Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Morning Question -- What would you do with a fruitcake...

You get a fruitcake about a week before Christmas. Which of the following would you choose to do, if nobody were to know?

I'd slice it up and serve it to my family and me. I love fruitcake!

I'd regift it. The very next person who needed a gift from me would be its recipient. I hate fruitcake!

I'd throw it away. It's too mean to give even to my worst enemy.

I'd give it to the bake sale or the bazaar at church. Somebody has to like it!

Is it the store bought kind with "faux fruit" such as maraschino cherries and little green bits, or is it homemade? I'll eat it if it's homemade but regift the faux! What are those little green bits anyway?

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  1. Sissy, this is a quote in Joy in the Rain this morning:
    "The worst gift is a fruitcake. There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other."
    - Johnny Carson
    I laughed and laughed when I found the quote. As for me, it would depend on the fruitcake. I hate the ones with the yellow and red and green pieces. They taste nasty. I would throw them away. I like the ones with the nuts and raisins. The real fruitcakes are good. So it would depend. I think the green bits are dyed orange rind. Don't you? I think that is what the orange and yellow ones are, too. Love the question! Love, Val xox
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  2. Hmmm... depends on the fruitcake! If it's one of those boxed ones, I'm Val, YUCK! I would probably just chuck it. Now, a homemade one? That's another story. Depending on what was in it, I would either slice it up for us to eat, or pass it on to someone I knew liked that kind.

    I absolutely -hate- to waste food, but I'm not sure those boxed, store-bought fruitcakes even qualify as food LOL!

  3. those are edible?????


    (id chuck it)

  4. My Oscar&Meyers (doggies) would love it; they eat anything! :)......

  5. LOL...I actually like fruitcake so I'd eat a little bit and take the rest to work. The people I work with inhale anything. Love ya!

  6. I like fruitcake but only my own.
    I would let my husband eat it as he hates waste and wouldn't see it go in the wastebin. (Only his waste!) Lol!
    I think the little green bits could be angelica perhaps?
    Good game! Good game!
    Jeanie xxx

  7. Mark's answer: regift it-I hate fruitcake
    Laini's answer: I collect fruitcake. Mark and I plan to build our own home one day and fruitcake makes great buidling material.

  8. Well I cant eat it being diabetic, but my sons sure would. I wouldn't re-gift anything that is given in a kindly spirit, giving it away would appear to be mean to me, and against the spirit of the season.

  9. Anyone not wanting a fruit cake feel free to pass it on to me. I look forward to the holidays so that I can enjoy fruitcake. My hubby won't eat this, but I sure will.

  10. O Krissy hon I know this'll sound insane but I'd hide it for a nice surprise around April or May then slowly enjoy a little each day, I adore fruitcake and never understand why people laugh at it or throw it at birds or use it for baseballs lol. Yeah I'd save it, definitely.

  11. Krissy, so glad to see a Monday morning question :)

    I'd try the fruitcake because I have tasted some really good fruitcakes and if this was one of the good fruitcakes, I'd eat it over the course of time; if it wasn't, I'd do my best to try to finish it but it would probably end up getting thrown away after being around the house too long

    good question for this Christmas season!


  12. Personally, I love it as long as it isn't soaked in liquor. My mom made it every year and is was wonderful. I finally recovered her recipe about 5 years ago & have made it several times since then. She did not soak it in liquor and her friends at church would ask her, starting in September if she was going to be making it again. So my answer is: I'd eat it and love every bite of it. Linda in Washington state

  13. I've been known to eat homemade ones.... boxed? Where's the trash?

  14. I think I would donate it to a food bank along with some other things for the Holidays

  15. Send it to John at "My brain is in pain again" LOL

  16. (((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))))))Hi there,we never get any fruit cake,we do sell in our bakery.LOL.But I think they are so old.LOL.

  17. I like fruitcake if its homemade; the boxed ones are usually horrid!!

  18. My family don't eat fruitcake so I probably just give it away to someone who enjoys eating them.

  19. Oh gross..yucky-poo
    Mom used to make them- had to have dad stir it(it took muscles,LOL)
    I'd pick out the walnuts and dates and chuck the rest,LOL

  20. I'd give it to someone. I don't like it :P


  21. Once again, it seems I'm kinda the oddball. I love fruitcake, so I'd eat it! Well, some of it, anyway! My wife can't even stand the sight of the stuff, so it'd be all mine to enjoy.


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