Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

Many of you recently have said you would like to write a book and have it published.  If so, what would the subject matter be?

My answer:  Maybe it would be about being a caregiver to a cancer survivor.  I have thought about writing about this.  There are so few books on the subject.  Especially for those who are to become caregivers for bone marrow transplant patients.  The book would be about how the caregiver could help the patient, as well as how they could avoid burnout themselves. 

On a lighter note, I would also like to write a little children's book.


  1. ally1231305859189/19/2005 6:12 AM

    I tell my grandchildren stories straight out of my head sometimes they laugh and sometines they cry - perhaps one day I might put pen to paper. and become famous...I tell them about a baby bubble in hot tar...No perhaps I wont bother to write them

  2. I think that a book about being a caregiver would be an excellent idea.  Though I've been spared the pain of caregiving during cancer, there were things I wished I'd known about the situation I was in when I was caring for my father during senile dementia.  Y'all are in my prayers.

  3. princesssaurora9/19/2005 7:37 AM

    I think you should start looking for a publisher now.  It is a wonderful idea and you are right, there aren't enough books, probably because everyone is so exhausted while going through it... you even have your journal to help you keep track.

    I am sending you more positive thoughts and prayers as always!!!

    Be well,

  4. I'm up :)

  5. Krissy, writing a book as a care giver would be awesome! Like someone else said, you should start it now.

    If I wrote a book, it would be as the parent of a teenager going through depression and the effects on the teen and family.


  6. Drama, Romance,Smut, Action, Horror, Thought Provocing Contempary, A how to or how to not ... basicly my Biography LOL

    It seems the words just flow best when I am writing about myself and my life.  My romantic gothic novel from last year's National Writing Month is still sitting half finished (but I did make the word count to win).  Maybe I will do better this year and stick to more likely subject matter.. ohh I can hear my husband cringing now.

    Your idea sounds wonderful and I am sure you could write an awesome book on the subject.  Not like you would have to do too much research, you have the life experience to make you almost an expert.

  7. sarajanesmiles9/19/2005 9:04 AM

    I think that writing a book - if you were to write one - about being a caregiver to a cancer survivor is a great idea.  It might be therapeutic to write, and would help so many others in the same situation as you.  If I were to write a book - never happening, lol - I would love it to be a positive and uplifting story about having a son on the autistic spectrum.  
    Sara   x

  8. Mine would be
    "The Lost Soul of a Lonely Child"

  9. TBADT, write, write, write!!  You should DO IT!!!!  So, I think that I would like to write a children's book, too!!  Also, I would like to write a semi-autobiographical, uplifting, spiritual book.  Not sure any other details.  I will do it someday :-).  Some of it is already in my head! xox

  10. jules196420019/19/2005 10:39 AM

    I am stumped on this one, I would either write a childrens book on a fictional character or I would write an autobiography and tell my life story :).......Jules xxxxx

  11. missboogerhead9/19/2005 10:49 AM

    Well, I would like to write a curriculum book for preschool, there are few books out there that are complete with everything you need, most require supplumentation.  I would also like to write children's books.
    Great question!
    ~Miss O

  12. firestormkids049/19/2005 11:21 AM

    I answered, Krissy!

  13. That would make a good book krissey!! I think I would write a book on how to be nearer to God in this life.


  14. Well, I am not a writer, so this is really a hard one for me. But if I could write, well, I think I would write about relationships. The research would be fascinating and I always love to hear how people meet and what makes THEIR relationship work. I love romance -- real life characters and fictional characters.

  15. rocketman6854349/19/2005 2:09 PM

    On a lighter note, I would also like to write a little children's book.

    Well there you go that would be a great hobby for you.Nice to see you are taking a positive attitude.

  16. Hi Krissy i will try and do the photo thing later hope all is well with you and john


  17. I would like to write a childrens book

  18. thefaircolleen9/19/2005 7:42 PM

    I would like to write my life story.It could be called "Going through the car wash on a bicycle" You get the feeling ?

  19. I would like to write a book about the mother and daughter relationship. It is a very complex subject so it probably better in fiction rather than factual form...

  20. I encourage you to write a book about each subject.   I would like to understand more about subject of cancer, and how it affects those who administer care, as well as the recipient.   Also a children's book would be great.   mark

  21. I'd like to write a book about parenting.  Back in the days when my children were young everyone read Dr. Spock~ I'd like to be Dr. 'MA'  and after that I'd write one of encouragment.  Living and loving 'On the Bright Side' !   .  'On Ya'  - ma

  22. I think your book on being a caregiver to a cancer survivor is so needed. Others need to hear about life from that unique perspective. I'd like to write a book about adult college students with ADHD navigating the system to get their degree. It would also be interesting to write a fictional book of some sort... perhaps about a child with ADHD. Similar subject hu? Good luck on your book.


  23. I am such a "lame~o" romantic at heart..   I would write a mushy Harlequin.   :  )  


  24. I think its an awesome idea about both the books you wish to write krissy. You go girl!! They are both so needed, cargivers and abortion issues.


  25. love2sing20079/21/2005 11:00 PM

    I would probably write some adventure and a friend are working on a Pirate plot, but I don't know if we'll get it finished.  I'd also like to write a theological book.

  26. I'd write a book about the consequences of internet relationships; kind of a survival book of sorts.  I would write from experience--my ex-husband was quite a chatroom casanova.  Yeah, I could write a book!!!  Julie :)

  27. I have written a children's book, 12 grade English class.  I would love to have it published!

    Now, if I were to write another, it would be on caring for my grandparents who are suffering from Alzheimer's.  Some of the things my Grandmom does either shock me, or make me laugh till I cry.  It's a horrible disease that needs more attention.  It's not fair watching someone turn back into an infant like this.  My mother earns my highest respects for not putting them in a home.

  28. springangel2359/24/2005 11:01 AM

    That book would be a great outlet for you too and also you could be so helpful to many out there.  Hope you do it!  
    Hugs and have a wonderful day...give john our love!

  29. mystafymeal4me9/24/2005 11:40 AM

    wow that would be a great book to do . Me Im trying to do one on my life . But I havnt done to well . I have a couple pages and its also an awarness on abuse . to help people who are bieng abused to stand up and take charge of there life . at least do what it takes. It will take me years to complete it but also therapy to help . I will go see a hypnatess eventually to unlock some memories I do nt have anymore. so it may be a little ruff for this  
    With the cancer stuff. As bieng a survivoir your book you would want to do hits home . cancer is very nastie and its very dark feeling to go thru . I think that would be so great


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