Monday, June 5, 2006

Maybe we'll go home

Wow.  I guess it's been about a week since I have written.  I didn't mean to let so much time go by

Here I sit at the computer with a lot on my mind.  John goes to Day Hospital tomorrow (Monday) and will possibly find out when he will be going home.  If he can get his dosage of Foscarnet (IV Cytomegalovirus medication) he will stay, if he cannot, we will probably head home.  The reason he has not been able to get his CMV IV medication a lot of the time is because he has had chronic renal (kidney) failure.  This has prevented him from getting the medication.  They may give up on trying to give it to him.  If they do quit, they are hoping the Cytomegalovirus (CMV) doesn't come back.  Right now he is testing negative for the CMV.  So everything may be okay.  But he was supposed to get the medication for six weeks, and he is not going to get it.  This frightens me.  So does the fact that he has a chronic kidney problem.  I hope it clears itself up naturally as time wears on, and he no longer is getting any doses at all of the IV CMV med.

John went to Dr. Claxton's this past Thursday.  It was an okay report.  He was told that he did not have MDS, that he had engrafted, and had the donor's cells.  He was also told that for awhile he had not been engrafting, and that is what was going on with the "thinning marrow".  To be honest with  you, I KNEW something was wrong, and had been nervous about it.  But I am glad to know now that things are better.  But Dr. Claxton said that John still has "thin marrow".  It is better than before, and he still has the donor's cells, but his marrow is "thin".  That still makes me nervous.  Call me silly but it does.  Maybe I have been overly cautious lately. 

Anyway, I will let you all know tomorrow if we are going home soon or not.  All I can say is that if we are, they had better follow up with John at home very closely (with a home nurse), because I am a little nervous about him returning home. 

I love you all, Krissy 

PS  John's dad and stepmom came and visited today.  We had a blast.  We talked for a long time and went out to eat at Applebee's.  This is the second time they came this week.  We were so glad to see them!  


  1. Keeping good thoughts and prayers.  I know you would like to get home, so I hope you get to go, with some help at home for John's healthcare.  Glad you had a nice family visit today too!  Hang in.\
    Hugs, Barb

  2. (((Krissy))) Thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. Take care of yourself, Chrissie

  3. So many ups and downs going on at one time.  One positive side and then you get the negative.  I imagine all those meds are hard to take and have their side effects.  We'll keep praying and I know that he's in the best of hands.  The good Lord is always there to see you through...take good care !  'On Ya' - ma

  4. jlocorriere056/05/2006 5:55 AM

    I do hope you can get to go home and get the extra home care John needs. Nice for John's dad and stepmom to come by and see you. I hope you're over the worst of John's treatment and he'll get his blood marrow stronger and his kidney problems can be sorted. Jeannette xx  

  5. sarajanesmiles6/05/2006 6:46 AM

    You are both in my thoughts m'dear.  I hope that John gets the help he needs when you do come home.  
    Sara   x

  6. I hope you both can go home soon :)


  7. It's a long and complicated process, Krissy, but I would hazard a guess that things should be OK, even if the full course of Foscarnet is not complete. Hope the bone-marrow gets a stronger foothold. Of course they'll give John all the care he needs at home.

  8. Best wishes to both of you for a speedy return home!


  9. Sissy, you get EVERYTHING out that you can before they discharge you.  A question unasked is a silly question!!  Okay?!!!!  I love you guys!!!  My prayers are ever strong and will continue... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  10. We will keep those prayers coming your way.   Happy for the visit with John's Dad and stepmon.   You both needed that, I'm sure.   Stay strong.       Dawn        

  11. quartrlyfecrysis6/05/2006 9:59 AM

    you're in my prayers..hopefully you two will be headed home for some rest and recovery very soon :)
    take care and take it easy my dear~

  12. mastersblynn6/05/2006 11:56 AM

    Thanks for the update.  You just write when you can.  We all understand and are praying for you> XOX Barbara

  13. Thinking of you both Krissy and John. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  14. princesssaurora6/05/2006 4:53 PM

    I am so glad to hear from you!  Prayers still coming for you both... hopefully you can get home and have rn help and John will get better and better!

    Glad you enjoyed the visit and the Applebee's - you both deserved it!

    be well,

  15. higs and prayers for both of you!

  16. jillannemarie6/05/2006 8:03 PM

    Hi Krissy!  You stopped by my graphics journal today and left me a lovely comment about my graphics.  I wanted to come over and thank you.

    This is my first visit to your journal.  It sounds as though you and John are on quite an emotional journey.  My thoughts and prayers are with you both.  

    Thanks again.

  17. nyuknyukpik26/05/2006 8:52 PM

    wooo hooooo going home---sounds like such a wonderful thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm soooo happy for you!

    I will continue keeping you and John in my prayers!!!

  18. Well I'm sorry you have a lot on your mind. I hope john goes home soon. It's nice that John's Dad and stepmom came. You needed that.  Hugs to you.


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