Saturday, November 8, 2008

Donna will be back

I got a message from Donna of D's Designs and Other Things. She wants everyone to know she's okay. She had an unexpected hospital stay for the past week.

But she's doing okay now.... She expects her recovery will take awhile, though...

She won't be able to get on the computer too frequently, and it could be awhile before she'll be posting regularly... Don't worry about her though, she's okay!...

She wants us to know she hasn't gone anywhere, and not to forget her!

If you'd like, please post this also.

***Edit at 10:00 PM on 11/8/2008:
I wasn't going to mention this, but since some people have put the word out anyway, I guess I'll explain what's up with Donna, because the above post could be construed as a little mysterious, thereby confusing you.

I just wanted to mention that Donna had a heart attack about a week ago and then had bypass surgery. It will be awhile before she can be back on a steady basis, but she really IS okay. Prayers please... Krissy


  1. Thanks, Krissy! I like to blog too and take photos...stop by sometime! Maria

  2. Thank you too for posting, Krissy.

  3. Thanks, Krissy. I appreciate the update on Donna. I didn't know, til I saw your post! Lisa

  4. Wishing Donna speedy recovery!

  5. Thanks Krissy, I received an email from someone about Donna. I know we are all praying for her speedy recovery. Linda in Washington state

  6. Hi Krissy, Sorry I have not been by in a long time. I just about gave up on journaling while I was going through that chronic infection in my foot/toe then ended up having part of the toe amputated. It's nothing really but makes me fear losing more of my foot. Hope you and John are doing well. I haven't been able to find half of the people I knew in Jland. I still am not "blogging" a lot but wanted to find the people I felt so near & dear to. Val gave me your blog addy. The holidays are coming & all will get busy again. Know I have always kept you and John in my prayers. Take care of yourselves.
    Hugs, Barb *queenb8261

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Donna. I hope she makes a complete & speedy recovery.
    Hugs ,Barb

  8. I was sorry to hear about Donna, but happy to know she is going to be okay. Thank you for letting us know, and thanks for getting in touch with me, Krissy. I've missed reading your entries, missed knowing how you and your hubby are doing too. Praying for you always, hon.

  9. I got the word as an IM from Joyce. Who couldn't talk at the time so I had no real info. I'm so glad you put it to "paper" Krissie. Aestatic that Donna will be OK, the outcome could have been so much different. The spirits are with her. hugzzz....

  10. Thanks for sharing, Krissy. And, before I forget, welcome back!


  11. So good to know you are around! You may already have it but you are one of my picks for Teh Real People Real Blog Award- Come by and claim it! Dannelle


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