Sunday, December 12, 2004

This Week's Hunt

This week's Photo Scavenger Hunt (#11) should be completed by Saturday, Dec. 18, at 8 PM EST.

This week will be another easy one because it is Christmastime.  The idea comes from Chuck.  He wants us to take a picture of our computer area.  Actually two pictures.  One before we clean it and one after!  Come on, be brave!

A photo of your computer area before cleaning it!

A photo of your computer area after cleaning it.


  1. Hate to disappoint you lol.  I always keep my computer area clean, probably because it is in our living room where we are all the time and I clean it along with the rest of the room.  If it were in another room, might be another story.

  2. hopelessblondie12/12/2004 1:25 PM

    The more of these I see, the more I want to participate. My camera doesn't link up with the computer and the scanner is a foriegn object. I don't know how to work it (neither does any one else!). Can't wait until the day I am able to participate. Until then, good luck to all!

  3. hopelessblondie12/12/2004 1:26 PM

    Sorry, wrong spelling. Opps! My real link is

  4. sarajanesmiles12/12/2004 1:44 PM

    Ooooh, we have to take pics of our messy desks?  OK!!
    Sara   x

  5. :-o  no you didn't!!! lol  This will be interesting! lol  Love you, sis! lol

  6. dvlwitgrneyes12/12/2004 2:43 PM

    Oh my goodness! Would you all ever enjoy (and me be embarassed) by mine! lol I think I need to go over and borrow my sons camera for this one! Nah!


  7. readmereadyou12/12/2004 4:11 PM

    That's a cute idea. : )

  8. Is there a differance Krissy, before & after? My smart A** husband just ask me this! Brat! This is a goody! All I can say is, my house doesn't look like my computer area!!!! lol

  9. Great idea!  I look forward to seeing the entries!!!

  10. I have sent you mine just now and just to let you know that the rest of the house is very clean and tidy   lol   Sandra x

  11. here's mine:

    phew! first one I've done in ages!!  love Amy

  12. firestormkids0412/13/2004 6:46 PM

    UGH!  do I have to clean it??? Okay - soon, I promise

  13. My work station, before, as suggested by me.  Hoist on my own petard, they used to call it.

  14. quartrlyfecrysis12/16/2004 8:42 AM

    This was an easy one...even the clean-up wasn't too bad.  Although I would like to opt for the hunts that don't require cleaning!  ;)


  15. After two rounds with the Christmas tree I have pictures!

  16. promiseluv37212/17/2004 5:53 PM

    Alright you need to know my desk it the messiest area of the house (besides my kids/roomates rooms)  lol  and it shames me I let it get that bad, and it shames me even more to put a picture of it up lol..
    here ya go
    ~ Promise

  17. jules1964200112/19/2004 2:53 PM

    here is my link Krissy, sorry its late :)...........Jules x


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