Monday, May 26, 2008

monday morning question

Where did you first find out about AOL blogs/journals, and what made you want to start one?

My answer:  I found out about AOL blogs because my sister Valerie of There is a Season started one, and encouraged me to do the same. 

As to why I truly started my blog, I can't imagine.  I was an extremely private person at the time, LOL.  I was so private I wouldn't even tell my own family most things.  Why or how I became able to express myself online is beyond me.  I guess I began enjoying blogging as time went on, as I felt it was helping me, as well as helping others. :)  

Love you all, Krissy :)


  1. I first found blogs from AOL back when it cost me $20 per month to join,lol now thats all gone and "free" is the word!!! lol  I myself am still finding it hard to completely open up here on line. I too am a very private person but little by little I am getting more comfortable with it and people I meet along the way.

  2. I came across them by accident on Google maybe three or four years ago. I was looking something up and apparantly someone had written all about it in their AOL journal. I had one a few years back..still have copies of those entries somewhere. Have a great night. -Missy

  3. I was a beta tester so I was one of the first one's with a blog/journal. Which reminds me I need to make a new one. Have a great monday night.


  4. dougsbabygirl315/26/2008 8:19 PM

    I have had one on and off since they started... I don;t remember how I found them actually... I like to write and I needed to get stuff out of my head so that is why I started one or two or 5. LOL


  5. For 20 years I would type a Newsletter to my family and friends that live out of state.  It was my daughter who suggested doing a blog when I visited her last Christmas in New England.

    She opened a Blog site up for me in or something like that and it was annoying me because spaces were placed where I didn't put them and it looked like I lacked English grammar.

    Since I am on AOL, I looked to see if they had a Blog and I guess they call them Journals so I gave it a try.  I'm so happy I did.  I have met some wonderful people through my AOL Journal and have comforted my during some difficult times with just a pleasant comment or two.

    I do admit, at first, I felt uncomfortable about a Public Journal.  My intentions were to keep my Journals private for friends and family only but some of them are not computer savvy and they would not know how to register with a username and password to leave comments.  Now, I welcome every comment I receive from total strangers at first then they become part of a new online family.  I think we have a wonderful bunch of people who care about each other and that is priceless!


  6. I don't remember for sure how I found out about them, but it was in 2005, I was losing weight at the time (LOL, I'm trying to lose weight now) and saw something perhaps on the opening screen of AOL on making a journal; made one, wrote in it, but didn't find out about J-Land until someone left a comment on my journal, which surprised me, and then I discovered other journals and the rest is history, LOL

    working at home, it gives me an outlet to 'socialize' with people

    great question, Krissy!



  7. I started reading a few journals and became friends with them.  Several of them talked me into doing one of my own. I am not good with words and don't know how to put them down on paper but I did one.  But only for a while.  maybe I will start another one.  The friends here are amazing and I know they wouldn't care how I said my words.


  8. I'm posting my answer on my journal.

  9. preciousone255/26/2008 11:24 PM

    All I remember is that SUGAR started me on this journaling thing... LOL!!  I knew her from another online group (that I don't even remember the name of anymore), and we stayed in touch, and she lead me to her journal and encouraged me to start my own.... and I never looked back!!!  = )  Since then, she's been a big help whenever I had questions about tags, or I needed her opinion on something or whatever.....

    THANKS, SUGAR!!!!!!


  10. Two friends from work had 1 and I dont recall which one of them , but one of them talked me into it...ty girls

  11. Hi Krissy,
    Please check your email...I sent it to you and your sister.  thanks!!


    PS  Great morning question...

  12. ... did you mean for me to provide an answer ..?

    ... well, I was lonely and I wanted 'talk' with someone, as I didn't have any close friends that were close enough to see me or talk on the phone with ... I had hoped that someone would catch what I wrote, and want to share their thoughts and maybe help me and I could maybe help them, without the discomfort of feeling indebted, as you may feel in the real world ... and without fear of showing someone you are vunerable and that they could take advantage of you ...

  13. carouselqueen705/27/2008 12:17 PM

    ....I stumbled onto it myself.

    .... I don't have many friends so I thought this would be a good way to make online friends. My coucilor said that it is good for me so I will continue to write and read them.

  14. I couldn't resist this one Krissy, even if it is Tuesday already.  ;o)


  15. fisherkristina5/27/2008 9:43 PM

    bhbner2him (Barbara), here is the correct link to your entry:

  16. I started my AOL journal thinking it would be a good way for family and friends to keep up with what I was doing.  Losing faith in AOL, I began a blogger blog.  But I couldn't give up my AOL journal because I was afraid I'd lose many of my faithful readers.  So now I keep two blogs going.  Somebody just SHOOT me!

  17.     An article in Writer's Digest magazine recommended blogging as a way to getting one's writing out. I had a home page with AOL before where I posted some of my better articles along with graphics. Somehow it got lost. While looking for it I came across AOL's blogs. I don't know that it has helped my writing any, but I have learned to enjoy blogging. More than that, I like the people I've met.

  18. I think it was either through AOL's homepage or the message boards


  19. Found out from a "Sassy" girl, and wanted to write because I can.  xo CATHY

  20. To be honest i cannot remember whose journal was the first that i read and how i came across it. I dont have a journal but like to see how others live all over the world.Hope that doesnt sound odd, but being agoraphobic i very much doubt i will visit these places.


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