Monday, July 25, 2005

Comfort and Console

For this week's hunt we were supposed to take a photo of something that comforts or consoles us.  I chose two candles.  The first one is my Jesus prayer candle.  I light this when I have especially serious prayer requests.  I have lit it for some of you out there.  The second candle is my Unity Candle from my wedding.  The priest told John and I to light it when we had a prayer request for the other, or when we had something that we wanted prayer for concerning our marriage.  It is very comforting knowing our prayers are going up to God with these two candles. 


  1. Speaking of prayers just want you to know you and john are still in my thoughts and prayers as he heads out to do his tests this week. Keep us posted!

  2. My prayers for John that he will get the answers for his health he needs.   mark

  3. Hang in there!

  4. I like this!  Thanks for sharing such a personal thing.  I will light a candle right now and say a prayer for you both.

  5. sarajanesmiles7/25/2005 10:50 AM

    Thank you for sharing this Krissy.
    ((((( Krissy and John, always )))))
    Sara   x

  6. Krissy,
    Very comforting, indeed. Love this entry, so thank-you for sharing this.

  7. Very sweet!  I imagin if I lit our Unity candle every time we had a prayer for each of us the candle would be gone by now lol.  I think we only have lit it twice. On our Wedding.  I was going to lite it on our anv.s but it is too pretty and it decorates a special spot in the house dedicated to our wedding.

  8. wow, so neat!  I have the Jesus prayer candle as well! xox


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