Saturday, December 4, 2004

Photo Scavenger Hunt #9

This week's hunt is Geometric Shapes. 

My first picture is of globular objects.  They also double as cat balls.


My second photo is a septilateral figure.  A septilateral figure is a seven sided object.  I found that my boyfriend's medminder was  perfectly septilateral .  No, we didn't know the name for it!  We had to look up the kind of geometric shape it was in the dictionary.

Hope you enjoyed my entry even though it was short!


  1. sonensmilinmon12/04/2004 9:37 PM

    Short but sweet! :-)  I enjoyed what you found.  This scavenger hunt has been fun.


  2. firestormkids0412/04/2004 11:50 PM

    I love these!  They are so simple but well done.  I can't wait to see the rest as they come in.

  3. readmereadyou12/05/2004 12:11 AM

    I enjoyed it. I love photos. : )

  4. Excellent you found a a septilateral figure! Very impressive and cool. Got the photos shot but my puter is being uncoperative... or maybe it's AOL. Great shot of the globular objects I can imagine my feline clan going crazy over them.

  5. septwotsit
    I wonder how many of them exist in the real world???

  6. sarajanesmiles12/05/2004 6:43 AM

    How cool that the globular objects double as cat balls :o)  Very funny!!
    Am very impressed by the septilateral shape, I wouldn't have known the name for that either!!  Am wondering - like Stuart - how many other things are septilateral.
    Sara   x

  7. Cool, Krissy, I don't think I will every forget the word septilateral!  My kitties want the globular objects.  I got some new globular objects this week from Audrey for JoJo.  They make jingle noises.  Do your globular objects make jingle noises?  Tee Hee.  Love, Valyxox

  8. Never thought of medication boxes, good idea though Krissy. Could have done hubby's but it isnt as fancy as septilateral....just 7 oblongs, divided into 4 squares, set in a rectangle!
    Love Sylvia.

  9. LOL good choices! You might want to check and see if your camera has a macro setting (mine is the little pic of a flower) for those close up shots. They will be clearer with that setting turned on.

  10. Hey, lookie, I cried, a Septilateral.  Well, no I didn't.  I had no idea what a seven sided figure would be.  I would have guessed Septagon.  Hey, maybe that is right.  What shape is a septagon? Septilateral.  
    The photo scavenger hunt is fun.
    Thanks for visiting my journal and my curious round object.  It is an abandoned washing machine.  You needed a different link to get the story

  11. I have never heard of that word before! Sorry I missed the entry this week, and last, come to think of it. Been a couple of crazy weeks. I promise to do better next week! lol


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