Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Michael has diabetes

A lot has gone one in the past two days. 

Michael, the best cat in the world, has been diagnosed with diabetes.  Now I have to give him insulin shots, and I am scared.  John and I went to the vet yesterday to learn how.  Why should I be scared after playing nurse to John for a year and a half?  Don't really know, but I am.  I can't let John give the shots because he is neutropenic, and if he accidentally sticks himself he will get sick, according to the vet.  Okay, so I will learn to do it out of necessity.

On to another subject, John and I had our second wedding anniversary on May 7.  It was beautiful.  Very quiet, just the two of us.  We ate together.  We didn't have enough money this month to buy each other a present (Michael is expensive, LOL). But next month if we can afford it, John is going to get me a watch.  And I am going to get him a hat that will keep the sun off of his face and some of his body.  No, not a sombrero, LOL.  Just something large enough to keep some of the sun off.  You see, when you get cancer and have a stem cell transplant, you have to wear hats and long sleeve shirts after that, even in the summertime.  Because you become susceptible to secondery  cancer.  That would be a shame if John had to try to fight off a third cancer.  Anyway, I have seen some cool hats.  I saw some Australian ones I liked.  

Let's see, what else is new.  John was given an award by a local cancer survivors' group.  He had been awarded it previously, but never got to pick it up because he had been in the hospital for over a year.  So he finally got to pick it up yesterday when he went with me last night to a meeting of the organization.  I am a board member of the organization.  Anyway, the award reads as follows: 

The Third Annual Janet K. Bowman Spirit Award 
Presented to
John Knox
For his positive attitude
persistent inner determination,
and unending effort
as he walks his Journey
Cancer Survivors' Association, Inc.
November 20, 2006

It is the most beautiful award I have ever seen, a beautiful plaque, and beautiful because the words are so true!  His persistent determination and unending effort are what amazed me as he walked his journey.  As well as his positive attitude!  I have always been so proud of John!

I just mentioned me being on the board of this cancer survivors' organization.  Well, I finally got to go to a meeting after not being able to go for over a year.  Didn't know if they would still want me, LOL.  They did.  I am pretty excited because they have a job for me.  They have something called "Let's Talk" meetings.  In these meetings speakers come in and speak.  I was asked to get speakers, or come up with topics and somebody else would help me find speakers in the community to speak on the various topics.  I am very excited about this, because I have a lot of good ideas.  Also, I am thinking that some of the best speakers will come from cancer survivors, and caregivers, right here in the cancer survivor group.  Who can say what is going on better than they can?  So they could each speak on a different topic.  I was asked to write down some topics, and last night I brainstormed with John.  We came up with 22 topics, LOL.  

Okay, I could write all day, but this is getting too long.  I will stop now, LOL.  

Love you all lots, Krissy :)   

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  1. wow congrats Krissy :)

    and sorry about the kitty kitty :(

    Ps.. I was wondering about ya havent seen you stop by my blog in ages lol :P


  2. wonderful award poor michael i hope he will be alright

  3. Krissy, I am sure sorry your cat has diabetes.  I hope his treatment goes well.  Great news about John's award and your new Let'e Talk mission!
    loving you

  4. helmswondermom5/09/2007 10:16 AM

    I am so sorry about Michael.  
    Congratulations to you and John!!
    And Congratulations to you!  I think you will do a very good job of organizing those "Let's Talk" meetings, and have a lot of fun doing it.

  5. xxroxymamaxx5/09/2007 10:31 AM

    Congrats on the new job Krissy and sorry to hear about Michael.  He is in my prayers!  Love ya, Shelly

  6. rocketman6854345/09/2007 10:39 AM

    Sorry to hear about your cat having diabetes.My dads dog was diagnosed with diabetes last year.He does her injections every day and she seems to know when its time to have em and goes to him.Congratulations on your 2nd wedding aniversary.Here's to many more.Great news about John getting an award.The words as you say are so true.Thinking of you both and you are in my prayers.
    God Bless.

  7. It seems cats (and dogs) often get 'people' diseases. I just lost my dear D.K. to a form of rapidly advancing cancer. I'm sure you are going to do fine with Michael and his drugs, look how well you've done taking care of John!!

    Oh, AND Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  8. Sorry about your Michael yes i would be nervous to do that too,but perhaps once you have it won't seem so bad.It is lovely to read John got that so well desrved award.Whata great person to give it to.I hope you enjoy giving your speaches I think you will be a success at that.Interesting post I realy enjoyed this .Both stay well prayers still being said.Take Care God Bless Kath

  9. Krissy, I am going to IM you about the cat.  I had 2 dogs who were diabetic. There is nothing to doing the injections!

    Congratulations on your anniversary.  I didn't know you had one, I WOULD have sent a card!

    It sounds like things are going pretty well for John and I was thrilled to read he/you (whoever) got to go to those meetings and that awards were recieved.  That is so neat.  And it's about time neat things happen to you guys!

    NO grandbaby here yet!  I'll keep you posted!
    Luv you dearly, Merry

  10. promiseluv3725/09/2007 11:50 AM

    Gosh good news (the awards) mixed with horrible news. I'm so sorry about Michael. I know how he's not just a pet he's part of your family (as mine is).  You have so much on your plate already sweetie you didn't need this.  I don't care if it seems strange to someone for me to pray for your cat but I am going to.  
    My cat got very sick around that pet food recall (and I searched all the sites and he hasn't eaten any of the recalled food) but that didn't set my mind at ease.  I thought I was going to lose him.  (which WOULD be like losing a child.. only pet lovers understand that and I have been laughed at about it)  But he is okay.  And I know your Michael will be okay too.  As far as the shots I don't know if I could give my Mak shots either... Sort of like if I see someone's blood or my own I'm okay but if it's one of my kids I freak! Odd.

    Congrats to John on his new award. He's a good man!  
    And best of all.. congrats on the wedding anniversary .. you to fit perfect together.

    Hang in there.  Enjoy the good, get past the bad.. life and it's ups and downs!  my prayers are still with you and John.

    Love you much,

  11. Happy Anniversary Krissy and John. So sorry about the cat having diabetes. I never knew pets could get it. Just goes to show, you learn something more every day, right? That is so nice John got an award. After all he has gone through, he really deserved it. Good for you in still being needed for the group. Loved this entry. ((((hugs))))))


  12. Krissy, So happy about Johns reward.  He certainly deserves it.  You deserve one also,  Sorry to hear about Michael.  He will be ok though and you will get use to giving the shots.  I know because I did.  Happy Anniversary to you both.  
    I can't wait to see a picture of John in his new hat.  A light straw cowboy hat would really make him look cool and sexy.  LOL  
    Glad you are in a survivors organization.  People can learn alot from what you two have been through and you can learn from them.
    Just get out there and live, laugh and love everyday.  My prayers are with you and John and Michael always.            Love and hugs         Myke

  13. Happy anniversary to you both!  Congrats on the award, too! I know you both had to feel so proud!
    I used to date a guy that had a cat with diabetes. He gave him a shot each morning. I did it, too! It's easy. We gave the shot's in the loose skin behind his neck. The kitty didn't even know what was happening.  You'll do fine.  After all you've been through with John, this is cake.

  14. A very Happy Anniversary to you both, I can`t believe it`s two years already. Congrats to John for getting the award, it must mean a lot to him.  Poor Michael having to have daily injections, though I know you`ll make it easy for him.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  15. Happy Belated 2nd two gave each other the best anniversary presents.......each other.  What a wonderful award John received and so deserving of it.  Sorry about your Michael.....know you'll get the insulin shots down pat dear.  The "Lets Talk" meetings sound right up your alley with being able to get good folks to come and speak on various topics.  Way to go dear.  Arlene (AJ)

  16. tendernoggle5/09/2007 8:29 PM

    Let me tell you Krissy...from my own experience...You two just being able to touch each others hands....hug one another...pray together..and just to be able to look upon the love in each other's eyes...well...That is all you need...TRUST ME.
    Love ya,

  17. Congratulations on your award, John!!!  Sorry about the diabetes.  Can that be reversible?  Is it possible?  I will learn how to give the shots, Krissy.  I promise.  I'm sure you will find wonderful speakers and topics, honey.  So, we need to get together and come up with a topic or two for the hunt and I will go from there.  You can even email them to me.  Love you!! xox

  18. It would be benificial if there is a way to get Michael more exercise.    I just say this because since I built Salty his large pen he can run.    At the Veterinarian's he weighed 44.5 lbs. which was just the same as his 3 yr. old weight.     The difficulty with a cat is having to stay in the house.    Perhaps more chasing a toy he likes or possibly taking him for walks.      I do hope that the insulin injection's provide the necessary control so that he lives a full and happy life.      He will have to get used to being stuck with the needle which for a cat should be interesting!     Having John get the award is truly meaningful for his positive attitude persistent inner determination, just as it reads.    The value he places on each day of life is enormous and he should be congradulated on his having endured the last year of difficult treatment.    He sets such a great example of how a cancer patient overcomes the hardships.     I wish you much success on your job of arranging for people to speak for the cancer survivor's group.     mark

  19. cacklinrosie1015/13/2007 8:46 AM

    Aw, Krissy, poor Michael.  I hate when my doggy and kitty get sick.  It always seems to be something with the both of them.  I know you will master the insulin shots.  Happy Anniversary to you and John!  Just being together is celebration enough.  Congratulations to John on the award!  Are you going to post a picture of it?  I'd love to see it.  Love and Hugs, Chris

  20. ceilisundancer5/15/2007 4:14 PM

    Well, happy anniversary:)  Sorry to hear about Michael.  I have, however, heard of many cats who have continued to live long seemingly-healthy lives with diabetes.  With caring owners, which you are:)  -- Robin

  21. Hi you two~So glad John got that lovely award and plaque. Good that you will be active on the board too. Blessings, Deb ;-)


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