Monday, October 22, 2007

monday morning question


If you were to run away and join the circus, what kind of circus performer would you be?

(Come on, play along, you can't say "I'm not going to run away!"  This game is just for pretend!)

Here are some possible answers to choose from:  lion tamer, trapeze artist, clown, bearded lady, tightrope walker, unicyclist, fire swallower, knife thrower, human cannonball, and sword swallower.

My answer:  I guess I'll choose to be a clown.  And maybe do some juggling.  Actually clowns kind of scare me.  But there are no other acceptable choices for me.  So clown it is!

Write your answer in the comment section below or write it up in your journal and leave the link below.

Krissy :) 


  1. littlelady169910/22/2007 7:43 AM

    hi kriisy

    the 1st thing came to my mind was trapeze artist. then a tiger tramer. I love tigers!

  2. littlelady169910/22/2007 7:44 AM

    opps...Tiger TAMER

  3. treesrgreen7810/22/2007 7:50 AM

    This is right up my alley today, as I would dearly love to run away, life sometimes becomes just too much.  I would be the invisible woman so my son cant find me.  LOL.

  4. deshelestraci10/22/2007 7:50 AM

    Oh that's easy!  I'd be a bareback rider.  Or the lady who has all of the pretty white horses who makes them do tricks.

  5. I think I would love to be the star trapeze artist,but I would have to overcome my fear of heights first I suppose LOL!! Have a great day.Take care God Bless Kath

  6. Ummmm... what if you really -did- run off and join the circus once upon a time?? LOL! I think if I went back I would want to work with my beloved Tigers, but would also enjoy the horses, or even some of the other exotics. I much prefer taking care of them to actually putting on the costume and performing every day (which I have -also- done!)

  7. Ohhhhh I want to be the Circus Announcer.... Ladies and Gentlemen, Now performing in the center ring: Krissy the Clown, lol....
    and I even found a link on how to really join the circus:
    Have a great day!
    Linda :)

  8. No question in my mind, I would be a clown.  I already WANT to be a clown.  I have my clown name picked out.  I would like to go to clown school.  Now I don't really want to do it in a circus, I would rather do it in a children's hospital or something, but I guess I have to run away, to play your game... LOL  FUN question!!  Love, Val xox

  9. I would want to work with the cute LITTLE monkeys !!!!  

  10. I would be an acrobat.  I was a tumbler and a gymnist as a little girl!  Merry

  11. sometimes you probably shouldn't think.

  12. I would be a trapeze girl!

  13. Since I've already worked as a real circus clown, juggler, elephant rider, fire-eater, and for the past 6 years one of the last few Sword Swallowers left in the world today, I would probably have to pick something else newn that I've never done before!

    Since I LOVE animals (I work with horses and parrots now), I have always wanted to be either a Big Cat trainer or to fly on the flying trapeze.

    If you get get any responses from others who really want to learn sword swallowing, please send them my way!

    Dan Meyer
    Cutting Edge Innertainment

    Exec Director Sword Swallowers Association Int'l

  14. hugsdoodlewacky10/22/2007 12:59 PM

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((KRISSY)))))))))))))))))))My answer is,I would love to be in the cicrle of fire with the animals,teaching them.LOL.Scary.LOL.Have a nice day.

  15. firestormkids0410/22/2007 2:26 PM

    Wow! A real sword-swallower answered!  So cool.  I would make an ok clown, but when I was young, thin and cute as a button I loved the trapeze artists.  That would be my heart's choice.  Blessings, Penny

  16. train animals that dont scare me to do fun tricks.. way cool you had a real circus guy respond! I would be more interested in doing something at the circus side show... being a fortune teller however. :)

  17. winivere200210/22/2007 4:11 PM

    This question presents many problems, because I am scared of heights, I am no longer flexible due to a car accident, several falls, and being hit by a wild woman with an electric cart at the grocery store... I am not coordinated, I don't do animals, I never learned to ride a bike, I have problems with my throat, I don't have a beard, etc, etc, etc.

    If none of those problems were true, however, I would be the beautiful girl on the flying trapeze, who also walks the tightrope, and who is also a contortionist. =.)

  18. I be dressed really pretty and do tricks on the swings...or work with the elephants.
    This was a fun question.

  19. I want to be Darlin Dawn, the lion tamer.       Dawn

  20. Just call me a copy cat !  Linda in Washington state

  21. I don't think I'd make a very good clown.  I'm not spontaneous enough.  I think I'd like to work with the elephants.  I think they look cool and prehistoric.  


  22. I don't want to perform.  I want to be the ring master or maybe in the orchestra!

  23. justplainbill10/23/2007 3:47 PM

    i was going to say I wanted to be the owner. They probably make big bucks.
    But since I have to be a performer, I want to be the guy who puts the giraffes through their paces. I love them and I do not think I have ever seen a giraffe trainer, Bill

  24. I would be the bearded lady......LOL..........June:)

  25. irisheyes192910/24/2007 11:38 AM

    I'd probably be the creepy guy playing the pump organ!

  26. preciousone2510/24/2007 11:11 PM

    This is late, but I still wanted to give my answer.....   I think I'd like to be the lady that dresses in that cute little outfit and rides the horses around the ring while she stands on their backs and does all those tricks without falling!!


  27.     I can think of two answers. First off, I tell my boys they are jealous because I have more whiskers on my chin than they do. So a bearded lady sounds easy. Secondly, I'd chose to be a lion tamer. Maybe I'd trade in the lions for a few house cats. My Blacky is an evil brat. If I can handle her, I can handle any cat under ten pounds!

  28. Hi this is my first visit to your journal and I found an easy question for me I would follow my cousin who is a fire eater and knife thrower in Jerry Cottles Circus and has been for years lol I also juggle. You are welcome to either or both of my journals, the first is my personal journal the second my tag journal.

  29. If he had a spare tire, would the sword go down the same way? LOL... Where is his true face?!

  30. would be the preformance director or  Manager   doing the logistics etc  
    I really don't have to run away for I have 3 minature ones  so can work any of the departments      also have worked on RBBB concessions  in real life


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