Monday, August 7, 2006

monday morning question


Do you like SPAM?  If yes, then could you share your favorite SPAM recipe with us?


My answer:  No, I don't like it.  Once I thought I would give it one more chance.  So I made Country Fried SPAM, LOL.  With gravy!  It only made it worse!  How about you?  Krissy :)


  1. hugsdoodlewacky8/07/2006 7:12 AM

    Good moring,actullay,I like spam,my Mom fries Spam and puts pinapple slices on top of them.its not bad,but,wouldnt eat it all the time.But I like a nice week.

  2. Nope, not a fan of it either! LoL


  3. Hmmm... Spam, not a big fan of it.  I've found that AOL does a pretty good job of blocking it, and putting it in its own little folder.  I'm not too sure about a favorite Spam recipe though.  I just wouldn't know how to properly prepare a junk email.

    Oh, what's that.....nooooo, really.  I'm sorry, I misunderstood.  You mean the food Spam.  Yeah, don't like it much either.  Guess we now know why they decided to call junk email Spam as opposed to "big juicy cheeseburger" huh?  

    Greg<----who is really tired and needs to go to bed now.

  4. Ewwwwww! Spam is the icky'est stuff I have ever seen or tasted........
                                                                   Hugs for you today and tell John "Hi"
    Love Myke

  5. nope  not at all..

  6. Mom likes to slick it, put ketchup and mustard on it and bake it. Used to be dad's favorite. It's a southern thing, LOL!

  7. i love spam, and my favorite recipe for it, is to cut a can of spam in chunkc, put them in mini chopper, add 1 tablespoon sweet pickle relish, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, dash black pepper, and there ya go ham salad spread. i eat it on saltine crackers, hubby likes it on rye toast with lettuce and tomato's, i stuff cherry tomatoe's with it for a party appetizer.

  8. love2sing20078/07/2006 11:41 AM

    I've never tried spam, but after some of the things I've seen people do with it, I don't ever want to try it.  

  9. kaydeejay54498/07/2006 11:46 AM

    Oh, gosh, ICK.  My mom used to make Spam sandwiches when I was a kid.  She would slice it, fry it and put it on toast with mayo and ketchup.  I shiver at the thought.  It's something I never introduced to my own kids.  I'll have to ask my daughter-in-law if she's ever fed it to my grandchildren.

  10. Hi Krissy,  Oh my goodness NO!  I did used to buy it when my children were small.  I would dip slices of it in beaten egg, dip them in breadcrumbs and fry them up, they liked it but it wasn`t for me I`m afraid. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  11. nope; not a Spam lover here :)


  12. I like it once every few yrs.
    my mom use to fry it and id make a toasted spam and mayo sandwich

  13. Yes, I like spam. I used to live in Hawaii and everyone raves about it so I gave it a try. I like spam musubi. It's fried spam on rice and seaweed, kinda like a spam sushi.  

  14. YES! we all like it even the cats!!!!

  15. LOL, no spam here.

  16. Ok Krissy, here's my Spam answer.   Linda

  17. randlprysock8/08/2006 12:10 AM

    Hi Krissy, this is making me laugh and I have to say right here before everyone in J Land that I just don't like it, not with Green Eggs, not with ham, not in a car, not in a box, not with a fox, not in a train or on a plane.  Hugs,

  18. when i was a kid I loved it fried and melt a thick slice of welfare cheese on it then throw it between two slices of bread. Had to have an ice cold glass of milk with it too.

    won't touch the stuff now. LOL

  19. newsworthy8228/08/2006 12:03 PM

    oh I gotta tell ya, SPAM is from here in Minnesota! Hormel Foods is located here. We grew up eating Spam. I cannot really stomach it now, but my mom used to love making Spam & cheese sandwiches and fried Spam with eggs. That is actually kind of good...but it's so nasty for you I don't allow myself to eat it anymore. LOL!

  20. onestrangecat8/08/2006 4:59 PM

    I kind of like it.  Slice and fry it is all I have ever done with it.  You know, I'm not sure it was spam.  There is something else like it called Treat or something like that.  I think that's what I had


  21. I don't know if I like it.  I ate it when I was real little, but don't remember how it tasted.  Once I grew up, I was afraid to eat it, because it just doesn't look right.  LOL!

  22. penguine40508/09/2006 11:50 AM

    Never had Spam but it just looks nasty.YUK

  23. Love Spam!! with syrup or chopped up in macaronni and cheese or as a sandwich with melted cheese and mayo...
    or with eggs or just by its self...
    Have a great week!
    Linda :)

  24. To me spam is about like hot dogs pressed into a can with a gelatan made from animal skins and bone.    I saw on TV that Hawaiians were big spam eaters.    Another time I saw a fiction show perhaps about Native Americans trading Salmon for Spam until they got tired of Spam.    I do not buy Spam or hotdogs but prefer sliced chicken, pepperoni, ground chuck BBQed, and Earth Grains type bread.   No Spam for me, thank you.   mark

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