Sunday, May 6, 2007

I'm still here

I've been so busy lately.  Now that John is out of the hospital and not as sick, I have been trying to catch up on almost two years of housework and paperwork.  It is very daunting.  I know - I just need to take it one day at a time, one item at a time.  But it is still daunting and somewhat overwhelming.  It is taking up so much of my time.

John has been doing better.  He is not as weak.  He no longer has fevers. 

The appointments with Dr. Claxton went well last week.  John's main problem is neutropenia.  John has been neutropenic since his hospitalization right after Easter.  Dr. Claxton said some patients have recurring neutropenia after bone marrow transplants for the first few years.

Neutropenia, if you have been reading this journal for long, means one has low neutrophils, which causes one to have a very comprimised immune system.  One can die if they are around dirt, dust, mold, etc. 

One awesome thing is that a cleaning agency that is helping me out once a week for two hours (at no cost to us) is going to put in two more hours a week to clean!  The head of the program knows what it means to be neutropenic and that the house must be as sterile as possible.  Unfortunately, her brother-in-law had a bone marrow transplant, but died from leukemia anyway.  She called me up on Friday and said she wanted to offer the services for John, to help get the house more sterile.  What a blessing.

Okay, at the fear of making this too long, I will just mention one more thing.  I wanted to mention about my sleep.  The Narcolepsy medicine seems to be working.  Sometimes I still fall asleep, but I think it is because I need to start my Sleep Apnea machine.  Last night I went for my Sleep Apnea test, and slept all night at the hospital, to get the CPAP machine adjusted for the proper air flow.  I will get my actual machine in a week or so.  It was not a bad experience at all, like some people say.  I actually liked the extra air I was breathing! 

Well, I better get off of here, I am going out with some girlfriends, yes taking a break, having a life!  Feels nice!

Love you all, Krissy :)

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  1. Oh this is so good to read and I am so happy things are looking up a little for you and John.I think the machine will be great for you.My neighbour has never looked back since he got his.Lovely you are going to get help with the cleaning and so you should.Have a great time with your friends you desrerve to.take Care God Bless.Kath

  2. I am so happy for you that the narcolepsy medicine is working!  That is great news!  and I will be praying the CPAP does all it needs to for you.  Good news that Johh is feeling better and that you are getting some help with the housecleaning.  Sure enough, that is a real blessing.
    loving you

  3. hugsdoodlewacky5/06/2007 5:29 PM

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad everyth9ing is working out well.That is such a blessing that your getting someone to help clean for Johns health.Heave a great week.

  4. About time you enjoyed yourself! Tammy

  5. glad you are finding time to meet with a friend:)

  6. Praying for you and John. Enjoy your "girl time." We all know you soooo deserve some R&R after all that had been going on lately. Hugs to you and John.

  7. So good to hear from you Krissy.  I was gone on vacation for over a month and had all my alerts turned off (still had over 400 emails when I came home) so have missed out on what's been going on. But, I'm thrilled to hear that John is home and doing better.   GOD IS GOOD !!    Linda in Washington state  

  8. One thing is for sure, John couldn't set foot in my house!! So glad there are understanding souls around to help you with that!  And good to know that you're on the path to a real complete nights sleep in your own home/bed.  Praises to God for both of you!!!  Prayers for continued healing!!  -  Barbara

  9. I am glad that your home is being cleaned by professionls that know what to look for.     John needs all the help he can get to remain getting better having gone through more than seems humanly possible.    That is great that the machine may actually be a method of resolving your Narcolepsy symtoms.     I hope you had a great time out with your girlfriends and having a life for a change!    mark

  10. I am so glad John is feeling better! and you are getting on your new sleep program! I am so jealous of the maid service though, lol....
    Have a great girl's night out!!!!
    Linda :)

  11. tendernoggle5/06/2007 9:13 PM

    Oh, I am soi happy for you and John....Prayers do work !!!! And I am also glad that you are getting out and need that "me time"...God bless you both,
    love ya,

  12. Wonderful news hon, about John. Don't forget to take care of yourself too.
    Love you,

  13. midwestvintage5/06/2007 10:46 PM

     So wonderful your getting your lives back on track.  I am so happy John is doing better and I am glad your be breathing better with your c-pap.


  14. take it easy getting the house and stuff back to order!!!!

  15. how nice to have extra help:) enjoy your week


  16. lifesabench65/06/2007 11:25 PM

    Hi Krissy- I'm so glad that things are looking somwhat better for both of you- I pray they will stay this way!  It's real sweet that your cleaning service lady is doing this- but sorry to hear about her brother in law- how sad.  I'm glad you can get your sleeping problems under control too.  God Bless you both- keep well!  Love Carolyn :)

  17. helmswondermom5/07/2007 1:17 AM

    Don't do too much!  I'm glad you are getting out with some friends for some "me" time!

  18. It must be a relief to know that you are getting help with the cleaning, that`s one less thing to worry about.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  19. I bet your house sparkles!  Have fun with your friends.

  20. How great you are getting house cleaning help. I have a dear friend who has to use the breathing maching for sleep apnea. The health improvement in getting a good night sleep has been life saving.
    Have a wonderful week. Hugs for you and John,

  21. Sending {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}, cuddles and lots of love.
    Sylvia xx

  22. Krissy,
    It sounds like you are doing good!  Having more of a normal life!  Honey, I am so happy!

    As for your work, it will all work out.  Don't let it get you down.

    It sounds as if John is hanging in there.  Although he has a lot of improving to do  

    I am glad you are getting help with the cleaning, too!  Things probably don't feel so overwhelming for you, sweetie.

    I am glad the narcolepsy medicine is working.As far as the machine though, I wouuld thhink it would make me feel "tied down."  I hate being "tied down."  I can't stand to have to have to stay in one place. What if you get up and down at night?  Can you move around in bed?   I always thought those machines would be horrible to wear, but if it really helped you, that is great!  You have a PROPER attitude!

    Oh Krissy, I am so glad you are having a break here and there and having some fun.  Way to go!
    Love you, Merry

  23. cacklinrosie1015/08/2007 7:01 AM

    Krissy, things seem to be settling down for the time being.  What a blessing to have the agency clean for you.  It's almost impossible to keep a home sterile.  Glad your narcolepsy and sleep apnea are getting taken care.  Amazing what techology is out there.  Take care!  HUGS  Chris

  24. princesssaurora5/09/2007 12:30 AM

    I am so happy to read this entry... and so sorry that it took me a while to get here!!!  I am glad you are getting the cleaning help... and happy your new med is working too!  And, no fevers for John.  More prayers coming!

    be well,

  25. So happy to hear all is going well. What an awesome thing to have someone come and help you with the cleaning. (((((((((hugs)))))

  26. Krissy, this is the very first Blog I have ever viewed and was very touched by yours.   I will pray for you and John and hope I will be able to figure out how to get back to your Blog again.

    God Bless
    Darlene Neubert


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