Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Morning Question -- Would you be interested in my doing a Twitter blog?

Would you be interested in my doing a Twitter blog?

If I were to start a Twitter blog, sort of an instructional one, would you be interested? I was thinking along the lines of starting out very basic. It would be for those who had never tweeted before, all the way to those who had been doing it for a few months, or even a year. I love Twitter, and I wanted to share my knowledge with others. I'm thinking we could all learn together. It wouldn't take up a lot of time, bc I am thinking we would learn about one lesson a week, perhaps at the beginning of the week, and then we would have the week to practice what we learned. We would also have some days where we would just have fun!
So, who's interested? I promise, it won't be intimidating, as I will help you, and we will all help each other! And Twitter is so worthwhile, you get to meet so many new people and learn so many new things. The people are so helpful... So are you in? :)


  1. sorry krissy i'm all following blogged out

  2. I'm not sure Krissy; I hear wonderful things about Twitter but I just don't know if I'm up to learning anything new; I dropped out of Facebook because I felt I was too much online on top of journals.....

    I think I would have to say I would pass on a Twitter blog

    I hope you and John are doing as good as you can; how are your parents doing?


  3. I'm in... and I wonder if you should ask this question on Twitter as well. What say you? Love, Val xox

  4. No tweeter for me...I would love to see you post more on this blog though. I think tweeter is too fast paced for me. I would be a nervous wreck being tweeted all the time.

  5. orry Krissy, no tweeter for me also, just not my thing. I like this type of blog, more personal and feel like it makes us all caring friends versus having everyone reading and responding Just my feelings.

    So glad to see an update from you. Hope you and John are doing well your way.

    Touch base more, we all care.

  6. Does that mean you wont be blogging here anymore?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  7. I tried twitter and was totally
    I think a lot of people would love it.

  8. Twitter's ok, but I really still prefer blogging, even Facebook, to Tweeting!! Sorry.

  9. Sorry, but I don't like twitter.

  10. Yes, Melanie, I'll still be blogging here in Sometimes I Think! I have blogged here in Sometimes I Think for over 5 years, and have no intention of quitting! I do have about 8 blogs, and do other blogs on occassion! But this was my very first, and plan on continuing it. Thanks for asking, Melanie!

    krissy knox :)
    follow me on twitter:
    soon to be:

  11. Hi Krissy, I'm sorry you're not getting the response you want but I for on would definitly be interested in such a tutorial. I have a twitter page, I think, but I'll be damded if I know what to do with it.


  12. Valerie (3rd commenter from top!) , what a good idea! I will tweet on Twitter and see who would like to join. I will also make an announcement on Facebook. Thanks for the idea!

    Krissy Knox :)

  13. DB and others, I am still going to do the Twitter Blog. Just have had some family emergencies lately, but will get to it soon!

    love, krissy :)


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