Saturday, June 9, 2007

Don't worry, we are home now

Hi.  John and I just got back from Hershey yesterday.  Actually, we got back a few days before that, but had to go back again.  I guess I should explain.  John finally got out of the hospital.  I was scared for awhile.  His temperature got up to 103.8.  But being the fighter that he is, he pulled through, as always!  And we came home.  Then after being home for a few days, we had to go back again so he could be checked out again.  Dr. Claxton said he was very pleased with John, and that he does not have to come back for 8 weeks!  If John makes it, this will be the longest that he will go without having to come back!

They gave John a slew of tests to find out why his ANC and WBC have been low for the past two months.  But they found nothing.  But all the tests have not come back.  If they find anything in the tests, they will call us up.  But Dr. Claxton is pleased right now, b/c John's ANC has come up, even though he was artificially stimulated with a shot called Nuelasta.  Because even though he got the shot, his counts are now rising on their own!!!

At any rate, the reason, the reason I did not tell you about what was going on before now, and that John is ok, was b/c when I got back into town, I could not get my computer to work for several days.  It STILL does not work.  I can't sign on.  I believe it is AOL.  I am typing this entry from my father's computer.  I wanted to do it today, so that you all would no longer worry, and know that John is ok.  Sorry that I have put you to worry.  I tried for about 3 days to get the computer to work, before I went back to Hershey, to no avail.  So sorry.

Well, that is about it, except we are moving, to an apartment in the same town.  I will tell you all about that later.  The reason is John needs somewhere that is newer and cleaner for health reasons.  He needs a two bedroom apartment so that he can go into a separate bedroom when his counts are low so that he doesn't catch anything from me.  We talked to our landlord and he has already let us out of our lease early.  We are looking at a place that is new and clean, almost brand new, that we like very much.  If you don't mind praying, please pray that we get it.  It means the world to us.  :)

Okay, must run.  I am going to get off my Dad's computer and go eat breakfast.  

Love you all lots, Krissy :)


  1. Prayers for your new apartment. I know you'll get it. So glad that you're home again. Hope so much that John continues to improve.
    Much love,

  2. nightmaremom6/09/2007 9:22 AM

    Glad to hear you are home... sending prayers and good wishes on the new apartment and that John can hold out the 8 weeks

  3. Prayers going up all the way around. I hope you get the apartment. We had that problem a while ago with AOL. Hubby deleted it out of computer and reinstalled it and it works fine now. Have a great weekend, and welcome home. ((((((((hugs)))))))))
    Love to you both,

  4. mastersblynn6/09/2007 9:58 AM

    So glad to hear John is better.  Sorry I haven't been around for awhile.  You are in my daily prayers and I love you guys! xoxBarbara

  5. No worries, God is on your side. He will take care of you two! Tammy

  6. Very pleased to hear that John has recovered well, and that you can make arrangements that suit his health needs better, Krissy. Have a good weekend.

  7. Hi Krissy.  Just wanted to stop by and say "hi" and I'm glad John is out of the hospital.  Don't know when you will get this message but I hope that all goes well with the move and that you like the new place and also that would be an easier drive right?  If you are in the same town as hospital.  Anyway, take care and hope the PC fixes come along ok for you.

  8. So glad John is doing better and poo on the computer problems...
    Special thoughts as always and happy apartment hunting....
    Enjoy our day!
    Linda :)

  9. It's good to hear news of you Krissy. I've been having problems with aol as well: Disconnections, probs signing on and pics for journal being "rejected - wrong format", they are the same format they always were. Think if aol had a brain, it would scare 'em to death. Good luck with the new apartment.
    Lots of love....... Sylvia xxx

  10. P.S. If you want me to do MMQ or help you out in any other way since you can't get on the computer much let me know! xox

  11. Krissy, I didn't know you were having problems with your computer.. ACK!  I wonder what is up????  Has this ever happened?  What does it do when you try to sign in?  Does it give you an error message?  I thought something was up.  You have been really busy, I know, but you aren't answering anything.  So, I have been praying that you do get your new place.  Has John been able to drink his shakes??  I have been worrying about him losing weight because he got sick again.  I pray that he stays well, Krissy... I love you two and Michael with all my heart and soul.  Say hello to John and Mom and Dad and give them all hugs for me and pat Michael some for me!  Love you all xoxoxoxoxo

  12. I am glad things are going better with John. I will send up some prayers that you can get the other apt. Hope your aol soon gets itself straightened out. Helen

  13. I am so happy to hear that John is doing better.  Try uninstalling AOL and then reinstalling it.  That might help.  Good luck on the apartment.  I will pray it works out for you.  Hugs, LuAnne

  14. Yay for John's improved health! Good luck with the move...

  15. I do hope you get your new place. Keeping you both in my prayers.

  16. Kissy, you and John have been on my mind lately.  I am glad to have an update.  I am praying the move to a bigger cleaner environment will happen soon and bless both of you with good results.  I am so glad that John's ANC is rising.
    loving you

  17. Krissy so glad to hear from you and know John an you are both doing good.  We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers and hopefully he'll continue to do well and you'll also find the apartment you folks need.  Take care.  Arlene (AJ)

  18. So happy to hear from you.  And happy to hear that John is out of the hospital.  Sorry you have to move tho...that is never fun.  Hope you computer is up and running soon...Linda in Washington state  

  19. Hi Krissy, I`m so glad you and John are home again. Hopefully he will be able to go all 8 weeks before he needs to return.  I wish you all the luck with getting the new apartment, it sounds ideal for your needs. Take care. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  20. I'm so happy that you and John are home again. John sure is a fighter. I hope the doctors don't find anything wrong when all the test come back. Hugs and love.

  21. heavenlybama6/09/2007 4:30 PM

    I've been wondering what has been going on.  Go glad you two are home and he is feeling better.  Hope you get your puter working.  I know I would be going crazy without mine.

  22. hugsdoodlewacky6/09/2007 4:37 PM

    ((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))I am glad to hear from you.I will ay a prayer that you find a place you both like.HAve a nice weekend and keep us posted.


  23. Scares me when I don't hear how things are going.  Understand about your computer.  John is one tough dude. He will make it the 8 weeks.  When I think of all you two have gone through its almost unbelievable.  My prayers are with you and you are always on my mind and in my heart.    Love and hugs    Myke

  24. tendernoggle6/09/2007 9:29 PM

    Yes I will pray for you to get that apartment!
    love ya,.

  25. Krissy,
    I do think you need a newer or easier to clean apartment. This just makes sense.  John has these health concerns and this way, he could be in the most possible sterile situation in a home setting.  This is great!  I will pray so hard Krissy!  I know you will find something too, I just KNOW It!!  

    I am so glad you are not in Hershey and very relieved John is better and it sounds like you are doing okay, although, typical Krissy, you don't talk much about yourself.  Love you Krissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BIG HUG!!!  Merry

  26. Sorry to hear about John's high fevers. I can imagine how scary it must be. Will be praying John makes it the 8 weeks without having to go back.  Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Prayers you get the new apartment. Take care of yourselves.
    Hugs, Barb

  27. newsworthy8226/10/2007 9:42 AM

    very happy to hear john is doing well & you are back home! even though I don't always comment, I always read your journal and check in to see what is up. Congrats on the new apt. It sounds perfect.

  28. Good to hear from you!  Praying everything works out.  -  Barbara

  29. Wonderful that John is home, I am so glad Krissy.  Good luck with the move, I shall be praying that you get the new place.  Hope you get your computer working soon. xxxxx

  30. midwestvintage6/10/2007 4:57 PM

     I am glad your both home and that John is feeling better.  Take care you two.


  31. vagabondevermore6/10/2007 6:38 PM

    Glad to hear John is feeling better.


  32. lifesabench66/10/2007 11:05 PM

    Thank God you are both OK- I'll be praying that John can make it the full 8 weeks before having to go back- and also that you'll get the new apartment.  I'm glad that you were able to give us an update- hope you're computer gets worked out.  God Bless you both!  Love Carolyn :)

  33. kaydeejay54496/11/2007 1:48 AM

    Prayers for a safe, clean home are on the way!
    Hugs, Kathy

  34. I never mind praying for your or anyone else that asks.  I also pray for alot of people that haven't asked too !  Prayer is a big part of my life it seems.  I do hope you get that new apartment and also that you can get that computer working.  Thank you for letting us know how all is going.  I had wondered what was up.  
    'On Ya' - ma

  35. princesssaurora6/12/2007 5:33 PM

    {{{ Krissy and John }}}}  Glad the counts are on the rise and that things are improving.  Yay!  Sending prayers for the apartment!

    be well,

  36. I hope you will be able to move into the new apartment you have your eyes on!  :)  
    Sending you thoughts & prayers - Julie :)

  37. It is nice to hear things are looking up.  I sure hope you get the apartment you want!  Love, Jae

  38. blueblueandblew6/13/2007 12:55 AM

    Hi Krissy, thank you for stopping by my journal.
    My prayers are with you and your husband John.
    God Bless, Delaine


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