to your blog (and I am sure you don't !). Just put in your own email address that you want the comments to go to. You won't miss any Comment Alerts that way!

Okay, I hope that was useful information. Now I must get back to work. I have so much to do. I have to clean my house. And gee, somebody was supposed to show up at 1:00 and it is 1:37. I don't like it when somebody says they will show up for an appointment and they don't show up. Unless they have a good reason. I was counting on them. Grrrr....

Love you all, bye, Krissy :)


  1. I just follow the blogs from the updating ones on my side bar and get comment alerts the way you describe..

  2. Thanks for the info Krissy, i`ll try that. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  3. I have just added everyone to my blogroll and read my way down that. It tells you how long ago people have posted so i read the most recent.
    I have tried google reader and other ways but have found this the easiest.
    Jenny <><

  4. I did the alert for comments and it does work. Now I know when one is left. It comes directly to my e-mail. As far as keeping up with new entries I just scroll down the dashboard and find the most recent entries. It shows entries for all my followers except the private journals. I put myself in as a follower of you so now when you make an entry it shows on my dash board. easy enough I think. 'On Ya'-ma

  5. I use google reader. I just follow on blog after another on the reader.

  6. Love it or hate change-- we have to be somewhat adaptable or we will be "Left Behind."
    Krissy, I wou8ld like to talk to you via email. Don't worry, I am a happily married man-- but I think we cou8ld compare notes on the Bible, etc. My email is:
    And you have left many kind comments on my own Christian Journal. Bless you.

    Warm Regards,
    Tom S
    Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.
    Soldier of Christ.

  7. Thats how I get my comments too

  8. Sissy, you ARE catching up, slowly but surely! I am not sure how I am getting your etries by email. LOL I wonder how that happened. LOL I like it, though. LOL I have my comment alerts set up, too. LOVE YOU, my wind... Val xox

  9. Hi Krissy. It is so hard to catch up when you've been away. Thanks for the info. I have been using the email alert for comments and I love that. To get entry alerts from others they have to put your address in the proper place and it only allows for ten. I just use Dashboard. I was having lots of trouble just getting in mine but for some reason this past week it seems to have straightened itself out. You catch on so quickly so happy blogging :)........

  10. Can't Michael clean the house?

    Kidding! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

    Kate Suiter


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