Friday, July 22, 2005

What we did for fun

Hi Journal Persons.  Hope you are doing well.  Me, I am hanging in there.  

John and I are sitting here twiddling our thumbs trying to think of something to say.  We wanted to write about something "normal" this entry, not just about his cancer.  Trouble is it has been consuming too much of our lives lately.  

John has had trouble with sleeping and has slept for about 18 hours a day.  He thought it was all to do with the Myelodysplasia (bone marrow cancer) but found out today that it also has to do with some medication that was recently doubled.    

John just asked me how people fared through Dennis.  I said, Hurricane Dennis?  What about Emily?  He said, that's what happens when you sleep too much, you wake up and you are two hurricanes behind! 

John went to the oncologist today.  He got some hopeful news.  There are five types of Myelodysplasia.  His type is called Refractory Anemia.  Out of all the five types, the doctor said that it was the slowest growing type.  It also has the least side effects and the best survival rate.  Thank God for all this.

John has to have a CT scan on Monday.  They want to see if his joint pain is evidenced on a scan.  When he went to pick up the barium, he was asked if he wanted banana flavored or plain.  He really wanted strawberry but they were all out.  So he went for the plain!  He just doesn't like the banana shakes!

John is going to take the CT scans and all the other x-rays and bone marrow slides he has had and take them with him to his appointment at Hershey Medical Center on July 28.  Hershey has one of the best Bone Marrow Transplant Centers in the country.

On Monday John and I went to a meeting for Cancer Survivors and their spouses.  John and I both really liked it.  John met a man who had a bone marrow transplant 15 years ago.  Charlie was told that his cancer was incurable but here he is alive 15 years later!  This really encouraged John.  Another thing we liked about the meeting was there was a real friendliness there (John's words).  I also like the fact that they are big on education and resources.  A woman from the American Cancer Society came and spoke to us during this meeting.  She told us about a big conference that the ACS will be holding on August 6.  We are going to that, and hopefully Valerie will come with us also.        

Now, thinking about something other than the Cancer word.  What else is new?  

Michael has been fiesty lately and has been nipping at John's feet.  He thinks it's a game.  Oh, for those of you who don't know, Michael is not our son, he is our cat.  You can see a photo of him in my All About Me section.

OK, here is something "normal" we did.  We played Monopoly.  John won.  I think we need to get some more entertainment in our lives, lol.

Until next time, love you lots, Krissy :)


  1. Promising news!! And all very normal sounding as it was your life that you lived today...
    Have a great Friday!


  3. courtenaymphelan7/22/2005 5:07 AM

    Isnt it thrilling to have such a hopeful prognosis from the Doctor...our prayers are with you...John will be healed with the proper diet and the rest is extremely healing Creative visualization is so important I hope you can pick up a copy of Getting Well Again by the Simonton's Dont forget Lots of color in the diet is not the vegetable that cures but the color in it...Courtenay a creative visualization tape on healing cancer would be helpful cmp

  4. Sweetie,
    I am so thrilled that you got such promising news.  I am continuing to hold John and you up in prayer.  Remember God is the Great Physician.  

    When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved?  But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.  Matthew 19:25-27

    Loving you,

  5. Glad to hear that things are going well and you all have such good spirits.  So lucky you all have each other.
    Also think it is wonderful that you can network with other folks and get good information.
    Monopoly?  I always loved getting all the utilities.  It takes a long time to play doesn't it?

  6. Hello Krissy & John,
    That's very promising news! Also glad that you found a support group. You are both in my prayers and thoughts.

    Sounds like you need another game of Monopoly, Krissy. Maybe you'll win the next time. lol!  Hugs go out to Michael! Has John been wiggling his toes? Hopefully, (Michael) he will find another game, you can all play. Like popping bubbles, or maybe chasing a lit flashligt.  Hope you have a great weekend.     ~Deborah

  7. jules196420017/22/2005 7:02 AM

    I am so pleased with the promising news and also that you found a support group. Hope you both have a good weekend.......Jules xxxx

  8. firestormkids047/22/2005 11:02 AM

    Hey, John and Krissy!  I'm happy to hear that things seem to be going forward as they are.  I miss chatting with you, but still praying every day.  Love, Penny

  9. I am very happy that John has had some good news for a change.  Speaking with someone who was where he is, is a great help.  He needs to keep up his strenght, and like Lance Armstrong, come back to beat the cancer.  Will be writing my entry and taking a photo for the assignment.   Have a very good day Kristina and John,  mark

  10. Good news, that's great!!  


  11. princesssaurora7/22/2005 12:00 PM

    Hello to you to!

    Thanks for visiting my journal, too.  I answered your question about "infusion" - it is when you get the medication in an is very similar to chemo.  I put in the journal for others too!

    I am happy that you got some good news about John's cancer!  More prayers on the way.

    Be well,

  12. I am glad you both found a good place to just "be".  Support groups are great!  No one in the "real world" can really relate; these people you met can totally relate to your situation and thoughts and feelings...I hope you keep going.  Monopoly is good!  JaE

  13. This all sounds promising and encouraging. My mom always reminded me that she had to take it one miracle at  time with her cancer. She survived lung cancer. The cancer survivor meeting is a wonderful way to connect with others who have walked the walk and can provide valuable information. I'll keep you all in my parayers as John goes in for his latest round of tests.

    My son loves Monopoly and takes it quite seriously. We also enjoy laying risk.

    Take care ane be well.


  14. Nice to hear from you Krissy and to hear the better news. Had to giggle about the Monopoly - you could make paper planes instead lol.
    Sylvia xx

  15. sarajanesmiles7/22/2005 2:23 PM

    Krissy, that is promising news isn't it :o)
    Maybe that's why alot of the info you found online was conflicting, because there are five different types?  Thank goodness that John has the type that he has.  I'm glad that you both found the meeting for Cancer survivors and their spouses a help.  I can only imagine how it must feel to meet someone who went through something similar, and to see him doing so well.
    I LOVE Monopoly :o)  Wish I were there to play with you, my hubby won't play!
    Sara   x

  16. missboogerhead7/22/2005 6:48 PM

    I am so glad to hear good news!  Wow 15 years, that's awesome!  Keep your chin up and we continue praying!
    ~Miss O

  17. Sometimes normal isnt normal.....Sometimes weget o used to thingsbeing bad or stresful that is our normal.....sounds like you got a few nice possabilities that could happen with johns health..........glad that you had a god time playing a game together ! I don'y care how bored I get I hate MONOPOLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......I can do about any board game except that one... will continue with my prayers  for you and John............Kasey

  18. Good luck at the Transplant Center. Keep going to the Support Meetings! You guys need all the love and support you can get now!


  19. dbaumgartner7/23/2005 5:20 AM

    So glad you are getting some positive feedback from others.  Support is so important and to hear of a transplant 15 years ago had to really lift John's spirits.

    I do with you all the best at the Transplant Center.

  20. You both seem to be getting positive news now which is great.  How nice it must have been to meet a survivor of 15 years, so very encouraging for you both.  Take care.

    Sandra xxxx

  21. My Dad and Mom dealt with cancer for 10 years, when my Dad was first diagnosed he was given 2 months to live.  With a lot of prayers, herbal suppliments, faith and determination he lasted 10 years.  Things sound better for John.  We found the best way to deal with this is not to deal, in other words just live.  Needless to say there are doctors appointments and treatments etc, that makes it hard but just think of it as one of many side roads on the road of life.  Will pray for you.................Stormie (Here Am I)

  22. springangel2357/24/2005 9:39 AM

    That was great hopeful news for John and meeting Charlie too was a blessing for him to hear his news.  As usual you both are in our is to a good news week ahead for you both!!!  


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