Friday, October 12, 2007

i got me a new bed

I'm going to try another entry tonight and HOPE that the font doesn't  mess up this time.  I'm doing this in comic sans.  But every night when I have been trying to do that, it doesn't work out that way.  Also, every time I press save, I either get gigantic letters or itty bitty ones that people need a magnifying glass to read.  It makes me mad.  Such little frustrations, LOL.  But I don't want my journal to look ugly, and I want it to be legible.  We'll see what happens this time.  If it doesn't work out yet again, I guess I will have to email AOL and ask them to fix the problem.  

Alright, I promised photos.  Well, I am still working on the apartment, but the bedroom is pretty clean, so I can give you that one, LOL.  


Do you like my new bed?  John and mine, I mean, LOL.  We got it today.  It is called Thyme.  It is an oak queen-size bed.  It is very sturdy, and very simple.  I like simple furniture.  

So I am feeling a little better today.  I got a lot more done.  I am feeling a little more above water.  One step at a time, as you all told me.

Let's see, what else is new?  John is really having fun doing his journal.  Know what is funny?  I read his, and told him it sounded a lot like my style, LOL.  Isn't that odd?  That we would write similar?  I know we are married and all, but I still find it unusual, LOL.

Okay, so my thoughts are all over the place, so I guess I will get off of here.  I just wanted to show you my new bed.  It is SO comfortable.  I know I am going to sleep well tonight!

Love you all, Krissy :)


  1. Hey That looks great krissi.I love your pain carpet.I see that contraption (I think)too that keeps you so busy in the evening and well in the afternoons and well in the mornings lol!!Yes I thought John wrote very similar to you.In fact it could have been you, when I read it.The reading sounded so much alike.That is so strange isn't it? I am happy you are both settling in slow but sure.Thats the way to do it!!!!As for AOL  well I have already done one posting on my opinion  of them this week LOL!!I once had that problem with the text and ended up deleating it the post.It looked terrible.Get a good nights sleep in that lovely new bed LOL!! Have a great Friday Take Care God Bless kath

  2. very nice! I hope you got a good nights rest!

    ~make it a great day!~

  3. littlelady169910/12/2007 7:04 AM

    hey krissy

    the bed looks good!!! the kitty I see is asking "ok this is my bed, but where is yours?"

    love the room!!!!

    beig a like so much just shows you that John is Gods choice for you..
    I think God did a good match!


  4. nightmaremom10/12/2007 7:11 AM

    love the bed!!!!  Krissy not sure how you type or insert pictures but I find if I do my entry in mail and then copy and paste it in the entry box... adjust the font comic sans size 14 and do all of the entry then put pictures in my font stays.  If I insert pictures then try to adjust the font it won't fix all of the entry anything after the picture stays the way AOL wants.  That is what looks like happened here.  Not sure tho...

  5. Like the bed (and the cat!)  Get a nice soft cushion for your computer chair and you will never leave the room.  LOL

  6. A bed is important for sure.  You need your rest.  Little by little things will be done.  At least you are in your new place and that must be exciting.  'On Ya' -ma

  7. I like the simple look as well.   Best wishes in your new home.    Beautiful cat.

  8. Looks like a fine bed.  Simple is good.  Simple is usually easier to clean.  ;o)  -  Barbara

  9. Looks like a comfortable bed. Looks like your kitty thinks so. You can also press CTRL and the letter D at the same time and type your entry on that screen, then copy and paste to your journal. You can transfer the writing but you have do do that before adding a picture. Guess you could make it into several parts to add pictures. Helen

  10. I like your bed. I'm glad you now have a comfortable bed.

  11. That is indeed a very nice bed...glad you are enjoying it...June:)

  12. firestormkids0410/12/2007 2:22 PM

    Love the new bed.  It's great to see you two are finally living in a nice place.  Keep the pictures coming.  Love and prayers, Penny

  13. Your new bed looks really comfortable Krissy, we`ve just bought a new one ourselves and I get a much better night sleep now.  It`s so annoying when the fonts mess up, I have no idea why they do that! :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  14. I just read John's journal.  I'm so glad he's writing.  Enjoy your weekend.

  15. princesssaurora10/12/2007 4:33 PM

    The room looks great!  Love the bed!

    be well,

  16. Enjoy the bed Krissy, sure you both will enjoy your playfuls times and your good night sleep, lol.  Sorry couldn't resist the kidding.  Take care and have a good weekend. Arlene (AJ)

  17. I can see that someone likes the new bed.  Awh, to have the life of a cat.  Have a good weekend.


  18. I read John's latest entry and how he is so proud of his new dolphin curtain..
    enjoy your new bed.
    Gem :-)

  19. Krissy, Sure I love your bed!  I am just so happy you and John have a nice place now!  I read John's journal.  I think you are a lucky gal, Krissy, John sounds like he really is enjoying your apartment and lots of times guys don't get into that.  But then, John is special, we all already knew that.  As are you, Krissy, take care, my friend. Love, Merry

  20.     There is nothing like something new to make someone feel good!

  21. it looks very nice and comfy. (((((hugs)))))))

  22. Im so happy for you both.The bed looks great. . .sleep well and keep warm.

  23. Hello Michael! I like the new bed!!
    I see an alert for John's journal on my list, lol...
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Linda :)

  24. I am having the same font issues.  I write in Comic Sans and it posts exactly like yours did!  Your new bed is really nice!  J

  25. cacklinrosie10110/13/2007 7:39 PM

    I love your and John's.  Mr. Michael seems to find it quite comfy also.  AOL has been acting up so much lately.  It's so frustrating.  John has a journal also?  Now how did I miss that?  Take one step at a time with your place.  Your bedroom looks great!  Love, Chris

  26. You know they say a cat always finds the most comfortable spot, so I can tell by that picture that your bed is comfy.  We bought a memory foam mattress topper for our bed not long ago and I LOVE it.  I never want to get out of bed...

    (by the way, I always type in comic sans 12.  When I hit Save, it never comes out as 12.  pfft...)


  27. Michael thinks the bed is comfortable too.


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