Sunday, June 18, 2006

What a day (Sat.)

What a day.  What was only supposed to be a short time at Day Hospital turned into hours.  The nurses wanted to get an accurate measurement of the medication John was getting in the home IV I was giving him.  They wanted to know if he was getting too small of a dose, just right, or too much.  So they had me bring in the home IV, and took a measurement before getting the IV started.  Then they also took a measurement when the IV was over. 

Well, the nurse and I started the IV.  The thing about it is, we waited the whole hour, and nothing happened.  I told her periodically that it was not working, but I guess she didn't believe me, because she didn't listen to me.  This was her first time doing a home IV.  At any rate, after an hour, when it was supposed to be finished, I told her it hadn't worked (she was busy with other patients the whole time).  So she came over puzzled and decided to flush John's line.  It needed to be flushed to work.  After she did this it worked right away.  It took another hour to work though. 

I am glad this happened at Day Hospital, because if it had happened at home (oh, I just called Hope Lodge home, LOL) when I was giving the IV I wouldn't have known what to do.  I hope that I would have had the sense to call a nurse, either at the hospital or Critical Care (John's home nursing agency), and they would have known what to tell me to do.  I am sure they would have.  At any rate, now I know what to do if this ever happens again when I am giving him a home IV at Hope Lodge or at home.

Also John had to stay late at Day Hospital to get a big bag of Sodium Chloride.  When he left the hospital on Thursday his Creatinin level was 2.3.  Today it was 2.9!  There is no explanation for it going in the wrong direction that I know.  I hope his kidneys are alright.  I wonder what is going on.  Oh, perhaps he is not going down anymore in his Creatinin level because he is not on fluids 24/7 like he was in the hospital.  I hope they figure out what to do soon.

John's blood counts continued to improve today.  Not great but an improvement.

I feel like such a brat tonight because I complained about Day Hospital being long and here I have John with me alive and well.  There are others here who have lost their spouses.  This is a rough time here with some who have lost their spouses and others hospitalized.  I am truly thankful John is alive and well.

Well, I wish I could write something really exciting here but nothing exciting has happened lately!  Except John getting out of the hospital.  That was exciting.  What is not exciting is that he is having little fevers off and on.  I hope the antibiotics work.  Oops, I was going to talk about something other than the illness for awhile, LOL. 

Okay, I guess I will go.  I don't have anything interesting to say.  I will try to come back and do a fun entry tomorrow.  Krissy :)   


  1. Krissy honey, any news you have is interesting.  You know we are all concerned about how you and John are getting along.  Sounds like steps forward are being made every day. (Fingers crossed.) Will keep good thoughts and prayers coming.  I can't believe you are brave enough to do IVs and all that yourself. I can't even watch a needle going in.  You're a trooper girl.  Take care.  

  2. jlocorriere056/18/2006 4:15 AM

    I'm sorry you were kept at the hospital so long, nurses never listen when you try to tell them something isn't working. I hope Johns creatinin levels drop again, make sure he's drinking lots of water, he needs more than usual at this time. Jeannette xx  

  3. You just have to count those blessings and take it one day at a time...that's all any of us have for sure anyway!  I'll be praying for you both as always.  'On Ya' -ma

  4. quartrlyfecrysis6/18/2006 9:55 AM

    'I am truly thankful John is alive and well.' ....those are the blessings to count, take the rest of it one day at a time doll :)  you really are one tough lady, holding strong through all of this.  Will continue to keep you and John both in prayer.
    You take care Krissy~

  5. Don't worry about writing a fun or exciting entry Krissy, we all understand that John is all that is important at this time.

  6. Krissy don't you dare feel bad for your feelings. It didn't feel like you were complaining at all to me, just sharing what your day was like! I praise GOD everytime John's counts go up, even just the tiniest little bit, I know what a big deal even the smallest amount of progress is!

    I'm glad that if the line was going to give you problems that it happened while you were at the hospital and you know now how to deal with it!
    I praise GOD that John's there with you!

    God Bless

  7. randlprysock6/18/2006 12:49 PM

    So glad they got that IV working right.  You are such a good wife and doing all you can.  Hang in there.  We are all still praying.  God Bless,

  8. Krissy, as time goes on you'll find you know more about John's condition and its treatment than most of the professionals involved in his care LOL
    The IV saga said it all.
    PS: Professional question - the creatinin level puzzled me. 2.3, 2.9?

    Anyway, keep well, both of you

  9. Hi Krissy, I find everything you say about John`s treatment interesting, each step forward, however small, is a step in the right direction.  God bless you both. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  10. nyuknyukpik26/18/2006 4:51 PM

    hang in there Krissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    someday you will look back at all of this and laugh!

  11. It's been a pleasure to follow John's progress and know how it has been affecting you. If the love of friends means anything, maybe that will help him in his fight.Sending love to you both.
    Sylvi axxx

  12. dbaumgartner6/19/2006 7:04 AM

    You do have the right to complain and be a brat!!!!!  You are an amazing woman and John is such a lucky man.  But, you do have to vent your frustrations and take care of yourself so you can take care of John.

    You are such a special person, just take care of you and the rest will follow.

  13. i am so happy to hear that john is improving! i hope he keeps getrting better and better and soon you will be in the comfort of your own home again!

    good luck with it all

  14. I know creatinines can bounce around with fluid or lack of fluid, but wonder if it something with one of his meds too?


  15. Krissy, I think of what you both have been going through and wish I could help in some way.  Need anything? e-mail me.  Tell John I think he has been through the worst and is getting better,  Our J-lander prayers are working.  You are always on my mind.  Love and hugs to you and John.                

  16. princesssaurora6/20/2006 2:03 PM

    Krissy I am so happy that John is improving... slowly and surely... that is just great!  I will keep you both in my prayers... I haven't been at journals for a bit, but you are always still in my thoughts and prayers...

    be well,


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