Thursday, November 16, 2006

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #139: White Meat v. Dark Meat


Scalzi's Assignment:

Weekend Assignment #139: It's time for Thanksgiving dinner! Which do you prefer -- white meat, or dark meat? Explain your answer. Because it seems that most people have a preference one way or another, and sometimes they can get testy about it.

For those of you who for some reason disdain the whole turkey scene, answering "neither" is acceptable, but you need to explain why and offer an alternate dish for consumption.

Extra credit: Being Thanksgiving, note one thing you've been thankful for in 2006.

Oh, this one's easy!  White meat rules.  Dark meat is gross!  There is a reason people don't like dark meat.  It is too rich.  It is greasy, man.  Sometimes it is even slimy!  Makes the tummy ache.  And what is the problem with a big plate of white meat slathered in gravy anyway?  Gravy is one of the four basic food groups, is it not?  Nice salty gravy, that is the way to go! 

What am I thankful for in 2006?  That I wasn't part of a Ron Popeil infomercial audience, nor do I work for the man!  His infomercials last eight hours long!  You remember ~ "Set It and Forget It!" 

Okay, that's all folks, have a Happy Thanksgiving and eat the turkey meat of your choice! 

Love, Krissy :) 


  1. firestormkids0411/16/2006 5:12 PM

    LOLOLOL, Krissy!  I'll take a little salt of mine, thanks.  Who is Ron Popiel?  love you, Penny

  2. kaydeejay544911/16/2006 5:13 PM

    I'm with you!  White meat is yummy even if it is a bit dry sometimes.  
    Hugs,  Kathy

  3. I agree with ya' sista!  Julie :)  

  4. midwestvintage11/16/2006 6:37 PM

    Turkey, dark meat baby. love it, love it love.  I wish the entire turkey was dark meat.  It is so tender.


  5. White meat rules!  :)
    ~Hugs, Dana

  6. Wouldn't it be nice it the WHOLE turkey or chicken was all white meat? LOL Keep the dark meat off my plate. :)

  7. jlocorriere0511/16/2006 7:01 PM

    I love chicken or turkey, it's the only meat I'll eat! My dad was a butcher and he fed ud with grilled steak every day for dinner from the time I was five till I was seventeen and left home! I've never eaten steak since! Lol! I don't like lamb either, it's far too fatty. Jeannette xx

  8. Is is time for turkey yet??...... I can't wait.... lol....
    Happy Turkey Day!
    Linda :)

  9. princesssaurora11/16/2006 11:56 PM

    LOL... I loved this entry of yours!!  I agree!

    be well,

    come read mine if you have time

  10. rebuketheworld11/17/2006 1:04 AM

    OH no...we have to disagree Krissy...dark meat am the one who eats the fat off of everyones Iam not going to have a long,

  11. White meat rules!!!  Dark meat drools!!  Now me, I would like to work for QVC, I like EVERYTHING they sell, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL xox

  12. No, no, no!  I am all about the dark meat!  For the same reasons you hate it!!!  Hope you enjoy your white meat with gravy!  Jae


  13. I like every bit of the turkey.  Dont like it dry but soft and moist with salt and pepper.   I like the butt part.  Its pure fat and clogs my arteries but tastes so good.

    I am thankful for all my J-land friends.........and who is popeil ?

  14. hugsdoodlewacky11/17/2006 8:33 PM

    (((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))I love turk just the way my Dad cooks it.Stuffing in the middle.Full after dinenr,than one hour later,you eat again.Have a good weekend.

  15. I have to have a little bit of LEAN dark meat without the grissle or grease, and lots of white but not dry turkey.  And some gravy, I said some, use some restraint, here, people. on the top.  I don't think gravy is one of the 5 food groups.  But then neither is cranberries, or are they?  I''ve got to have them with the turkey. We are going to Tim & Patti's thier first Thanksgiving and the first time I've been there since Patti has been there.  I send you love Krissy and a hug for John, and I have missed hearing from you, but I know you are busy. Love, Merry

  16. BOTH! The best is eating the skin, the treat for being the carver. <grin> White meat is great sliced on a plate or in a sandwich in the following days, but it can't hold a candle to gnawing on a big ol' turkey leg. Turkey brings out the primitive carnivore in me. I’ve been told I growl at people who get near the turkey when I’m working on it. <grin>

  17. halliday095711/18/2006 2:28 PM

    What the heck is  all this yammer about dark meat and light meat?  I am all in favour of free speech and everybody talking as they please but this is ridiculous. Have you nothing better to do with your time?. For heaven's sake cheer up and try to live a life.  Br.r.r What is humanity coming to if we can't do better than this rubbish.    Jim Halliday           P.s. please don't bother me with messages trying to convert me to your way of thinking. Let's just forget that we bumped into each other and go our own sweet way. Goodbye. Jim.

  18. Im cooking a small turkey right now. I plan on eating it all week. I got a reasonable deal at the market today.... so four hours from now or five since I hate the idea of pink turkey I will be having a yummy butter ball lol I have plans on the day to go be with some friends... I love dark meat with gravy but the white meat makes for an amazing meal also... mmmmmmmmm

    happy thanksgiving Krissy! Im thankful I have you as my sister love Deirdre :) send john my love.


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