Sunday, May 13, 2007

to you Moms out there...


Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers out there! 

This is kind of a hard day for me.  No children.  Having children has been one of the biggest desires of my life.  It just wasn't meant to be, I guess.  Probably never will be, with John's transplant and chemo and all, making it impossible for John and I to have kids.  I know it is not practical for me to have kids, because I have to be at the hospital with John a lot, and I wouldn't be able to take a baby with me.  That doesn't mean, though, that I don't get very sad at times.  

The past couple of days have been extra hard because people have been emailing me Mother's Day cards.  Can't imagine why, LOL.  If you were going to, you can refrain, LOL.  It will just make me sad!  At any rate, enough on that topic.

All you mothers out there, have a great day!  Hug your children!  I am sure you realizr your blessing.

All you children, be extra good to your parents.  Give them a hug or a phone call.  I KNOW you realize your blessing.

Love and blessings, Krissy :)     

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  1. Have a good Sunday at any rate, Krissy :-)

  2. nightmaremom5/13/2007 8:34 AM

    Thank you Krissy.. you have a wonderful day!

  3. cacklinrosie1015/13/2007 8:38 AM

    Thank you, go give that boy, Mr. Michael, of yours a big hug because you are his mommy.  Give John a big hug for me also.  Hope you are having a peaceful Sunday.  Love ya, Chris

  4. hugsdoodlewacky5/13/2007 8:38 AM

    (((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))I know you would be a good Mom.I hope you have a good day.I am not a Mom either and now I think I am set in my ways,I dont want to have any kids,dont think I could because of the shots I am on.But I lvoe being an Aunt.

  5. hugsdoodlewacky5/13/2007 8:38 AM

    (((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))I know you would be a good Mom.I hope you have a good day.I am not a Mom either and now I think I am set in my ways,I dont want to have any kids,dont think I could because of the shots I am on.But I lvoe being an Aunt.

  6. Thank you so very much. I'll loan ya Rebecca for the day, lol. (((((((hugs))))))))
    Love ya,
    Cindy xoxo

  7. rocketman6854345/13/2007 9:32 AM

    Krissy you have my comiserations on the insensitive people sending you mothers day cards.If like most of us they knew you they'd know you aint got kids.I sent a few out but not your way and i wasnt sure if val has kids or not so i dint sent her one.Praying for you both.

  8. Bless you Krissy, never say never.  God sometimes has plans for us that we cannot imagine.  There are many children in need of good and loving homes when John is fully recovered.  I wish you a blessed Day anyway.  Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes.  I have had a weekend break from treatment and now I am nervous about starting again tomorrow (Monday) so I need to be calm.  I know you will be thinking of me.

  9. Krissy, that is the MOST beautiful Mother's Day graphic I have seen.  When I think I have the best graphic for holidays/events I go to your journal and I like yours better! LOL  How stunning!  Honey, you are the second mommy to my kids and to ALL the babies, but I DO know it hurts.  Never forget, though that you ARE a surrogate mommy.  You were born to be a mommy.  I know.  You ARE a mommy.  A different kind.  You love all children.  I would give you any child I rose/grandchild in a heartbeat before anyone else.  I don't know why I am writing this in here.  Sorry.  Anyway, I am so sorry you have a hard holiday today.  You are Michael's Mommy.  I know it isn't the same, though.  And, no, I can not imagine your pain... You can always talk to me, though... I LOVE YOU more than the world... your TBADT xox

  10. You are the only mom that Michael feed him, care for him, clean up after him, snuggle him and love him.  You are Michaels mom, no doubt about it !     Linda in Washington  

  11. I'm sorry this isn't the best of holidays for you.  I know that it is hard because I thnk all women were born with the mothering instinct.  I was married quite a few years before I finally had all of my children, and I remember how sad of a time it was.  God always has his reasons we believe so we trust that this was the best plan for you.  Hugs to you and John.  God Bless ! 'On Ya' - ma

  12. Dear Krissy,
    I hope I didn't accidentally send you a Mother's Day card.  

    That is so insensitive.

    I am pretty nervous about going to see the new grandbaby when he is born and I ay have passed on something accidentally. But IF I did, I am so so sorry.

    Krissy, my favorite living relative happens to be my Aunt Clara (88) who was never able to have children.   Remember that.  You can do a lot without giving birth if John's health improves.

    I love you Krissy and I am sure this hurt you.  

  13. lifesabench65/13/2007 10:15 PM

    That was a very nice entry Krissy- although I'm sorry you are sad at this time of year- I used to feel the same way because I was a little older than most in my old church who had lots of kids.  I always felt left out when they would call the moms up to the front so they could be prayed over.  I am blessed with 1 now, so I figured after 10 years without concieving- if God means for it- it will happen when He wants it to happen.  I don't know if He plans for you to be a mom or not Krissy-but hope you are able to some how be fulfilled .  Thank you Krissy- for thinking of us.  We are knowing how blessed we are- even when the kids make parenting sooooooo hard sometimes! LOL!  God Bless you both~  Love Carolyn :)

  14. Hey Krissy, I hope you had a good day even though I know it's hard for you. Just wanted to say hi. I have been sick so I haven't been on much.

  15. princesssaurora5/14/2007 2:20 AM

    {{{ Krissy }}}  Maybe there is an older child that needs to be fostered... or mentoring or something you could look into...

    You are mommy to Michael!  Give that kitty a kiss from me...

    be well,


  16. Krissy, I know how you feel on Mothers Day.  I will never be a Mom because of my husbands illness but I am a mother to my cats and horses.  So you are Michaels Mom.  Maybe God has his reasons for us to not have kids.  I might be one onery Mama with kids, who knows. Anyway I am still praying that John has full recovery and that you stay well.  I just love you both so much.  Take care and here is a big Hug..........      Love Myke

  17. You may not have children from your own body.  However, you are a Mom to a lot of your friends and J-landers.  I know because I have been given some great love and care from you at various times.  So I would call that being a great mother.  So Happy Belated Mother's Day to you.  Hugs - Tish.

  18. Krissy~I understand your sadness about not having children. My youngest brother and his wife would love to be parents and are not able to be--at least biologically. Sorry some people sent you those cards, but they are probobly just used to sending you cards so they included all occasions::::::::grin::::::::Take care~Deb ;-)

  19. irisheyes19295/16/2007 7:42 PM

    Many blessings to you.  Sometimes raising children just aren't the way God wants us to serve.  That's what makes me sad when I think about the priesthood...that'd be something I'd have to give up if God wants me doing that.

  20. Sorry Krissy, that should have been :)

  21. heavenlybama5/19/2007 11:07 AM

    I'm just getting around to journals to put them on alerts under this new s/n.  I completely understand how you feel.  It hurts!  I don't think I'll ever be able to accept it.  I was blessed with a god-daughter, Krissy who's mother gave up custody when she was 4 yrs. old because her drinking was more important.  Her dad couldn't raise her by himself because he worked so much so we got shared custody and we raised her.  Krissy and her dad got to see each other anytime and he paid child support and other expenses.  I'm also blessed with many nieces and nephews.  Though I was blessed with Krissy, it still hurts that we couldn't have children of our own.  God must have a good reason though I'd like to hear it.


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