Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Morning Question -- What are you good at?

Everybody is good at something. What do you consider yourself good at? Don't be shy, let us know.

My Answer:
I think I'm creative. I come up with interesting and cool ideas for my blogs. I don't write as much as I'd like as my time is often limited, but when I do, I think I'm pretty creative. I also design and make some artistic, cool jewelry.

So what's your answer?
I dare you to answer this question!
Please leave a comment! Or post your answer in your blog and mention Sometimes I Think in your blog post. Then come back to the comment section here and leave your link to your post so we can all go read your answer. :)


  1., how cool to see the "Monday Morning Question" again. Ok..I think I'm a good driver. I took driver's training in school when I was 15½, got my license when I was 16 so have been driving for 52 years. I may be considered an "old granny driver" because I obey the speed limits, etc. But that's ok. I've been in two accidents and both of those were the fault of the other drivers. I also can speak in public. A very difficult thing for most people. It doesn't bother me. Where I have trouble is speaking one on one. I could never be a greeter at church for instance...that would freak me out. Hugs to you, John and of course Michael. Linda in beautiful sunny Washington state

  2. Linda, I find that most fascinating that You can public speak but have a harder time one on one! Most people, as I am sure you know, are the other way around. Could you please give me some pointers for public speaking? :)

    krissy :)

  3. I don't like to toot my own horn much at all and have often asked myself that very same question...What am I good at.????? I'm still thinking.

  4. I used to be good at a few things I can't do any more: acting, speaking, teaching, hiking, driving, getting into mischief.

    I guess I'm a good writer. People say so anyway.


  5. Krissy, how did you get the "Comment here" typed at the bottom of your entry? Can you let me know in an email. I have tried to figure it out and haven't yet. So what am I good at? Sorta good at a bunch of things. Really good at nothing. LOL Um, I am good at making others comfortable and happy. I am creative and artistic. There, you have it. Love, Val xox

  6. I am great, wonderful, the best at procrastinating. I can put something off longer then anyone I know.

  7. Thank you so much for your insightful comment at The Motivation Station. I am so glad you are making progress on your home, that's great.
    That is a wonderful response to the Question about your creativity.

    Hmm, I pride myself on being a good listener.

  8. I sure hope you keep up with the Monday Morning question! I missed it! I'll have to think about what I'm good at and let you know! LOL

  9. Krissy nice seeing your words again, you're missed dearly by all of us.Hope you and John are doing ok your way.

    What am I good at.....I've never met a stranger, blessed with being able to find something to talk about with anyone...everyone always says I'm the friendliest of people and make them feel comfortable right off the guess that is what I'm blessed to be good at.

  10. What am I good at? Writing and have been told my friends and family that I am great at uplifting others and encouraging others. Aside from that, Krissy, just want you to know I pray for you and John every day. You are one of the sweetest, kindest, strongest people I know.

  11. I am good at giving definitions for CAPTCHA. See my blog
    Or thinking up a meaning for any nonsense word.


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