Thursday, March 6, 2008

i've got a Pulmonary Nodule

I guess I've been missing in action for awhile.  I've been real introspective and haven't felt much like writing.
But I thought I'd update you with what is going on with me.  I'm finally over the pneumonia.  I got a CT scan the other day and it was determined that the pneumonia is gone.  Tonight I finish up my antibiotics.
I got a call on Tuesday that while doing the CT scan a "Pulmonary Nodule" was found.  That can mean a tumor.  If it is, it can be either benign or malignant.  Malignant as in "cancer".  If it is cancer it would be lung cancer.
The course of action my physician is taking is to take another CT scan on April 15 to see how the nodule has grown.  Benign and malignant tumors (that are Pulmonary Nodules) both grow at different speeds.  That's why Dr. Raquet is taking the CT scan, to see the growth rate of the Pulmonary Nodule.  From these findings he will then decide what action to take.
I didn't like Dr. Raquet's plan at first.  I didn't feel it was pro-active enough.  So I called my pulmonary specialist (lung doctor).  He agreed with what Dr. Raquet wanted to do - to wait a month or two and then take a CT scan to see the growth rate of the nodule.  That should determine a lot.
One good thing is that the odds are very much in my favor.  I probably don't have lung cancer.  I have never smoked.  However, if one has had a history of pneumonia, bronchitis or asthma, which I have had, your odds are not as good.  But I am not going to worry about that.  Because I am young and have never smoked a cigarette in my life -- both factors which really do work to one's favor when diagnosed with a Pulmonary Nodule. 
Perhaps I shouldn't even have mentioned this until April 15 and I know more.  I don't want to let this color our lives.  I think I mentioned it because it does effect me, but I don't want it to be a humongous deal, you know?  I did want to share, though, as you all ARE a big part of my life.
I've decided to try to keep a positive focus until April 15.  I am trusting in the Lord to take care of me.  It's probably not malignant, and even if it were, He has always been there for me.
And worrying wouldn't change anything anyway.  Some friends told me that the other day -- that I shouldn't worry, because it wouldn't change the outcome anyway.  I kind of got angry at them, thinking they were asking me to deny my feelings and how scared I felt.  Then I realized they were right.  What would worrying do for the next month or so?  It wouldn't change any results.  So I have decided not to worry, and to hang cool. 
I hope I stick with that!
Okay, so I plan on blogging again, and some happy entries, starting right away!           
Love you all, Krissy 


  1. cacklinrosie1013/06/2008 7:45 PM

    Krissy, I will keep you in my prayers.  You have the right attitude.  My mother had a pulmonary nodule a couple of years ago.  They did the same thing...they watched it.  After about six months, it completely disappeared and never came back.  You are in God's hands.  Love you, Chris

  2. I am glad the pneumonia is gone!
    and I will pray that the "Pulmonary Nodule" is benign!

    your in my thoughts and prayers!


  3. Krissy,
    I agree about not worrying, but at the same time I'm glad you told us what's going on. I just went through it with my adrenal gland tumor, I know all about the feelings and worry you'll go through no matter how much of a positive outlook you have, it's just human nature. Besides, this gives us over a month to send prayers! Hugs, Martha

  4. Sending up prayers for you right now. When something is wrong it is only human nature to worry even if it doesn't do any good. May the worry be worry be taken away from you. I know John is worried also, so may the worry be taken from him.  Hugs, Helen

  5. praying for you:)


  6. I will pray that it is benign.  You and John are both strong people and I know your love and your faith will get you through this.

    I know how hard the waiting can be.  When I was told I had a "small tumor" in my head, it seemed like forever until I even had the CT and MRI and then waited longer for the docs to call back with results saying it was thankfully benign. The waiting is horrid because you feel as though you should be doing something more!

    Just remember, your doc agreed that this is the right course to take right now and you trust your pulmonary doc.

  7. nightmaremom3/06/2008 9:16 PM

    you know I'm next you cheering you on.... sending prayers and positive vibes...  
    love you my friend and if you need... you know how to get ahold of me

  8. I'm praying for good results.

  9. you are in my prayers, Krissy; remember to just trust in the Lord :)


  10. peytonswater3/07/2008 6:31 AM

    I'm grateful that you let us all know :) Soon as I get my business credit card I will be mailing your items (We had to cancel the last card it got hacked online) Your always in my thoughts, nodules are not :)

  11. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that everything is ok. Happy to finally hear from you and that you are feeling better.

  12. hugsdoodlewacky3/07/2008 7:18 AM

    ((((((((((((((((((((KRISSY)))))))))))))I will be prayng it is not cancer and you are ok.

  13. You are so right not to worry.  You have already seen what God can do regarding John and you know the power of taking one day at a time.  I always say today is ok and that's all I need to take care of right now.  We shouldn't waste any of our precious time with worry.  I doesn't do a bit of good.  I'll be praying as always.  
    'On Ya' - ma

  14. I wouldn't worry either.  Of course, that's easy for me to say.  It's not my lung that has a pulmonary nodule.  I will keep you in my prayers!

  15. I wouldn't worry either ... as my aunt used to say, 'No sense worrying, you'll only get wrinkles in your belly.'  What that meant, I've no idea, but I always got a kick out of it.  

    No worries  ... no denying feelings either.  Hang in there and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    And I will be thinking positive thoughts for you too!

    I love you and John both!


  17. midwestvintage3/07/2008 9:40 AM

     Waiting will be hard but hope you get the news that it is fine.  


  18. You go girl! Tammy

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  20. Ah, that sucks! I'll pray for you. Keep your chin up!


  21. breakaway19683/07/2008 11:32 AM

    My prayers are with you and I hope for great news!  R U a smoker?  I don't think I ever knew if you were or not.  I'm sure your right!  It's prob nothing.  They are won't change the outcome but if you feel you need to get that sadness out it's best that you do.  Then you can be happy and not worry about it :)  Keep us informed ok!   It's nice you will be back again and SO glad you are over your Pneumonia!  

    I see you got the same spam comment some of the others got!  Don't open those links...they are prob virus's!  

  22. We'll wait until April 15th, Val, and await the outcome of the scans. I hope it'll be benign.

  23. I'll be praying for you!!!

  24. You will be in my thoughts Val and I will say extra special prayers for you

  25. sauermanrichard3/07/2008 4:04 PM


  26. I am so very sorry to hear this news. Will keep you in my prayers and hope that when you go back the news is good.

    As you friends say live life as normal...... i guess its easier said than done...... but worrying will not help.

    Take care hugs Jayne

  27. Krissy keep the positive thoughts and great spirit that you always have dear.  I agree, worrying doesn't help, I'll send up as I'm sure everyone will a prayer that you'll get good news when you have your CT scan on the 15th.  Arlene (AJ)

  28. irisheyes19293/07/2008 5:12 PM

    I'm continuing and up-ing my prayers.  You have an amazing attitude about all of this!  I am amazed by you.

    United in the Heart of Jesus,

  29. randlprysock3/07/2008 5:29 PM

    I'm here, I'm here.... sorry so late getting to your journal.  My life has been a zoo lately and lots of working in my book.  I have a lot of catching up to do and I see you are needing some prayers too.  I will pray for you and you for me, 'kay hon, because I'm tellin' ya, life is hard these days but thank goodness we have the Lord to go to for help.  Much prayers that this nodule just goes away right now!!!!!!  

  30. specialadyfink3/07/2008 5:31 PM

    So sorry you are going throughthis.
    A postive attitude will take you far.
    Know you are in my prayers for a good outcome

  31. Hello there,

    The mind is such a powerful thing so I am praying that in YOUR mind you will give all thoughts and concerns to Christ.   Easier said than done, believe me  but know that everyday could seem like a lifetime until you hear the results.

    Praying and sending blessings to you and yours..


    Aka AB Ice Queen's-letter-box

    stop by sometime

  32. I'm sorry you are going through this. Keep up the positive attitude.

  33. Sure hoping the outcome is a good and positive one.    Keep the faith!!


  34. Dear Krissy,

    I have had nodule since 1997. I have 3 now Just got a new one 8 mos ago.
    I had a very bad case of shingles then pneumonia. Five mos later I had pneumonia again. They the nodules  are all in my left lung which is full of scare tissue from shingles & pneumonia. Two months later I found out I had RA Lupus & Fibro.
    I was a heavy smoker for many years but stopped about 12 years ago.
    My rhummy said, nodule are not that uncommon.
    I'm older than you and do good. I do get the pneumonia shot every 5 years and I have not had pneumonia in 10 years (thank god).
    I no it is hard not to worry but chances are you are fine. I worried a lot in the begining and it did me no good. So I gave it to God and took good care of me.

    E-Mail me if you need to talk pray for me too.
    You and John are always in my prayers.........
    love you both

  35. Oh I am glad you are over the pneumonia....I hope you don't worry over the nodule thing.  Our bodies seem to have all sorts of things going on with them.  Hopefully it will be nothing to worry with.  Hope you all have a nice weekend.

  36. You guys have been threw so much medicaly.. it would  be nice if you just got a break from that kind of stress but I belive the Lord is using you as an exmple threw it all.  And I am glad you shared with us so we know how to pray for you.

    Much Love,

  37. When I was small my Dad always told my Mom not to worry.  That would make her very angry and she would worry more. She often worried about her health as she was ill quite a bit.  I then found a poster with the saying below on it.  It didn't change things much.  My mom was a born worrier, but it did add some laughter.

    Why worry?

    There are only two things to worry about.

    Either you are sick or you are well
    If you are well there is nothing to worry about.
    If you are sick there are only two things to worry about.

    Either you will get better or you will die.
    If you get better there is nothing to worry about.
    If you die there are only two things to worry about.

    Either you will go to heaven or you will go to hell.
    If you go to heaven there is nothing to worry about.
    If you go to hell you will be so damn busy chatting it up with all your friends you won't have time to worry.

    I'm keeping positive thoughts for you!
    Hugs Rosemary

  38. love you too honey I will keep you in my prayers

  39. heavenlybama3/11/2008 10:24 AM

    Like my parents & church always told me don't claim a sickness/illness/disease.  Stay positive and don't worry.  Easier said than done but they are right.  Will be praying for ya Krissy.

  40. felisdiajoanie3/31/2008 5:33 PM

    i just read your story   i just got out of the hospital today..... i was look for any information on this subject and found this formal       never been here before... but i just found out today that i have this also...... would you please email me maybe we can compare notes on what we have and what we have found out so far my email address is   or if anyone knows this persons
    email please let me know       thank you


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