Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the healing power of pets

Perhaps you will think Krissy is crazy after this entry.  Just wanted to know what you all thought!

I have something called Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).  It causes a creepy crawly feeling up and down my leg. When it gets bad, in my case, it also causes the muscles to spasm then tighten up.  It is so severe that it can leave me screaming.  These "charley horses" cause me pain for days after they occur.  They also leave me vulnerable for additional ones to occur.  I guess it's just the RLS.  I can have a sudden Charley Horse anywhere in either leg at any time without warning.

That's what happened to me yesterday when I was on the phone talking to my niece Chelsea.  I got a sudden Charley Horse.  I must be a baby, because it was gripping me over and over, and I screamed, and threw the cordless phone across the room, LOL.  I am laughing because I feel like such a baby.  When I regained compusure, and John returned the phone to me, I asked Chelsea if she ever got charley horses, and she said when she was pregnant.  I asked her if she ever screamed, and she, to make me feel better, said, "Well sure, I wanted to scream!".  I felt so stupid and immature, LOL.  She is half my age, and braver I guess.

Anyway, here is the part where you might think Krissy is a little crazy, LOL.

After I got in bed last night, I called for Michael, my cat.  I asked him to snuggle with me.  He really does know a lot of English, LOL.  I said, "lay by Mommy, so we don't be cold."  That is his phrase to snuggle his body against me so we give each other body heat, LOL.  He went up and down my legs, and then settled in one spot.  To my surprise, it was the exact spot of my pulled muscle!

I believe my cat is a healing cat, and that is the part where you all might think I am crazy.  I woke up five hours later, and he was still there in the exact same place!  He hadn't moved.  How did he know where I hurt?

I got up and went out into the living room, even though it wasn't time to get up yet.  John was out there, and I wanted to know why he was up.  All of the sudden another cramp wrenched my leg.  I ran over tothe wall and gritted my teeth and started to do exercises against the wall I knew would help my leg.  This time I tried not to be so loud.  Just a low moan, LOL.

Kitty ran over to me and stood by me and wouldn't move.

I worked the out the cramp best I could.  John and I went back to bed.  Kitty followed.  Michael jumped onto the bed.  He lay down next to the second cramp this time!  When I awoke in the morning he was still there!

Now tell me, how does he know where I hurt?

Krissy :)


  1. I have rls too, i think, or it is because of my back? BUT I believe pets know and help! right now my dog must sense I still have my stitches in my stomach and she jumps on the couch next to me very carefuly were she use to jump wildly! They know!

    ~~Make it a Great day~~



  2. Cats are very sensitive creatures, Krissy. I've heard of a cat that can spot an epileptic fit in its owner 40 seconds before it commences. Michael probably senses the excessive electrical impulse that triggers your cramp. He's a canny cat!

  3. I've heard of this before where animals just "know" where you hurt. They've proven that certain types of doggies can sniff a person and zero in on an issue. Some Schnauzer doggies can smell where a skin cancer is...or has been. Amazing huh?
    You are lucky to have such a kitty.

  4. I believe cats and dogs can sense things like that.  Dont worry, I don't think you're crazy! LOL

  5. hugsdoodlewacky12/04/2007 10:01 AM

    (((((((((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))))I also belive that anaimals know things,were we are hurt,they just know.I also have Rls,I dot think you are crazy at all.I had to finally get help witn mine,because it was also bad.Mine has alot to do with Arthitis,so they say.I take Requip and it helps alot.I cant sleep without.Maybe you should go to the Drs and get something for it.I hope and pray it all works out.

  6. I had a cat that would do that when my back went out. She is at the Rainbow Bridge now. I have RLS too. Worse thing in the world. Tammy

  7. No way do I think you are crazy. Cats (and other animals) often seem to sense when we don't feel well.

  8. I don't think you are the least bit crazy but then again I practically live in a zoo!  He knows because he loves you & is so bonded to you.  Our animals are amazing with what they sense in us.  Last December they were certain I had a tumor on my spine (it wasn't) but my chocolate lab would put her muzzle on the spot they thought was the tumor.  How did she know?  You have an exceptional cat in Michael.  RSL must be awful, I've heard others talk about it.

  9. carolelainedodd12/04/2007 12:02 PM

    I don't think your're crazy.  It's a well known fact that cats and dogs have senses we know nothing about.  Besides that he's a clever cat!!!
    Take care

  10. Nope you're not crazy.  I think our pets know more than we give them credit for. When I would be home sick from work...Gabi would stay by my side for hours.  But even now, she's right there next to me during the night. Sick or not.   Linda in WA  

  11. I have no idea how he knows Krissi but I know how much it hurts if it is like cramp.Good grief cramp is realy painful.I get it plenty when my feet are cold and I stretch my legs out and feet tight..Unless kitty can hear something going on inside your leg and it lulls him to sleep Haaaaa.I hope it goes away soon.Prayers being said for you both.Take Care God Bless Kath
    astoriasand http;//journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasnd/MYSIMPLERHYMES

  12. I have those things a lot especially when my feet or legs get cold.  I think mine is due to my bad back and the nerves going down the legs and to the feet. I have to jump up and walk to get rid of them. They are sore afterwards. Animals are smarter than we give them credit for. Helen

  13. I think pets are just really sensitive to us like that.

    I used to have a yorkie named Alex.
    I had a blood clot in my lung and didn't know it..
    was having breathing problems, though it was allergies/asthma.
    He stayed right with me all the time til I went to ER..
    because he knew I was not ok.

    My cat now knows when I'm sick too.

    I think they have some sort of ESP powers or something. LOL!


  14. You have one smart kitty there.    Dawn

  15. Hi Krissy,

    I believe animals are very sensitive.
    I too keep terrible "charlie horses."  It's no surprise that your cat helped you by laying next to the affected leg.  Heat helps a lot.  Also, staying hydrated and making sure you get enough potassium helps also.
    Take care,
    PS-They make me scream also!

  16. I believe pet are very sensitive to our needs.  Whatever works, go for it.  

    Now since a lot of you have charlie horses give this a try.  Read this years ago in our Doctors Column in our paper.  Have told so many about this and it has worked for a lot.  Even the Doc says he has to believe it since so many folks write him about leg cramps, pain, charley horses, etc. and how this works for them.  Take a regular bar of soap like Jergens (use unscented soaps), you can unwrap it or leave it in the wrapper.  Put down in the centrr of your bed sheets and leave it there. Within a few days see if you aren't having less cramps, pain, etc.  Also, runners/joggers said they will put the bar of soap on the cramp area and sleep in their jogging pants as it helps keep the soap on the spot that hurts.  Hope it helps all of you.  My hubby Jerr suffered with charley horse leg pain, when the soap was put into the bed sheets, no more charley horse problems for him.  Hope it works for all of you.

    Arlene (AJ)  

  17. wow I need a cat...lol

  18. Animals can do a lot for us.  I don't think you are crazy.  Have a happy hump day tomorrow.


  19. That's gteat!

  20. preciousone2512/04/2007 7:46 PM

    Oh, I ABSOLUTELY believe animals have that sixth sense.... they've done studies... animals are very healing.  On a side note.... I have a light case of RLS, my mom has it worse.  However, (and now everyone will think I'm crazy) I have realized that whenever I take antacids regularly (like tums or rolaids) I get charley horses, they ARE very painful... so I very seldom take antacids anymore... it's just not worth it.   It may totally be psychological, but I really believe there's some kind of connection or maybe they contain an ingredient that causes leg cramps.... who knows, but it's works for me.  Keep Michael around!!


  21. That is not crazy at all! When my iron level is low I get RLS and oh my gosh! I woke up in the middle of the night one night screaming and I am 27. We are not babies, those dang things just hurt! I would rather have a Charlie horse that I can walk out or massage but when your legs are restless their is nothing worse! It feels weird and uncomfortable! As for the cat, how neat! My cat Fatso is the same way! I slammed my finger in my patio door and screamed a few choice words and went and sat on the couch and he would not leave my side! He came over to see what was going on and then if I moved he moved! He is the coolest and so is your baby Michael!!!!!

    Hope John is doing well and resting! Take care!


  22. Krissy sweetheart:  I belive animals sense these things to the person(s) they are VERY close to. Not all animals but some.  You have a very close relationship to your kitty.   My dad was like this with his dog and I can't spell it  right, but it chiauaua

    My Mom had restless leg syndrome but not the cramps.  My sister the same, last I heard, but that was years ago, and I have both but I don't take medication for it as my doctor thinks I have too much medication as it is.  

    it doesn't happen every nihgt, but it does quite often sometimes  when I am just resting like on the couch. Man it hurts, so I sympathize with you. My dog kaycee, runs away from me!!!!!!!!!!! She gets scared when I holler, I guess.  Our other dog Teddy the bichon (mine is the Maltese) Teddy gets scared if Dave makes any noise like he is in pain. He will leave and go in his kennel and I can tell he is very bothered and upset.  I think he thinks he caused Dave to hurt so he takes off.  Love you, Merry

  23. I think animals know. My cat used to sit next to me when I had fevers and was so sick and would never leave my side. She watched my breathing. Furry babies are amazing.
    Sorry you're in so much pain. I get those every once in awhile and they are killers.
    Take care, Chrissie

  24. nightmaremom12/05/2007 7:06 AM

    awww because he is a healing cat and he loves you :)

  25. Of course he knows where you hurt.  You do know that cats are extremely astute, right?  Glad he can help!

  26. Krissy, have you had your postassium level tested lately?  You need to if you haven't.  RLS doesn't give you charley horses.  So, my kitty cats know where my pain is, too.  Honey is better at this.  When I had my last bout of bronchitis she would sit on my back and actually warm it up and try to loosen the junk in it.  She worried about how I was rattling.  When I had brain surgery she used to sit by my head, too.  When I have a really, really bad pain, say on my leg or shoulder, she will lie on it while I am in bed.  Other than that, Honey IS NOT a bed kitty.  That is how I know she knows I am in pain.  Neat!!  Pet that kitty for me!!  Love, Val xox
    P.S.  They are using animals to sniff out seizures (before you have them) and cancers and all kinds of things now.  But you knew that.

  27. hi there.. here's my blog: http://journals.aol.com/mattsingian/allorange/

    nice blog by the way.. :)

  28. Krissy,

    Pretty interesting "coincidences"!  Cats are wonderful, aren't they?  (Sorry to hear about your RLS!)


  29. I don't think your crazy. But I do think you need to see your doc. And I alsoooo think kitty kitty needs a extra special treat.


  30. cacklinrosie10112/05/2007 3:39 PM

    I think he does.  Animals have different and more acute senses than we do.  I don't have restless leg syndrome but I do suffer from charley horses and cramping legs at times that hit at night and hurt like the dickens.  I actually screech.  I did get them when I was pregnant.  They went away but are back now that I am in menopause.  So...JMO...I do believe Michael knew exactly what he was doing.  Hugs  Chris

  31. Although I've never had that happen where my pet has been able to tell me where I hurt- I don't doubt it at all that Michael knows.  I've had many "children" over the years, and each one of them has been with me through hard depressions and knew just when I needed someone to hold- my kitties used to sleep with me too- and thier way of washing up, purring and then settling in on my legs or next to me was more comfort and soothing than they will ever know!  God Bless!  Carolyn : )

  32. dontyouwant2no12/05/2007 11:18 PM

    My mom has that and also my grandmother I even have it sometimes. My grandma gets cramps so bad sometimes she use to wake me up atleast once or twice a night screaming and moning. It's sad cause theres nothing u can do to help it. So I would just stand there and ask if she was ok then go back to bed. If I tryed to touch her leg she would go crazy lol Also m old dog jake would know everytime I was depressed or upset he would stay around me he knew everytime.

  33. I'm so glad John is doing better...I'm sorry to hear about your pain though....I think I've only had that once or twice before...but boy is it painful....June

  34. When my leg cramps get that bad.....I'm low on potassium.  You may need to get a blood work up and have it checked.  Animals are amazing !

  35. When my leg cramps get that bad.....I'm low on potassium.  You may need to get a blood work up and have it checked.  Animals are amazing !

  36. He knows ! Mine does too. It just depsnds on his mood. When I'm down, he is too!
    It's a cat thing.


  37. kaydeejay544912/07/2007 2:51 PM

    Animals are amazing!  They know when we hurt and they want to help us.  My dog lays in bed with me all day if I'm sick.  She's sweeter to me than my family.  LOL

    When I start to get a leg cramp like that, if I put my leg out and press my heel forward instead of my toes, it usually stops the cramp from getting worse.  Also, a warm, moist compress helps too.  Hope those tips help, too.

    Hugs,  Kathy

  38. I don't know how, but I do think they are sensitive to us and our needs.  -  Barbara

  39. ernhrtfanalwys312/08/2007 11:44 PM

    Animals are amazing creatures and there is so much that we don't know about them. It's a shame that humans are so cruel to animals, they (animals) don't deserve the abuse that some stupid people put upon them.

    I have always believed that animals have the power to heal. Just look at the dogs and cats that are in nursing homes and children hospitals. Animals love unconditionally and do not judge you no matter what. And people wonder why I like animals more than my own species....well, duh.

    Take Care,

    P.S. You are NOT crazy.

  40. promiseluv37212/10/2007 6:53 PM

    Pets know when we're sick!  That's really why they do have "emotional support animals" as well as service animals.  It's amazing.

    Your baby knows you well.  Glad you felt better. And Charley horses are awful.. ever get them in your feet! OUCH!


  41. rdautumnsage12/11/2007 3:20 PM

    Our animals always know. Pickles has been an absolute angel these past few weeks. She's my working dog, but she knew her dad (Doc) needed some extra loving and she went out of her way to give him hugs (she actually jumps up on her hind legs and wraps her front legs around you in a hug). She nuzzled his hand when he was crying and curled up next to him and wouldn't leave. Bless her heart she knew he was hurting and missing his mom. She was the reason for quite a few smiles this past week. (Hugs) Indigo

  42. A HEALING CAT? That is crazy, but aren't you glad he doesn't know that?


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