Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

If you had to pick something that has really enriched your life over the past year, what would you say it is?

For me it would have to be getting married to John.  Being married to him has been such a tremendous blessing.  I can't imagine life without him.

How about you?


  1. rocketman6854347/25/2005 5:02 AM

    Now thats a toughy LOL I married my wife 2 years ago but just having her here to hold etc is a in answer to your question i guess its gotta be another year with my wife.Don't know if that sounds right or not LOL.


  2. jules196420017/25/2005 5:59 AM

    I think mine is my journal, I have met so many wonderful and caring people through my journal who help and support whenever I need it..........Jules xxx

  3. I would have to say it is my husband of 23 yrs he is my rock he is always there for me when i am in pain (back) love your journal thanks for sharing your life:)

    Deb Ross

  4. hadonfield787/25/2005 7:40 AM

    Thats a tuff one, because there are two.

    1) My freinds here at J Land

    2) and a special secret freind I have that has helped me a great deal.

  5. Dear Krissy,
    Your answer is perfect.  Just perfect.  Love bunches LuAnne

  6. willandgrace19867/25/2005 8:33 AM

    My life has been enriched by my dog, Kady.  She is a black labrador chou-chou mix.  She makes me smile with her doggy antics.  It is comforting to pet her and when anyone around my home is down, she comes around to cheer them up.  Because of her I take a walk every day and it has improved my health.  I have learned much about dogs and it is interesting to talk to others about them (and about cats).  I think pets are very good for people. - Grace

  7. That would definitely have to be my phootgraphy.  I've finally started to explore my passion and not be afraid to dive in.   And here we have this forum to share it with others...daringly.  And it's such fun!   So not only have I been enriched by my photography efforts, but by all the other wonderful journals and beautiful people who create them.   Nancy

  8. Good Monday Mornin' Krissy & John~ I'd have to say close to the same--for me finding Dutch on AOL (who'da thunk it possible?;-0) and making the decision to move to PA to be together. Also growing in my baby Christianism and developing a more personal relationship with the Lord. Blessings, Sassy

  9. I would have to say the arrival of our labrador Jake.  We rescued him and he has fitted in so well with our lives.  Though we have only had him for seven months it seems longer.  I  personally feel enriched by his presence and his capacity for sensing how I am feeling.

    Sandra xxxx

  10. sarajanesmiles7/25/2005 11:01 AM

    Love your answer Krissy :o)
    Mine would have to be my computer.  It's coming up for it's first Birthday!  I honestly don't know what I did with my time before I had it, and of course, without it I would never have started my journal, and met so many lovely people.  I get to talk - via IM - to my cousin whenever we like, and just so many other things that I could go on forever about it!
    Sara   x

  11. springangel2357/25/2005 2:11 PM

    Meeting all of you in J-land...not just saying that...meaning it too!
    Have a good one!

  12. My Journal for the last two years : )  ya that is too easy.. umm.. our new van that was given to us.. it has air.. and built in childsafty seatbelts.. that has really enriched our lives!



  14. missboogerhead7/25/2005 8:28 PM

    Okay this is a hard one... can we pick more than one thing?  I would have to say the addition of our home.  And it is just that, not a house, a home!  We have a place to retreat to, a place to feel cozy, and together and safe!  
    Also, the addition of our cat, Rocky!  He has been such a wonderful blessing to the family.  He is so patient with the kids and he lets Hanah lug him around even though he is almost as big as she is!  ;-D  He is by far the BEST cat I have ever owned!!!
    And my j-lander friends.  I so look forward to reading about your lives each day and seeing who has stopped by to look me up as well.  I have formed some wonderful friendships!  Thanks guys!
    ~Miss O

  15. Will take my time and try to write something of value.   mark

  16. My first reaction was to say "being a mom to Tyler". But I think writing about his milestones and my life in my journal is a better answer to this.

  17. There are so many good things...I can't really single one out. But my Jon, says its our 'real dog' Oreo. She's a springer spaniel, who loves play all day. But when she spots a deer, or the wild turkeys that visit the yard...she points...stands still and won't move.   ttfn :)  ~Deborah

  18. Good question...I would have to say Chelsea living with me (I still can't believe she is gone :-o) and joining the Church!  Wonderful question, love! xox

  19. My journal and others I read.

  20. love2sing20077/26/2005 6:41 PM

      My great grandmother died this past January 20th.  She was the big cook in the family.  She always made at least 2 pies for every family gathering.  My favourite food of hers was her Blueberry Pie.  Before she died, she gave us many of her recipies (though not all pies.)  At her wake, we reminisced about the times we had with her, and the fond memories each person had about her.  It let our family grow together.  She ironically died on National Pie Day.  
      Whenever I make something, I always think of her watching over me, and "helping" me along.  My own pies, (her recipies of course), have gotten better and better since her death.  As a tribute I carve her initials, EK, into the crust of the pie.  Isn't it amazing the power, something as simple as a few recipies have, if they have a strong person, and strong memories behind them?   -Kellen


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