Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Not going home just yet

I guess I was wrong.  In yesterday morning's entry I said we would go home if John was unable to receive his CMV IV medication, because there would be no reason for us to stay.  Well, he couldn't receive the CMV medication yesterday, because his creatinin level was too high (indicating kidney function problems), but they don't want him to go home anyway because they are alarmed about his kidneys, and they have to monitor him in Day Hospital.  So this morning we go to Day Hospital, where they will check his kidney functioning (creatinin level) yet again, and give him a liter and a half of IV sodium chloride to flush his kidneys.  They were very concerned about the reading of his creatinin level yesterday.  It was the highest it has ever been.  And he had had Saturday and Sunday off to bring in down.  Instead of coming down it went drastically up.  Which means his kidney failure is getting worse.  I don't want to alarm everyone.  He is still walking around and talking and everything.  He is not on dialysis.  But they are beginning to get concerned.

Well, that's about it,  Krissy   


  1. jlocorriere056/06/2006 5:12 AM

    I think John will be much better off in hospital and you'll be happier to know he has the care on hand. I know you were getting nervous yesterday about his coming home and not being able to do all that needs doing for him. I'm sorry his kidneys are causing such problems, I hope they can sort it out for you. Still praying for you both. Take care. Jeannette xx  

  2. dbaumgartner6/06/2006 5:39 AM

    I am happy he is not home and the kidney problem get worse.  I hope, given he is there at the hospital, they have caught this early and will be agressive in getting the situation under control.

    Hugs and love my friend.  Try to remember to take care of yourself.


  3. Having a husband who recently went through open heart surgery, I feel for you.  Having to live with concerns about your husband constantly, as you do, has to be a huge load to bear.  My worries are pretty much over with Cliff; he's recovering nicely.  But with your hubby's medical problems, you'll likely never be fully at ease about him.

  4. springangel2356/06/2006 6:28 AM

    Hi Krissy and John,
    Just popping in to say I am thinking of you both with love and good wishes...hugs for a safe return home soon!!!!!

  5. So Krissy, what do they think exactly is causing the kidney failure?  The virus or the medicine or the transplant itself, do you know?  Do they know?  I will be praying really hard!!  GET ALL YOUR QUESTIONS answered!!  Call me if you need me.  Please give John a big hug for me!  I love you guys soooooooo much!!  Love, Val at her little apartment in the middle of PA xox

  6. Renal failure can have any number of causes, Krissy, and it depends on all the other meds he is on. They are absolutely right to keep John in, until he is well enough to go home. Hang on in there!

  7. mastersblynn6/06/2006 8:35 AM

    Hugs and prayers flying your way!  Love ya, Barbara

  8. thoughts and prayers coming your way!

  9. Both of you remain in my thoughts.


  10. princesssaurora6/06/2006 10:43 AM

    I hope they get the creatinine level under control.  Sheesh... if it isn't one thing...

    Prayers... lots and lots of prayers for you both.

    be well,

  11. randlprysock6/06/2006 2:52 PM

    Hang in there Kristina.  Still praying for you and John.  Let us know how it turns out.  


  12. praying for you and john:)


  13. everything will work out

  14. love2sing20076/06/2006 6:02 PM

    Hopefully this is just one of those wierd complications that clears itself up.  Continued prayers.

  15. Krissy, thank you for visiting my journal and leaving a comment. I came by to read your journal, and see that you and your husband are truly living by your faith. I know it is a fearful experience, having friends who have lived this as well. Be hopeful. I will pray for you and John. Continue to trust the doctors. Seek solace and support from your friends. God Bless you! bea

  16. I'm happy for you that he didn't come home yet, You know what I mean. I of course am very sorry that he is still so sick. My prayers to you and John. I hope he gets home soon.

  17. I'm glad they didn't rush him home just yet.... but not glad that there are issues keeping you guys there....
    Sending great big hugs!!!!!!!!
    Linda :)

  18. sarajanesmiles6/10/2006 7:41 AM

    Well m'dear, I am glad that they didn't just send John home.  I do hope that they manage to get his kidneys sorted out though, of course.  ((((( Krissy and John )))))
    Sara   x


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