Friday, May 6, 2005


I am, uhmmm, nervous.  Very very nervous.  Very happy, but very nervous!         


  1. promiseluv3725/06/2005 3:45 PM

    Tomorrow's the big day!!! wooooohoooooo I can't believe it.. this week went by so fast (at least for me)  I can't wait to see the pics!!
    Have fun, nerves are good, means you're alive and excited!!!
    Luv ya girl!!
    ~ Promise

  2. I hope everything goes well for you two tomorrow! And best wishes on your new life together!

  3. Good luck for tomorrow! I'm sure it'll all be wonderful and you'll both really enjoy it.

    Best wishes and love,

    Amy xxx

  4. {{{Krissy}}},
    Hard to believe its the Eve of your wedding. So happy for you and John! I know you will have a beautiful wedding. Looking forward to photo's of the wedding and honeymoon.

  5. Krissy, have a great day tomorrow. You have worked hardfor this day. You realy love John and John really loves you. Look at what you both have gone throught together as parteners...before your marriage tomorrow.It wil e great ! Looking forward to seeing the pics. Have a great wedding and honeymoon.........................Kasey

  6. sonensmilinmon5/07/2005 6:27 AM

    (((((((((Krissy))))))) I'm excited for you!  Nervous is NORMAL, you'll be fine - you are marrying a man who really loves you. :-)


  7. It will be fine. Just enjoy your Day!!


  8. springangel2355/07/2005 6:48 AM

    Have a wonderful day, you will be fine...just enjoy and be pampered!  Take care!  Joyce

  9. All brides are nervous but it is a wonderful nervousness.  I shall be thinking of you all day my dear friend.  I just know the day will be wonderful and we are all agog to hear all about it in due course. God bless you and John, now and always xxxxx

  10. Oh, and when you get the time, you have will to change you All About Me to read "my husband John!" - wonderful

  11. You haven't told us yet who you will be -  Mrs. Krissy? Have fun and I will speak to you very soon. All my love and best wishes.
    Sylvia x

  12. weeee!  Nervous is GOOD!  
    Wish you the best!  Can't wait to hear all about it.  Hope Val will let us in on what is going on b/c you will be on your honeymoon I suppose.  

  13. sarajanesmiles5/07/2005 3:53 PM

    Awww, bless your heart :o)
    Everything will be fine.  Fine?  What am I talking about, everything will be fantastic!!  Very very best wishes for a happy day, a great honeymoon and a wonderful life together Krissy and John!!!!!
    Sara   x

  14. dbaumgartner5/09/2005 11:53 AM

    It's OK to be nervous and you will be just fine.  I am very happy for you.

  15. firestormkids045/13/2005 5:37 PM

    Well I saw some of the photos and your nerves didn't show at all!  Congratulations to you both.  Love, Penny

  16. Krissy,
    You looked absolutely beautiful........ not a drop of nervousness was evident on your face.  Best of luck to you and hubby.  Love you bunches LuAnne


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