Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog's 5 Year Anniversary

I wanted to thank you all for sticking with me, even though I haven't posted in awhile.  I was sick for a month, and then three weeks ago, John was hospitalized for two weeks.  It's been a long month and three weeks.  I'll explain more later, today we have to go yet again to John's Bone Marrow Transplant Center and Hospital -- Hershey Medical Center.  

It's mostly for check ups, and a consultation to get his kidneys functioning better.  He's got one third kidney function (both kidneys).  He also has no antibodies.  This just means he can't catch any infections -- such as pneumonia or flus.  It figures swine flu just started, but we're not anticipating he catches it, and he's wearing masks everywhere!  He'll even have to wear the respirator kind some times.

Other than that, John is doing FANTASTIC, and we are actually looking forward to this trip to Hershey, as we will be getting out some!  We have been somewhat quarentined, as John hasn't been allowed to catch anything, because of his immunities which have been almost nonexistent.  So he was quarentined, and me along with, because I can't bring anything to him.  So we'll just wear masks on the trip, and have a blast.  

This time I'm going to perhaps go to a class and make a bracelet, go to some doctors appointments, go talk to the divisional Leukemia & Lymphoma Society campaign leader to tell her about some of my fundraising ideas I will be doing, and then do some photography if I have time.  We'll be back around Saturday.  

I'm actually looking forward to going out of town.

Now don't you all worry about John, this is the best he's looked in years!  He just must stay indoors most of the time, and when he ventures out, for example, to get groceries, he simply wears a mask.

By the way, I guess it was yesterday, maybe, this blog made five years!  I really can't believe it.  

It has been one of the best things in my life, and has led me where I never expected to go.  It has allowed me to be more honest, more open.  It has allowed me to have friendships I never expected.  Opened new worlds to me, caused me to want to learn, gotten me out of myself.  It has challenged me, caused me to not hold myself back, allowed me to decide I will NO LONGER fear success.  I have not held a job since I have been helping john for these past almost 4 years when he was diagnosed with this last cancer.  Actually 10 years with his 2 cancers I haven't held a significant job.  But that will change after I am able to work again -- when things settle down more with John and we don't have to go to the hospital as much.  I'll most likely work from home, because I still need to help John.  I'm most likely going to own my own business, because it's what I want to do, the way I want it to be.  No rose colored glasses here, yes it'll be difficult, but I want to do it, and I have=2 0enough confidence now, I'm just the entrepreneurial type, and that's that!  Yes, blogging, and online activities have allowed me to do it... 

What has blogging meant to you? What has it done for you?  Where has it taken you?  Has it changed your life? Even if you want to say -- I now have new friends! -- we want to hear from you!  What has blogging done for YOU?

Comments please!


  1. It's so good to hear from you. I know you have been busy. You and John are in my prayrs as always. I'm glad you are so optimistic about your trip and the future too. I hope the trip is a good one and that we'll be hearing more soon. Take care!

  2. Happy Blog anniversary!

    It's good to read an entry from you. You've been missed.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Blogging has been a life saver for me ... sharing my thoughts and feelings as I go through the cancer experience.

  4. great to hear from you!!! Glad John is feeling and doing much better!!!!
    and happy anniversary!!!


  5. I can't believe you re so cheerful and upbeat starting off on this trip. No wonder you have been able to make it through John's ordeals and be a big help to him. With your attitude you would be a big help to anyone! It's actually an inspiration to read this entry, so I know that blogging has brought out more strength in a woman who had to be strong to begin with. Gerry

  6. Happy 5th anniversary. Time flies doesn't it.
    Glad to read this post, I feel your strength in reading it. A big hello to John. I'm glsd to hear that things are going well with you both.
    Hugs, Dawn

  7. happy 5th anniversary!!

    glad to hear things are going well

  8. blogging introduced me to you, Krissy; I would never have met you if there weren't blogs and I'm so glad to call you friend!

    I bet you will be great with whatever business you decide to do when you are able to work again!


  9. Congratulations!!! Wow, what has blogging meant to me? Wow, I love what you wrote... I will no longer fear success... I can really relate to that, and I won't go into specifics as we grew up in the same home and both have had similar circumstances (hint.. hint). It has helped me define what gifts I like to bring to people and what my gifts are. Also, it brought me a bunch of beautiful, wonderful, caring friends that warm my heart. I am still mad that AOL smashed, burned down and obliterated that community, but perhaps that was supposed to happen. Yet I still grieve. Ah, but Joy in the Rain may never have taken off, who knows... Great post and again, CONGRATS to my TBADT who is my wind, my inspiration and my joy!! Love, Val xox

    my main blog:
    There is a Seasonfor Jokes, Quotes and Inspiration follow me here!:
    Joy in the Rain

  10. Congratulations on the time you've been publishing, the small victories leading to one big one with John, and to your confidence. Kudos!

  11. im so glad john is in good spirits and looking forward to the trip :) five years has been a long time i think my fourth year is coming up somewhere dont know when cuz i dont have the aol blog telling me how long i have been journaling since :(

  12. well done krissy,so glad john is doing well,hope you achieve what you want.take care,love mort xxx

  13. Blogging has brought me a new circle of friends. It has allowed me out of a rather shut in life and broken me back out into the real world as well.

    It has given me a place to vent and connect and feel concern for others outside of my tiny world here. It's made me human again.

    I a glad to hear John is doing so well. I hope your spate of illness is all over and you are doing well too.

  14. Congrats on your blogaversary.Glad you are both doing better. BTW that wasn't a cross in that pic-it's part of a trellis that my wisteria is growing up.Thanks for dropping by..I get few commenters there and on Windswept.But I keep posting anyway....Have a great trip and have loads of fun...Hugs,connie

  15. Happy Anniversary dear, you'd touched all of our hearts who read your blog. So good seeing words from you and knowing you and John are both doing better. You'll be a success in anything you do business wise dear, way to go. Hope you can feel the internet hugs I'm sending to you and John. Take care. Hugs to you both.

  16. Krissy, I am simply impressed whenever any caregiver can make the time to post. The sharing is invaluable. Glad to hear of all the best of possible news!

    Caregivingly Yours,

  17. Happy 5th Anniversary Krissie, I must be getting near that time myself! I`m glad John is doing well and I know much of it is down to you and your faith and positive thinking and support. I wish you the very best and hope that one day you have your own business, you deserve success. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  18. Well. good for you, and good luck.

  19. congratulations on your blog anniversary! So glad to see you blog again....Hope John is ok, you too. Hubby starts chemo/radiation tommorrow at univ of penn. keeping our fingers crossed.
    take care

  20. Congrats on five years, Krissy! So wonderful to hear that John and you are doing well. Keeping you both in my prayers, and hoping you have a safe and enjoyable trip!

    God bless,
    --Amy (aka CatholicRose)

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