Sunday, April 16, 2006

How John's Doing

Well, here it is Easter Sunday, and John is still in the hospital.  I was kind of freakin' out a little bit on Friday when he told me some things that were wrong with him, but now I have calmed down a lot, because I know he is in really good hands at Hershey Medical Center.  It is hands down one of the best hospitals in the country.  The doctors and nurses there are talking to me by phone and keeping me updated.  How nice to be taken seriously by the medical profession!  

Here's the scoop.  On Friday they told him his potassium and sodium levels were off.  His sodium is too low, which makes his body go into painful muscle spasms.  His potassium is too high.  They told him that could make him have heart failure.  They are very concerned about that.  They are taking him off a medication (Tachro) to make the potassium level come down.  They are giving him saline to make his sodium level raise.  They think they know the reason the sodium is to low, and how to correct it.

On Saturday they did a renal ultrasound and found a one inch kidney stone!  He will have to have an operation (lithotripsy) to get that blasted.  They will do that at a later date.

Today after Dr. Claxton and Dr. Dougherty saw John, Dr. Dougherty talked to me on the phone.  He told me that John's renal (kidney) function is not stable.  Gee, just one more thing.  He said his kidneys were not working propersly, and that they knew this because of his creatinin level.  He said this was due to the Tachrolimous (an immunosuppressant medication that John has been taking since his transplant), and that Dr. Claxton is going to wean John off the Tachro.

Well, that's about it.  That's my understanding of it, anyway.  So how am I doing?  First I feel terribly bad that John is alone on Easter.  I didn't go up there because I thought he would be home quickly.  And I can't just jump in the car and go now.  You see, I can't drive long distances.  Okay, don't laugh at me, I have something that someone referred to once as "road hypnosis".  When I drive long distances, I become kind of entranced, and have a hard time keeping my eyes open.  I could even fall asleep for a few seconds.  When I am a passenger in the car, I DO fall asleep.  It is just something that happens to me, it is the motion of the car.  That is why I only drive short distances around my home.  Short distances don't bother me at all.  Long distances do.

So anyway, he's alone.  I feel dreadful about that.  But I talked to him on the phone, and he says he is fine. 

I am alone too.  It is hard.  I had a nice day planned.  We were going to go to the Easter Vigil Mass last night, and today we were going to eat a nice Easter dinner and invite my sister Val and her friend John2 over.  It would have been a nice celebration!  I am not going to cancel it entirely though, we are just going to do it on another day after John gets home.

I am feeling kind of weepy today.  But one thing I can be sure of, John is in a great place.  Better to be there and getting good medical care, then to be at home and ill.  

Well, thank you all for listening.  I think I will go do some things.  And I want to thank you all for all the support you have been giving me.  I love you all.  :)  Krissy 


  1. It is my hope you and John will be together soon.  Happy Easter, hon.

  2. Hi Krissy,  I`m sorry that you feel so low today.  It must be very hard for you with John so far away.  Thanks for telling us all about his problems and I hope he`ll be well very soon and home with you.  Take care. :o)

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  3. readmereadyou4/16/2006 3:44 PM

    Krissy, he's in good hands and you'll have fun celebrating Easter another day.

    I get dizzy when I drive long distances (ear problems), so I know how you feel.

    Suggestion: Spend the day meditating for a while on the resurrection and know that Jesus is carrying you both on his shoulders right now.

    Do you have a movie about Easter you could watch.....I find "Jesus Of Nazareth" is my favorite.

    Thinking of you,

  4. ((((Krissy)))). I'm sorry to hear John is still in the hospital and that you are sad today. You are right though, better that he's in good hands with the things he has going on. You guys will remain in my prayers. Martha

  5. I'm glad he's in good hands Krissy...try to think happy thoughts and have a good day !   Linda

  6. Krissy, sorry you have to be away from John on Easter, but you are in his heart, and he's in yours, so cherish that thought this day.  You are right, John is where he needs to be to get on the good path to good health.  Bless you both....AJ

  7. More prayers on the way.............Kasey

  8. thing that I know for are NOT alone....not by a long shot.

  9. You are both in my thoughts.  I just hate the idea that you are apart on Easter.  John is where he is meant to be for now.  Stay strong, as we know you are.   Hugs and prayers,  Dawn

  10. Krissy you are both in my thoughts! Sorry you are alone today!
    take care!


  11. well krissy i know it is not a happy easter for you and i wish it was going so much better...God does things for many different reasons..we are not sure what he is doing but all we can do is pray, have faith and just keep going like we should...i cant say i know how you are feeling or what you are going through but i can say that i will pray for you and john...God will make this right again...john is strong and he will keep fighting for you and himself...God bless your family and please keep your chin up..take care
    happy easter...noelle  

  12. Sending virtual support by the sackful Krissy, plus {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}. cuddles and lots of love.
    Sylvia xxxxx

  13. I am sorry you are both away from each sad for you...Happy Easter, anyway...Jae

  14. I am so sorry that both of you are alone today but I know that you are not alone in your hearts!  Your love is an inspiration to me!  Happy Easter.  Linda

  15. hope John gets things straightened out and can come home soon:)


  16. Oh Krissy, I'm so sorry about John.  I am behind on my alerts.  I didn't know he had been taken to the hosp.  I am glad they are figuring out what is wrong with him and hope and pray tey get him lined out soon.  I know how sad you must be today.  I hope tht you were abe to relax and enjoy the day as much as possible.  I will keep you guys in my prayers.  Take good care.

  17. I sure hope John feels better soon and get's home.  I'm sorry you can't drive for a long period of time.  Is there anything a doctor can do for that so you don't feel sleepy?

  18. Heard about your husband from Sylvia at her journal.  So sorry!  Sending you wishes for him to recover quickly and get back to you.  I had never heard of the road hypnosis something new every day.   Despite all these happenings...I hope you had a Happy is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts.   Sending good thoughts your way!

  19. princesssaurora4/17/2006 12:31 AM

    I am so sorry that you are not together, but happy that John is being well taken care of at Hershey!

    Keep us posted, prayers and blessings to you this Easter!

    Be well,

  20. sarajanesmiles4/17/2006 5:25 AM

    It must be hard on you, John being so far away.  He is in good hands though sweetheart.  Hoping he is well enough to be home with you very soon.  Take care.
    Sara   x

  21. Thinking of you both!

  22. jules196420014/17/2006 6:11 AM

    I hope all of Johns problems are sorted soon and he is home with you very soon............Jules xxx

  23. Hugs and prayers to you, Krissy. Prayers for your husband's rapid healing. And prayers that the Lord will soon bring John out of the hospital and back into your arms again.


  24. (((K)))  Ok...still playing catch up.  So sorry you had to be apart for Easter. ;)  C.

  25. springangel2354/17/2006 11:12 AM

    John is in my prayers Krissy...I was so sad you were not together Easter Sunday...but when he is well and home once will have many many Easters together...hugs and love to you both....

  26. mastersblynn4/17/2006 11:36 AM

    Krissy I am with you i spirit.  So sorry you guys had to be apart this Easter.  I pray that John gets well really quick and comes back to you soon.  Barbara

  27. hope he gets better and yall both have a great spring

  28. firestormkids044/18/2006 5:04 PM

    I love you, Krissy.  I hope as I continue scanning my alerts, I will find out more.  Prayers for John go up now as I write.  Blessings, Penny


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