Tuesday, April 18, 2006

John's been discharged

Gee, I'm grateful.  John is home now.  They discharged him yesterday from Hershey.  I am surprised he was released this soon.  They weren't going to let him go, because after finding all of the problems he had, they also found an infected chest port.  They were going to keep him for awhile, to give him IV antibiotics, but they released him, and told me that I had to give him the IVs at home.

Here is what he was diagnosed with at the hospital:

1.  Low platelets (which causes anemia - severe fatigue)
2.  Low sodium (which causes full body muscle spasms)
3.  High potassium (which can cause heart failure)
4.  Acute renal (kidney) failure - due to Tachro medicine
5.  Heart rhythm abnormality
6.  Kidney stone about an inch in diameter
7.  An infected chest port

They sent him home on Sunday telling him that we have to come back for an appointment on Thursday.  Gee, that is day after tomorrow.  And it is a two and a half hour drive.  But it is okay.  He is under excellent medical care at Hershey Medical Center.  I love that hospital.  The appointment is at the Cancer Institute next door. 

They also sent him home telling me I will have to do administer antibiotics through an IV twice a day for at least the next fourteen days at home.  I was so nervous when they told me this.  I have not been confident when asked to do certain nursing duties in the past.  I learned to flush the lines real easily, and have become a pro at it.  But when I was asked by the Critical Care nurses (the home health nurses) to change his bandage for his chest port, and to change the caps on his lumens, I was unable to do it alone.  When I called back Critical Care, and told them I was uncomfortable (this was a week ago), and told them they would have to come back and help me, they acted pretty upset. 

So I was pretty anxious this morning before the nurse came.  I didn't want her to rush through the procedure of showing me how to administer the IV, and have to call her back the next time when Icouldn't remember how to do it.  But she was pretty good, she went slowly and explained things well.  I think giving John the IV is not going to be TOO hard.  I Think, lol.

So I have to give John an IV twice a day for at least 14 days.  Every twelve hours.  And the medicine has to be taken out of the fridge six hours before you use it, to administer it.  I am going to be up around the clock, lol.

There is one nice thing, however. Some of the nursing duties I was uncomfortable with, the nurse is going to do herself!  She is coming daily to check on John, and to draw blood.  So at least there will be someone besides me to keep an eye on John!  Thank God for that.  It makes things less daunting.

So mostly, I am just glad John is home.  He is allowed a normal diet, so today we had our Easter dinner.  We had corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, four grain and two seed bread, strawberry shortcake, bread pudding with vanilla sauce (John's favorite, but I refuse to eat it), and some chocolate.  I even dyed some eggs.  My sissy Val and her friend John came over and ate with us. 

Well, that's about it.  Except I wanted to thank everybody for their support and prayers during this time.  I was very nervous while the hospital was diagnosing and correcting John's problems.  Maybe because I know how precious life is with him, after just coming through the transplant with him.  And you all were here for me, in the form of comments, emails, IMs, and mail.  For that, I cannot tell you how grateful I am.  It even helped me get through Easter when I was alone.  Thank you, thank you!  :)

Bye for now, Krissy  :)


  1. glad he is home!

  2. firestormkids044/18/2006 6:31 PM

    PRAISE THE LORD!!!  Even as I was praying, he was home.  I am so happy.  I know you will do well with the nursing stuff - you are his very best favorite girl after all.  Love to you, Penny http://journals.aol.com/firestormkids04/FromHeretoThere

  3. mastersblynn4/18/2006 6:32 PM

    You will do fine.  God will help you.  Just stop and ask. Barbara

  4. readmereadyou4/18/2006 6:33 PM

    I'm so happy he's home and that they know they have things under control.
    Also happy you enjoyed your celebration. I hope he's all better real soon.


  5. That's great news that John got to come home... I'm sure that he is much happier there with you! I'm sure you are going to do fine, and John will be more content at home, and I'm sure that will help him fight better. Hang in there, good thoughts winging your way!

  6. Krissy, i just want to say how happy i am that John is home with you again...and if you feel uncomfortable with doing some things concerning the care for John dont hessitate to call and if they get annoyed with you then just say ya know what you are the nurse and i am not and i need help...and then i would complain to there bosses you need help and support and you should not have to take any attitude from anyone this is the care for your husband not a stray animal...anyway other than that  just take it one day at a time..God is with you and so are all of us..you are never alone and you husband knows you are worried so you dont always have to be brave for him...it is ok to cry...i do it all the time..lol  take care hun

  7. You will do just fine. Thank God he is home and you can care for him. Its a long trip and you not be able to make it everyday. So my prayers are with you and hubby and hope all stays well. SUNSHINE GIRL

  8. SO glad John is home. Thinking of you both and remembering you in our prayers.

  9. rocketman6854344/18/2006 7:19 PM

    Thats brilliant news that John is home.You are both in my thoughts

  10. hadonfield784/18/2006 7:58 PM

    That is great news. I keep prayin for you all...............
    A person always feels better when they are home resting....
    Besides.... who can take better care of him than his sweetie (you)...

  11. princesssaurora4/18/2006 8:54 PM


    I am so glad to see this entry!  I can't tell you how relieved I am!  Yay!  I am glad that you had a nice time together last night and I just know that you will be fine doing the IV's!

    Yay!  Prayers coming.

    Be well,

  12. I am so glad John is home!!!
    And I'm sure you take great care of John, but glad you have some extra help coming to ease your mind...
    Big hugs to both!!
    Linda :)

  13. My Dear Krissy, what you both have been through is unbelievable.  I wish I was there to help you.  I think of you always and say many prayers.  You must also take care of yourself because what would John do with out you.  You are his light, hope and love.   Miss you               love and hugs      Myke

  14. I'm happy John is home and he is under good care. I'm sorry you have to do the IV's. I'm sure it must be hard. I'll be praying.

  15. so glad John is home:) Praying for you both


  16. I'm so happy to know that John is home with you.   I know you will do a good job taking care of his needs.  Stay strong.  Sending hugs and prayers.     Dawn

  17. Well...it's great that he's home and  you 2 are finally together again.

  18. Sounds like you were able to have a very nice Easter.  I'm glad John was able to be home.  I hope he continues to do well enough to stay home.

  19. sarajanesmiles4/19/2006 2:04 AM

    So glad that John is home with you Krissy.
    It must be a daunting thing, to have to learn so many new things, you can do it though m'dear, I know you can.  
    Mmmm... bread pudding is one of my favourites too ;o)
    Sara   x

  20. springangel2354/19/2006 6:20 AM

    I just saw this Krissy, would have been here sooner...how GREAT the news is that John is home now.  You can do the IV and the meds, this I am sure.  You have been watching and trained by the best.  John is so lucky to have you...and we are all so happy he is home.  He has sure been through so much.  You get some rest when he does...can't have our Krissy sick...lots of love and hugs to both of you,

  21. dbaumgartner4/19/2006 8:25 AM

    I am glad John is home but I understand your trepidation over the the medical procedures and the chest port.  I can't do it and I don't even pretend to do it.  Home health had to come in and do all of that.  I just couldn't deal with it.

    Be brave and don't let home health push you into doing something you don't feel comfortable with.

    Hugs my friend,


  22. quartrlyfecrysis4/19/2006 9:14 AM

    I'm glad John is home and I wish you a very safe drive back up to Hershey tomorrow.  You're giving the labor of love and I don't think anything could be more beautiful than your love, devotion and compassion towards John as he is going through these medical treatments.

    You will be in my prayers...have a safe journey my friend.


  23. How great he is home!  I know how scary it can be to face having to do nurse duties, with no formal training.  When I was told I would have to give my daughter Neupogen injections during her chemo treatments, I was freaked out!  There is a reason I never wanted to work in the health care field!  But, I had no choice; I did it, but i can honestly say, I dreaded that time in her treatment schedule.  I hated it, I never got used to it!  I am so proud of you for be so willing to do whatever they ask you to do...you are AWESOME!  Love, Jae

  24. Krissy, John2 and I  LOVED lunch yesterday.  We had such a good time, honey =)!!  Thanks so much for having us over, love!  I would feel daunted by taking care of an IV around the clock, too, honey.  I think it rude that they would get upset with you.  Just try to ignore them if they get that way, and keep asking questions and ask for help if you need it, honey!  I love you!!  Call me if you need me, k?  Are you setting the alarm clock or something similar when needed?  Take care, my dear, sweet, heart and tbadt!  Prayers, hugs, kisses and love a' million! xoxoxo

  25. I am glad that you have gotten a way to take care of John at home.   Wishing him the best in his recovery.    On Easter I called my mother's home in Texas and spoke to her and my brother.

  26. love2sing20074/19/2006 12:14 PM

    Glad things look a bit brighter.  Again I repeat my mantra...you guys are amazing!

  27. jules196420014/19/2006 12:43 PM

    I am so pleased that John is home and I think you are very brave being able to do the antibiotics..........Jules xx

  28. Hi Krissy,  It`s wonderful news that John is home again.  It must be really difficult having to do all that for him but I know you`ll be fine.  My very best wishes to you both. :o)


    Sandra xxxx

  29. Wow I am glad to hear that your John was able to come home, but so sorry that all this is wrong with him. Good luck with all the antibiotics hun and I will keep you both in my prayers.

  30. SHOOOT! LOL The last comment I posted had someone ELSE'S journal link in it! I am SOOO sorry! LOL I forgot I had copied and pasted it! Sorry!

    ~ Susan

  31. wow you guys have your plate full , hope everything goes smoothly and john is feeling much healthiers soon.

  32. nyuknyukpik24/19/2006 6:37 PM

    glad things are going well
    your meal sounded lovely
    I'm especially happy the nurse will help you!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I am so glad to hear John is at home! You'll do fine with the IV's, it's easy. I had to do my own when I came home after having appendicitis. Glad you finally got to have your Easter celebration too. Good luck with the appointment tomorrow.
    Martha :-)

  34. Thinking of you both and the hurdles you are still facing. You are two wonderful people. Take care my dear friend.
    Lots of love, Sylvia xxxx

  35. So glad to hear that you have your dear husband home with you.  I'm hoping that all goes well and that you won't have any trouble with your 'nursing duties'... I am quite sure all will be fine, and of course, will keep John in my prayers for a quick recovery.   Tina

  36. eternallife234/20/2006 8:49 AM

    Krissy I am so happy that he is home with you now. You made me hungry when I read what you cooked. I come from a latin family and they never cook on Easter. I have learned through so many other journals about the great meals that are made on Easter Sunday. I will join in on this tradition and start it next year.  Today is Thursday and you said that you guys were going back to the doctor. I will pray for you both that everything turns out okay.
    Sending you a big hug.

  37. So glad he's home!  And I'm glad to see that you coloured eggs too!  Hugs and prayers on his continued recovery. ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

  38. randlprysock4/20/2006 11:30 PM

    Yay!  John is home!  Sending prayers your way.  Hugs,

  39. randlprysock4/23/2006 1:54 AM

    Hi Krissy!  I know this will be a challenge to give these IV's and take care of all of his needs.  So glad your John is home now and in your care.  I am still praying for you and thinking of you both.  Hugs,

  40. glad he homes and hope you two have a good weekend


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