Thursday, November 9, 2006

of penumothorax and a cell phone!

Good morning.  For those of you who are concerned about the hour at which I am up, LOL, I went to bed super early, and woke up early.  So don't worry about me, I am getting enough sleep.  Anyway, I am going back to bed after I write this.  I just wanted to play a little POGO (gotta have a little down time!) and to write this entry. 

So I found out what it was that the doctors were looking for on the CT scan last night.  It was a pneumothorax.  Turns out John has one.  It is an air pocket outside the lungs.  Actually, it causes a partially collapsed lung, because the air is outside the lung, which collapses the lung.  Guess what.  They did it to him during the bronchoscopy.  By poking the instrument through the wall of the lung.  Before they did the procedure the doctor did warn us that this did happen to one in 200 or 300 people.  I asked John if he still wanted the bronchoscopy, and he said yes.  He wanted to stop hurting.  In my mind I was thinking he would have a complication, just because he always gets one.  But then I pushed the thought out of my mind, because I didn't want to be hysterical.

At any rate, a pneumothorax can be very dangerous.  But the doctors said John's was pretty small.  Right now they are just watching it and hoping it reabsorbs itself back into the lungs.  If not, they will have to go back inside the lungs, poke through the lung wall, and suck the air back in.  Then they will have to wait for the lung to heal itself.

Oh boy.

As far as what kind of pneumonia John has, they are not sure yet.  They are going to have to wait "several" days to see what the cultures show.  Dr. E. said tonight that he doesn't think it is fungal (praise God), because it doesn't look like fungal under the microscope or on the X-rays.  So now we wait and see what the cultures grow.  

Well, that's about it on that news.  Actually John is feeling a little better and is not in as much pain!  He went for a walk in the hospital halls tonight!  I am going to keep him walking and sitting up in his bed, as much as possible.  I am excited about his progress.  As are the doctors.

On another note, I finally joined this century!  I have a cell phone now!  I will tell you what.  This is the first cell phone I have ever owned in my life, LOL.  I am so excited!  It will really help with John and all.  I just feel so cool with it, LOL.  And liberated in a way.  I won't have to always be trying to find a phone, or being tied down to a certain area when I am expecting a vital call.  I will be able to move around.  Welcome to this century, me!

Well, I think I'll go back to bed now.  Love you guys, Krissy :) 


  1. My Dearest Krissy,
    I am stil lifting you and John up in my prayers.  Is there anything you need or better yet want?  Maybe John wants something?  You know you can call and let me know and I will send it off to you.  I think Val has my phone number still, either way I will be emailing it to you.  Gentle hugs, Lu

  2. Krissy, I pray that John is going to be alright. Good deal on you getting a cell phone. I can understand a little of what you are talking about although I don't know the technical names. When my husband Ken had his ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, while running a tube into his heart with a needle before the surgery they made a pinhole puncture into his lungs  by mistake. That night the lung deflated so then they put a tube in there with some kind of solution to keep the lung washed out and inflated and to keep down infection. After several day they removed the tube and plugged up the hole. He was in intensive care for 15 days and in the hospital 29 days. By the Grace of God he pulled through.That was five years ago the 5th of this month. Hugs, Helen

  3. jlocorriere0511/09/2006 5:25 AM

    I'm so sorry they did this to John, I only hope they can repair it if it doesn't heal itself. Glad you got the cell phone, I refuse to have one still! Praying for you both. Jeannette xx  

  4. so glad you got a cell phone.  I didn't ever want one either but it has really helped!

  5. hugsdoodlewacky11/09/2006 7:21 AM

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGsTOYOUBOTH))))))))))))I am glad you got a cell phone,I have a pre paid one,because I dont want no is Vergin Mobil,I have a picture cell phone.I am sorry they did that to John and can fix the problem.So glad to hear you are getting some rest and that John isnt in much pain.Have a nice day.

  6. Will remember John (and you) in my prayers thru out the day today.  Hopefully, this will resolve itself soon, so he can be comfortable again.  Take care Krissy.  xxoo Linda in Washington state

  7. Things are looking optimistic!   Glad you hear that...


  8. midwestvintage11/09/2006 9:08 AM

     Woo Hoo a cell phone.  I think it would be vital for you, LOL.  Glad John is better.  Hopefully the pneumo will reabsorb quickly.


  9. Hopefully the air pocket will work itself out and things will continue much smoother.  Congrats on the cell phone, I think it was probably a good decision as much time as you spend on the road and away from home.


  10. I hope the air pocket re-absorbs so that John's pain is lessend and will not need the puncture procedure.     It is great that he is up and walking to keep up his leg strenght and not having to constantly be in the bed.    Good for you with your cell phone.    I got a TracFone years ago to take in my car in case of breakdown.    It costs just under $100/year for 250 minutes.     I was up at 5 a.m. after 4 hours of sleep and took medication and could not feel awake enought on the computer and went back to sleep for 2 more hours and feel better.    I hope to get some errands done this morning and work with my worker on my home construction this afternoon.     It is bright sunshine and will be in the mid-seventys before turning colder on Friday.      I will be looking forward to John's continued improvement.     mark

  11. What could happen next?
    That poor man....and you.
    Welcome to the world of the cell phone.
    take care.

  12. Sorry to hear about John's pneumothorax...and hope it reabsorbs, poor guy. About the cell phone, it's funny b/c before I got mine a few years ago, I never thought I would need one being I never had one before and did just fine. Now that I have one, I don't know how I lived all these years without it!


  13. congrats on getting a cell phone! i still get excited when ever i get a new  i am sorry that once again john has a complication from a test.  i hope it will absorb so that they wont have to go back into his lungs again.  i am happy he is feeling a bit better.

  14. Krissy and John.... I was so hoping you wouldn't have to spend any holidays at Hershey.....
    All my love and prayers that you are home again soon for Thanksgiving with all your friends and family...
    Big hugs!!
    Linda :)

  15. God does provide! Tammy

  16. Good deal about the cell phone.  I love mine and it comes in so handy.

    I hope all things continue to progress well for John!!!!! Glad to hear you are getting enough rest.  You know how I feel about you taking care of yourself.  :-)

    Hugs all around,


  17. Krissy, I talked to a doctor and she said that a small pneumothorax can usually be fixed very successfully.  The most she was worried about was the pneumonia. So glad it isnt fungal.  Poor guy, he has been through the wringer and you with the worry and stress.  Hope you are feeling ok and taking care of yourself. i have you in my prayers every day.  Tell John Hi for me and give him a huge Hug. I love you both and if you need anything let me know.......will send.....
                                                                  Love Myke


  18. Poor John! But yeah on th cell phone! They ARE very handy to have, especially if you have to be away from home as much as you have been lately.

  19. onestrangecat11/09/2006 1:36 PM

    prayers going up for you all.

    congrats on the cell phone.


  20. lifesabench611/09/2006 1:46 PM

    I'm so glad John's able to get up and move around some!!  Hopefully this air pocket thing will reabsorb on it's own so they don't have to poke around him anymore.  Krissy you're funny- I just got my own cell too a few months ago!  Woohoo!  God Bless- hope you can both get home soon.  Love Carolyn

  21. princesssaurora11/09/2006 2:25 PM

    Wow... first cell phone!  Good for you... nowadays it is a necessity... no more pay phones!  Praying for you and John.  Glad to hear he is feeling better.

    be well,

  22. Glad to hear John took a walk today and is feeling a little better.  We'll keep the prayers coming.      Dawn

  23. so glad to hear john was up to a walk. gotta keep that blood circulating. glad you got some answers and hope you get the rest of your questions answered. wooooohoooooooo a cellphone. aren't they great I love mine too. have a great day, (((((hugs to you and john))))))))))))

  24. And if there is anything that you do not understand with your phone, go back to where you got it and have them show it to you again.  That is important. I am glad John is doing better :)

  25. kaydeejay544911/09/2006 5:47 PM

    You aren't going to know what you ever did without that cell phone!  It will be such a comfort to you.  Prayers are still heading your way.  Hope John's lung heals very soon.  Take good care!
    Hugs,  Kathy

  26. Glad to hear John is feeling a little better.  Now you're gonna wonder what took ya so long in getting a cell phone.  LOL  It's a must have for me.  Praying for John everyday, Krissy.

  27. lol, congrats on the cell phone. :)
    That`s good John is sitting up and walking some.
    Congrats on the VIVI!!!
    love and God bless,

  28. Yes, I am sure your new phone will give you so much more freedom and it is very practical given your circumstances...sorry about the complication.  Poor guy.  I am glad you are getting your sleep...Jae

  29. Congrats on your Vivi!!

  30. I do hope taking John home is not too hazardous to his health. I nursed Pierre through lung cancer, but you know he was the bravest man I have ever seen.  He would not complain about anything.  I looked at his cat scan again the other day and saw that one hip had almost completely metastisized to bone cancer.  And he was medicating it with advil when he ran out of darvocet! Unbelievable.  For that reason I never imagined he had lung cancer.  I don't think he did either.  He just dealt with pain, said he had lived with pain all his life due to pancreatic defect.  You are a caregiver with a wonderful attitude.  Glad the readers appreciated this and gave you an aware for best Emotional.  Your attitude is inspiring.  Gerry

  31. I dont have a cell either lol and Im not really behind the times in other things... go figure... its good john is going home or is home now... I read the other post and Im posting late. :)


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