Friday, May 30, 2008

dedicated to those who have gone on before us

Overcoming Survivor's Guilt
I found this beautiful message in an email newsletter I receive, called The Cancer Crusade.  It encourages us, who are trapped in Survivor's Guilt, to celebrate the lives of those who have passed on in a very special way:  
I encourage you to celebrate the ones you have lost and to keep the flames of their lives burning brightly by giving something good and beautiful to the world with your own life. It doesn't have to be big, but it has to come from a big place in your heart. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it must be generous of spirit.  

I won't even begin to list the possibilities here because they would be my ideas and not yours. You start. You think. You dream. You imagine.  You leave a legacy.

Do it in memory of the loved ones you have lost.
And do it so that, when you are gone, the world will be twice blessed for your having been a part of it.

Dear God, please help me remember that we are all in this together. Not one of us is immortal, and eventually we will all come into Your presence. Remind me often, Lord, to celebrate and give thanks in every moment I am alive on this earth and with every breath I take. Help me find ways to celebrate, too, the lives of those I love who make their way to You before I do. And while we're here together, help me to be the kind of friend
others can be sure of.
***This entry is dedicated to, well in your heart, each of you knows who you want to dedicate it to... ***


  1. carouselqueen705/30/2008 12:59 PM

    Very nice entry. I never thought about it but i guess i have survivor's guilt when it comes to my sister. She was 29 when she passed on and I am 38. I guess I always thought that I would be the first one. I never really thought about us passing on at all when she was still alive. She was an organ donor. She was able to give her eyes to someone who needed them after her passing. Thank you for that entry....Christine

  2. Lovely Krissy.  Thank you for sharing this little piece of you and for reminding me that small things can make a big difference in the world.  

  3. Beautiful entry with massive sentiment and meaning. Thank You. Love Pam xx

  4. nightmaremom5/30/2008 5:42 PM

    great entry.. thanks for sharing my friend

  5. What a beautiful idea!  (YOU sound like a Life Coach!)


  6. Krissy so beautiful and touching.....for all those in my family I've lossed to illness, etc. I like to think it's made me a more gentle and giving person and not in such a rush that I can't make the time for anyone who needs a hug, shoulder or just to talk.  Bless you all.  Arlene (AJ)

  7. I am actually having a cancer fund raiser today and next week is my relay for life walk.
    great entry

  8. Hi Krissy,
    Yes, I did read this entry. I like it because it is very thoughtful and positive.

  9.     That is a beautiful prayer. I copied it for my own use.

  10. randlprysock6/04/2008 1:17 AM

    This is truly a beautiful prayer.
    Thank you for sharing.


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