Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's Been Rough

Boy am I exhausted.  John and I have been moving all week.  We have been packing all his belongings up and moving them into our place.  He still has his old apartment until the 31st and has to move everything out by then.  Our place is very small.  It is hard consolidating all of our stuff.  We are throwing a lot of things away.  I didn't know that would be so emotional!  

This is really hard work!  Stressful, stressful!  And we are doing it over Memorial Day Weekend also.  I hope we have time to take a few hours out for a picnic.  After packing, we have to scrub John's place down.  Then wait around for the carpet cleaners to come.  I have three doctor's appointments that day (May 31st), so it looks like I am going to have to go alone because John is going to have to wait for the cleaners to come!  Thank goodness we called them in time because they were almost booked up!

I guess it has been a little stressful with so many life changes at once.  But getting married has made me the happiest person in the world.  I love, love, love being married to John.  I haven't felt this secure in years.

I have had another stress on me though.  John has severe anemia and they think there is a chance that he could have a reoccurence of the cancer (Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma) he used to have.  Probably not, but there is still a slim possibility.  They told us this a week before we were to be married.  I thought I had been punched in the face.  I did not tell everybody because I didn't want anyone to worry.  Now I am mentioning it because it is kind of a heavy weight on me.  

Anyway, John has had a battery of tests this week and last.  We won't know the results until June 16.  Yikes, that is a wait.

Well, I guess that is all for now.  Let's all keep our chins up and hope for the best.




  1. domesticatedchic5/26/2005 11:04 PM

    Awwww will definitely keep him in my prayers! :) Melaney

  2. consolidating stuff is definately stressful work!  

    You and John are in my thoughts...I hope for the best and that his tests will be okay...

    congrats again on the marraige krissy, I'm happy for you both


  3. Oh Krissy...I hope John ends up with a clean bill of health and just a script for an iron suppliment (or something equally easy)!  I remember combining two households. We had two (or three) of EVERYTHING. What a pain. The GoodWill and Salvation Army loved us!

  4. jules196420015/27/2005 4:29 AM

    I pray that Johns tests come out ok for you both. Moving home is really awful and consolidating belongings even worse, I do not envy you at all on that one. Good luck with the Dr appointments on the 31st :).........Jules xxx

  5. sarajanesmiles5/27/2005 4:35 AM

    My Hubby and I each had nothing when we moved in together, so we didn't have that problem!  Thinking of you and John, and hoping that the stress of moving eases soon.  Also, hoping for a good result on June 16th, what a worry that must be.  (((((hugs))))) to you both, in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sara   x

  6. Oh Krissy, what a worry this must be for you.  Well, we are all behind John and I pray that the test results are all fine.  Moving is a stressful business at the very best of times and throwing things away can be like parting with old friends.  Hope is all goes well, the move, and even with stress it comes through your entry how happy you are with married life. God bless you dear friend xxxx


  8. springangel2355/27/2005 5:46 AM

    Sounds like you have been very busy.  Moving is a lot of work.  After all is said and done you can relax.  We will keep you and John in our prayers.  Keep positive thoughts!  Joyce

  9. That is a lot of work to get done!  Ihope all goes well with the tests...just remember, that no matter what, you will have each other now, to deal with anything!  That IS a long time to wait for results...JAE

  10. Moving home is very stressful, and NOT a lot of fun!  I do hope John`s tests turn out ok.  Have a great weekend :-)

    Sandra xxx

  11. June 16th! That's not fair on either of you. Been wondering how things were going. Will speak to you very soon.
    Sylvia x

  12. KRISSY!!!!!
    I'm so excited for you.  
    I had no idea you had married.  Good for you!!!  It's been so long since I've had the time to read journals ... I had no idea you were headed that direction.  I'm tickled for you !

    Good Luck!

  13. redonionsauce5/27/2005 2:59 PM

    Do I know what that feels like.  We did that in April of this year.  Its amazing how much stuff you can accumilate in 30 years.  

  14. You and John are in my thoughts and paryers. Moving can be oh-so stressful and there are always choices to make when tow become one and two possessions have to fit into one spot.

    Good luck with all those doctors appointment for you and John. What a worry it must be. I bet your place is goijng to look so cozy and warm when you are both moved in.

  15. katiegrace165/27/2005 7:18 PM

    I pray that the both of you will get through these tough times and enjoy your new life together.  God bless you and your husband, cancer is a scarey, evil thing, but it can be overcome.

  16. Thirteen years later and husband and I are still sifting through and merging our stuff on top of all the stuff we've added to the mix...
    Thinking of you and John for good news on the 16th...
    Have a nice holiday weekend with all the moving and cleaning!!

  17. Krissy, Just made a move myself from Colorado back to Alabama, which is my home state.  I found it very emotional too because all of my stuff would not fit on the moving truck and I found myself having to get rid of so many things that had such sentimental value to me.  It is amazing what you can accumulate in 27 years!!!  Praying for John to get a good report.


  18. Krissy,
    First and foremost....... I am praying for John and will continue to so so until he receives a good report from the doctor.  Prayers are powerful.  

    Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.  Matthew 18:19

    Gary and I had two separate apartments when we married also.  Both were studios and too small to live in.  We were married and lived out of both apartments until we found a bigger one.  Plus we didn't even have a bed, he had a sofa bed and I had a futon.  It was fun doing all that new apartment stuff together.  Almost 22 years later I still feel secure with him.  It's the best feeling in the world.  I look at him and see myself happy.  Congratulations again.  I hope you have the s wonderful life that Gary and I have.  Love bunches LuAnne

  19. Good luck with the move and consolidating.  I remember how stressful that was!  
    It is still stressful sometimes.  One of us, at least, did not want to throw ANYTHING away or give anything away.  Made things very difficult.  I won't say which one of us, but it wasn't me.  LOL.

    Hope the tests come back ok.  Maybe you can research on the non-hodgkins lymphoma, anemia situation.  Perhaps there are some things that John can do to ward off such a reoccurence.  Vitamins, herbs, not overdoing it, diet options?  I have no idea.  But I do have a friend whose husband was diagnosed with this the week after they were married.  He had a lump to show up under his arm (swollen lymph node, I think) while at the wedding.  He was very ill at the wedding but got through the weekend.  He went through a lot of treatment.  But now he is doing fine.  My friend also worries about a reoccurence.  

    Take care.

  20. sarajanesmiles5/28/2005 6:05 PM

    Photo scavenger hunt pics are in :o)
    Sorry I haven't taken part lately, am back on track now though.
    Here's the link...
    Hope the moving is going OK, still thinking of you both.
    Sara   x

  21. missboogerhead5/28/2005 7:06 PM

    I hear ya'.  We moved last year and my husband is still throwing away stuff from before we were together over 10 years ago!  Consolidation is a life-long process!  :-)

    Sorry to hear about John, keep us posted!  You will be in our thoughts and prayers.  Until you find out, try to stay positive... it's possible he could just be having some malabsorption problems or the like.  Check out herbal remedies or vitamin supps.  they work wonders sometimes.

    ~Miss O

  22. Krissy..   Thank you for your visit to my little journaling world.   I am having so much fun with it!!    
    I just read your entry and my prayers are with you and John...   Your right..  just keep your chin up and keep faith!!!!


  23. Krissy, I will be praying that you get good results on the 16th June. My father has finally decided to do something about the tumor found in his lymph node so he goes to talk to a surgeon next week. We're waiting to get some answers as to if this this is malignant or not. Its not easy waiting for answers like this, but I can tell you are a strong woman with good family and friend to support you. Everything will work out for us all for the best in the end I know.

  24. I will pray that everyything turns out Ok for John. Remember to take some time to rest not everything needs to be done at one time. I am glad that you 2 are so happy together. Again congratulations and keep us informed on how you and John getting along.............Kasey

  25. I can feel the anxiety behind your entry. I just want you to know i care


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