Sunday, May 22, 2005

Photo Scavenger Hunt #24


This is a Memorial For The Unborn at my church.  It is there to remind people of the 4,000 or so babies who die from abortion each day in America.  It is also a place that moms who have had abortions come to grieve the loss of their child.  They come there often to speak to their child or to simply put a rose at the foot of the memorial.  This brings a lot of healing to them.   

For more information on abortion visit:

For more information on healing after an abortion visit: 


  1. I have several family members and a friend who has had abortions.  All three of them deeply regret their decisions and would go back and change that decision if they could.  Thankfully, all three are Christians now and know what they did was wrong.

    Thanks for visiting me again, Krissy!!!! I wish for you and your new hubby continued happiness in your marriage.

  2. it is indeed a sad number.. 4,000 a day! that breaks down to 1 every 23 sec.!

    Thanks for posting this pic.. it touches me deeply. and for posting the links.

    here is a link of one of the sites I have created for women (like myself) who suffer because of abortion..

  3. Taking the photo at night with flash has given the monument and flowers a sort of ghostly glow and sparkle. Cool photo and great links. Good one, Krissy!

  4. Beautiful.  I hope this helps someone. xox

  5. kind of spooky!!!!


  6. I can't begin to imagine the trauma of having an abortion.
    Sylvia x

  7. A sad yet touching message.  Great shot.


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