Saturday, September 10, 2005

Seven Things

I was tagged by onemoretina and heathyrxmarie.  But I didn't want to come out and play.  Then I got tagged by Promise.  I figured I'd better participate or people wouldn't quit touching me, lol.  No, seriously folks, I am glad I did this, this was fun!

7 Things I plan to do before I die:

1.  Learn Spanish

2.  Help with John's hospital care for his bone marrow transplant, and his recovery at home

3.  Help other cancer survivors in a significant way 

4.  Eat properly and exercise

5.  Tell more people about the Lord

6.  Write a book

7.  See the ocean again

7 Things I can do:

1.  Be a loyal friend

2.  Teach a Bible study

3.  Help run a Congressional campaign

4.  Teach English as a Second Language 

5.  Advocate for John's health

6.  Teach my cat tricks

7.  Remain hopeful 

7 Things I can't do:  

1.  Geometry

2.  Tolerate injustice

3.  Listen to rap music

4.  Listen to classical music

5.  Do the splits

6.  Hawaiian dance 

7.  Roll my tongue

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex: 

1.  Love for the Lord

2.  Intelligence

3.  A good sense of humor

4.  Integrity

5.  A good conversationalist

6.  A positive outlook on life

7.  Good looks.  Okay, I said it!

7 Things I say most often: 

1.  Did you hear what I said?

2.  Did you take your meds?

3.  I love you.

4.  Jesus, help me!

5.  LOL

6.  You've got to be kidding.

7.  Where's my kitty?

7 Celebrity Crushes:

1.  Shaun Cassidy (when I was a kid)

2.  Kevin Costner (in my younger days)

3.  Greg of the Wiggles (now)

4.  Murray of the Wiggles

5.  Jeff of the Wiggles

6.  Anthony of the Wiggles

7.  SpongeBob Squarepants (now)

7 People I want to do this:

1.  Annie 

2.  Sara

3.  Jules

4.  Kasey

5.  Jenny

6.  Mary

7.  My sister Val, when she gets her computer fixed.

Have fun!


  1. nice! good for you, I flatly refused to do mine  LOL  I've been tagged 5 times as of yesterday

  2. Oh my you know what i forgot about the chat room last night sorry sometimes i wonder where my brain is


  3. You crack me up: "The splits"  hahaaaaa

    great list,

  4. great list! I hope you get to see the ocean again with a healthy John some day.

    We are a lot a like; I put down I can't tolerate injustice either. I bet you would like classical music if you heard my husband play classical guitar - soothing, relaxing and just very good.

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. LOL....on sponge bob!!!!

  6. Enjoyed reading your answers, however, I refuse to be tagged. I hope nobody does because I do not want to upset them but it is something I just do not want to do.

  7. Excellent answers!  I used to have a crush on Steve from Blue's Clues, but I was too embarrassed to put it on my list.

  8. Oh yes me too on the Shaun Cassidy!! But the Wiggles, Spongebob... Your funny... :)
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  9. Krissy, if Jeannette doesn't want to be tagged, you can tag me.  Love your answers.

  10. Very nicely done, my friend !  I'm with you on the geometry thing. Thanks so much ....   Tina

  11. ally1231305859189/11/2005 4:02 AM

    I  enjoyed doing that too Krissy - you learn an awful lot about other people - SpongeBob Squarepants is one of my g.grand daughters loves....Ally

  12. jules196420019/11/2005 4:07 AM

    I will do it, I promise, :) Jules xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. thanks for taking the time to read my first attempt at doing a journal. wasn't sure if i would get any readers but have been overwhellmed with the messages people have sent me. i'm going to take time out tonight to start reading some of yours if thats ok. take care joanne

  14. Who ARE The Wiggles????  This was GREAT!!  I actually learned some stuff about you that I didn't know!!!  Coolio!!  Beautiful! xox

  15. sarajanesmiles9/11/2005 11:30 AM

    Lol, it was fun to do in the end wasn't it :o)
    Lol at your celebrity crushes, The Wiggles?!!
    You make me chuckle!
    Sara   x

  16. heathyrxmarie9/11/2005 2:11 PM

    LMBO at the Wiggles comments ;)  And I Love your answers hon!

  17. springangel2359/11/2005 4:38 PM

    Okay Krissy, you forgot Captain Feathersword, LOL.  Just know me...I am the ultimate Wiggles to love them all!  Loved all your answers...great job.
    Hugs to you and John,

  18. Hey Krissy, when you get a chance, come and see my answers... Lisa

  19. Great List!



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