Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's time to pray for our president elect and for our country...

Written the morning after the election:

I guess I missed it -- the historical significance of what happened last night. You see, it never occured to me to consider that it was historical that an African American had won the election. It didn't occur to me, you see, because I'm basically color blind. I neither thought of Obama as black or white. Actually he's both!

I awoke suddenly on the couch a little while ago, where I had fallen asleep while watching the presidential election results. The news was on in the background. So I listened. The newscasters were talking about how yesterday was a historical day, and that we had witnessed a historical election. The reason is because an African American had won the presidency of the United States of America.

I was taken aback. I had not looked at Obama as black or white. Just an American. So I was taken aback.

The newscasters were saying that those who were old enough to have gone through the 1960s and before would understand the significance of him winning the presidency.

Yes, I was around in the sixties, but barely. I wasn't old enough to see the prejudice that the newscasters were talking about. So to be honest with you, I was taken aback when they shared with us that this election held great historical significance.

You see, I grew up in DC and Northern Virginia. We weren't prejudiced. My generation and after, at least in the part of the country I grew up in, was basically color blind. As are, I believe, most young people today. Depending upon which part of the country you are in, I guess, and how your parents raised you. But my generation, and those of the generations after mine -- I would say -- are pretty color blind.

So I didn't grasp what the newscasters were saying at first -- I didn't grasp the historical significance of Barack Obama winning the presidential election. The newscasters said his win was a "healing thing" for the nation. A sign that America has dropped a lot of her prejudices.

Okay, so I am listening to the news again. The newscaster just reported that many around the world find it a "great hope" that Obama won the election -- as he is a black man, and America chose him... The news just reported that!

I'm still a little confused. If we're supposed to be color blind as a nation, why are there so many persons in America, and abroad, saying it is a "great hope", that a black man can be president? Why is he identified as either black or white, is what I am trying to say? Why not just an American? I thought we were supposed to be color blind!

Okay, I'll take a stab at understanding. Yesterday was a historical day because a man of color was elected to the presidency. And Americans are hopeful in this event, because it shows that prejudice is not as prevalent in this country as it was in the past. Many Americans -- black, white, or whatever color -- thought they'd never see this day. I guess the hope is that prejudices can be torn down, especially since Americans voted for a candidate regardless of his color or race...

This is a lot for my mind to comprehend, because the newscasters, and others older than I am, are just not coming from the same place as I'm coming from. When I think about people, I don't think of them as white or black or whatever. I don't think of their color at all when I see them. Sheesh, it didn't even occur to me Obama was black, until the newscasters said so! I mean now and then it occurs to me, but almost never.

I heard on the news program that a huge amount of young people turned out for Obama. They came in droves. This fact is known through exit polls.

The exit polls showed these young people are truly color blind. That's a great thing.

Perhaps we are getting color blind? This is a day of importance then. The newscasters said they didn't think they'd see this in their lifetime.

So it's a good thing that a person with a vision can be president. We need to celebrate that.

Now if I could just get to liking Obama's policies!

But I need to do what Betty of a corgi in southern california says to do. "Pray for our new president elect" whether he was my choice or not... Others are saying that also in my comment section of yesterday's entry. That we need to pray, and try to help make our country better in whatever way we can...



  1. thanks for linking me Krissy :)

    yep, just pray; its the best thing we can do for our country and our new president-elect; you know without the Lord we have no hope; hope comes from Him; not from any man :)

    and isn't He (the Lord) just awesome?? this didn't catch him by surprise and I think if we just remember others from the Bible that he has raised up to use for his purposes (I'm thinking Pharoah), and if we just do our part (trust in Him and pray) we should just sit back and see what awesome things the Lord will do, and I know He will do those awesome things because that is our Lord, awesome :)

    Jeremiah 32:27

    hugs to you :)


  2. Kris- I grew up in the same place as you did. Im younger, and I know that while yes you are a good person and our sisters and brother were naught taught to hate based on race or culture that people around us often were. I think your natural goodness has made you blind to what people of various races might have to face.

    I would like to point out that we still have not had a female president and that would be just as big historic moment in my opinion. I cried in fact when I heard Obama won, I cried again when he gave his speech. For me it did mean that people could put prejudice aside and vote for someone they believed. Not because of his race but because it was whom they felt would represent them best. I know you are not happy with his policies but I hope you can see how this was very much an historic election.

    Anyway happy blogging Kris!
    Deirdre ~the other sister

  3. You know the first time someone mentioned that he was the first president "of color" I was caught off guard. I never paid attention to the color aspect of this race. It was more about issues, policies, how they spoke, etc.

    Off the subject, I put the comments with my approval only because I was getting a TON of spam about some lottery/gambling site on a regular basis. This has pretty much stopped them. They leave a comment and realize it has to be approved then they move on.


  4. Because I'm a little older than you I do know how historic it is. Hope is something we all need right now and along with that lots of prayers. We need to pray for all avenues of the government. The good Lord is always in control and has ways and means to make all things work in his plan for our redemption. It really is all about that anyway. 'On Ya'-ma

  5. I think the great thing about him was the fact that you dont see him as black or white , you see him only as man full of integrity and full of hope. Thats how we should all be seen. Yes It is historic and like you I didnt realize either until they started talking about it on the news.
    I guess there are some that still do see in color , but I hope thats one of the changes this historic event makes. I think he is a great role model for young men and Women of any race.
    God Bless Him.

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  7. Krissy, same as you, I was surprised when I heard the first newsperson mention Obama as being African American. So what? I thought, and he is?? Anyway, he is only 1/4 African American... and so what?? But then I thought some more as more and more was said about this. Yes, you and I were brought up to not notice race or religion or sex, but many alive today have lived a much different life. A newscaster spoke of talking to a 106 year old woman voter who lived through women not being allowed to vote, and African American's being treated terribly, to one being elected our President. Wow, that IS something!! To reflect on it, it DOES seem like anyone can be President now. When I think about it I am truly inspired... Love you!!

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  9. Good Morning from Alberta, Canada We followed the elections for EVER and although Obama would not have been my choice I pray for him and his cabinet in so many ways. His demeanour has changed so drastically as the weight of his responsibility sinks in.
    I am sorry to say this but quite frankly I get tired of the whole "African-American" there is NO such person. In my day Obama would be called a mulatto...
    But no matter what I only hope those who voted for him did not JUST because he was no a Caucasian as this would be wrong.
    All I know is MY country and yours HAVE to get back to the foundation of when we were begun where God was not left out of the equation.
    I was just reading in my provincal paper where the request for God to be removed from the innvocation speeches at the University.
    I love the song "God Bless America" but I also know what scripture says about when He will remove His blessings and my country is even worse on issues than yours.
    WHY do we as Christians no realise we have a large voice IF we are willing to stand up and be counted for what we believe.
    I can NOT believe that attacks that were towards Palin (and still are) and I believe in my heart most of them were because of her faith.

    Take care and have a great Saturday. As soon as the frost leaves I am out for my "walk-about" the town....we only have a few streets where I live.

    Love Lori

  10. Krissy, I can remember when people of color couldn't vote so, yes, this is astronomical to think that many elderly African Americans never thought they would be alive when a person of color was elected President. I'm feeling confident right now because of the choices that are bieng made for cabinet members, etc. Truthfully, I do not care one bit for our President right now and never have but I still supported the basic freedoms that our country stands for. Besides that, they are only Presidents, not God. Love you!

  11. I get what you are saying Krissy. I have always thought that the way to equality is not special treatment but to be treated all the same. For skin color to be nothing but a subnote like hair color or eye color.

    What really kills me is that before the election all you heard was folks saying they wanted Obama because they wanted change. But as soon as he was elected I started hearing things that sounded like "we finaly got one in the white house." And to me, that is just as prejudice on many levels as things of the past.

  12. I'll pray for him and US finaial problems too!

  13. Biblically, praying for the Ruler or King of the land is proper and correct -- however, it is my believe that this elected crook has already broken many rules of fair play and laws, and he will try his best to harm our way of life and US Constitution.
    Christian pray only that the "King" would treat them kindly and let us practice our Faith according to the Bible and enjoy Freedom of Worship, etc. 1st and 2nd Amendments.

    Tom Schuckman
    heli-gunner tom

  14. Hi Krissy- I made it! I'm with you, I grew up in Canada,and knew people of all backgrounds. Seems to me, the only ones making an issue of race lately were the ones always accusing others of being racist. Oh well. I saw this Historical in another persepective, and wrote about it. I have and will continue to pray for the Obamas, as I have done for other preseidents. It's our duty as Christians. God Bless and come on by~ Love Carolyn

  15. I tried to post a comment but I don't think it took. Anyway, I said that the interesting thing about Mr. Obama is that he is color blind -- he associates with people of all colors. I think this is because he was born to a white mother and a black father, and had an Asian stepfather. He lived in Hawaii where he was exposed to all types of people. So I think it is great that we have a president-elect who can bring all races of people together in cooperation. Most kids today are color-blind and that is great for our future -- a country with less hate and more love. Now if we could have a woman president, but only is she is well-qualified.

  16. Krissy,
    I didn't know how to enter in this new blog, but I am the above person who says Mr. Obama is color blind.


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