Monday, March 31, 2008

monday morning question

What's the worst thing you did as a little kid? (smeared cheese on the wall, accidentally called Japan, called one of your mom's friends' fat, inadvertently downloaded Pentagon files to your dad’s computer, etc.)

My answer:  When I was about 8 years old, a relative called my parents and said they were nearby and they would be over in about an hour.  The house needed a little tidying so my Mom put us to work.  I remember I got to mop!  I thought it was fun!  Then my Uncle, Aunt and their kids arrived.  We were talking about all sorts of things.  I wanted to join in the conversation so I piped in, "You should have seen us before you got here!  We were cleaning up a storm!  I got to mop!"  My Mom just looked at me.  After they left she told me that was not what you said to guests when they arrived, that you had just cleaned your house before they got there!

Now tell us what you did as a child!


  1. robinngabster3/31/2008 8:46 AM

    LOL!  Aw that was cute!

  2. peytonswater3/31/2008 8:51 AM

    I did lots of things...........lets see, when I was about 9, my parents had my Aunt & Uncle over to play cards along with my cousins. I called the Operator (no 911 then) told them a barn was on fire next door (I live in the city) then blamed it on my cousins when the operator called back to verify :)
    When I was about 14, my friend Suzanne and I started a small campground brick house bathroom on fire with the toilet paper.  I went through my moms stuff ALL THE TIME.  I stole candy with with cousins. I was really truly rotten, I could go on and on. My mom would have been blessed with your rotten story! hahahahahahhahaha

  3. robinngabster3/31/2008 8:55 AM

    I played!

  4. I made an altar to Our lady in my mum's bedroom corner cupboard.  I lit a candle and sat it on top of the lace covered orange box I had used for my altar.  An old friend of my mum's visited at that moment and I forgot all about it.  The candle burnt down and I set fire to the cupboard and the box.   What a frenzied time we all had, sloshing water all over it to put it out.  (Bashfully hanging my head at the memory).   Lol!

    Jeanie xxx

  5. this is a great question, Krissy; your answer was cute, I'm sure for your mom at the time it wasn't :)

    gosh, I have so many things I did, hard to think of one just off the top of my head. My brother/me were always playing tricks on my sister because she liked to read instead of play with us. We would make these drinks of things from the kitchen, like spices, vanilla, things like that mixed together and tell her it was really something tasty like a soft drink and make her drink it. One sip and she knew we were lying. We were wicked kids :)

    good question!


  6. I remember once picking up an old cigarette butt and slipping and smoking it, I was probably around 8 years old. Wouln't you know my grandaddy saw me and got on to me. Needless to say I never did that again. Helen

  7. WOW that's the worse thing you ever did! Wait to you read ONE of the things I did!  I will post when the day care kids go down for their nap! Gotta get back to them!

    Make it a great day!


  8. I was a brat, spoiled only child.  But the one thing that stands out, and I did it more than once around age 10, is that I'd swing the cat around by its tail.  It troubles me now, to think I would have done that.  What kind of a messed-up kid would do such a thing?

  9. THAT is the WORST thing you could come up with, Krissy??  LOL  You know, though, I was a good kid.  I don't know if I can think of anything... Um... I was in the lunchline and realized I forgot my lunch money.  I was too scared to tell the lunchlady so I just took the lunch and ran.  LOL  Looking back today, I think the lunch lady must have known and let me have the lunch.  Gee, I was too scared to say anything.  They would have let me have the lunch on credit.  What a scared kid I was.  Oh, one more thing, in middle school, I stole dimes for grape popsicles.  I won't tell you where I got them from.  I felt sooooooooo guilty.  LOL  Love you!!! xox

  10. LOL...if thats the worst thing you did as a child, I'm afraid to tell you mine (or one of mine, there were many!!)  ok ok.. I'll tell you one..(Lord, I feel like a felon after reading yours)
    When I was 12, my Dad had dropped my sisters and brothers off at Church. (My Mom is Catholic, but wasn't feeling well so she didn't go. My Dad was not Catholic so he didn't have to go.

    He dropped us all off, collection envelopes in hand  (.25 each!)

    He waved goodbye, as did we, but when he was out of sight, my older sister and I did a 'duck and cover'.  We 'cut' church. We went to 7-11  and bought slurpees with our collection money.  

    We then headed over to where this new development was being constructed and went inside one of the model homes to enjoy our
    ill-gotten drinks. I guess they left the doors open so that any prospective buyers might take a gander at their leisure.

    This wasn't our first 'Church Ditch'. We never did anything bad in the Model home, we'd just sit and talk and laugh.

    The door was open as usual.  We walked right in but something didn't seem quite right.

    Well, we strutted in like we owned the place, and suddenly, a woman came down the stairs with her hair in a towel and looked at us and said "Who are YOU?".

    We didn't realize that in the two weeks since we'd ditched the last time, someone had MOVED IN to the model home and lived there.  We both turned and ran out of there so fast I'm sure we left a cloud of dust behind.  We also never 'cut church' again.
    God bless,

  11. So I did it!


  12. I was going to say the same thing everyone else did!!  Thats the worst????

    hmm the worst... boy that is a BIG toss up.

    Is it the time when I was 7 and took my friend exploring in the mall and we got lost and she started crying and I had to get us back to safety.


    When I was 10 and decided to take the Kyack out on Lake Tahoe by myself and wasn't seen for three hours.


    When I was 12 and ran away from home.


    Perhaps it was the time when I was 12 and I convinced my sister-in-law to forge my mothers signature on all of my poor progress and conduct reports.


    When I was 16 and ran away from home.

    I was a "resourseful" child.

  13. I was about 5.  I hit a girl over the head with my etch-a-sketch and she had to get stiches.

  14. I was a wild child, especialy as a teen.. so to narrow it down.. haha that is a hard question.  Thankfuly that grandparent's curse my mom kept talking about is broken with mine.. lol.

    One of the more funny things, and one I am not allowed to live down it seems is when I was about 12, I slammed my mom's hand in the bathroom door and broke all her long fake fingernails and also cut the tip off of her middle finger.  I didn't mean to catch her hand in the door... I was upset because she walked in on me getting out of the shower and made the comment that if I got any bigger (my boobs) they would have to get me a harness.  To this day her middle finger is a bit shorter then it should be lol.  But that is what she gets for wearing a shirt that said Sh*t Happens.   Needless to say as my daughters get older I will be sure to knock on the bathroom door before I go in and watch my hands as I exit. LOL

  15. Oh Krissy I have been In stitches at these answers. They have really cheered me up so much I decided to play. I have posted mine here:
    Love Pam xx

  16. monicasmemoirs3/31/2008 5:23 PM

    OMGosh, I was ROFLMAO at Lynn's answer!

    Anyway, after reading what you did - I feel like a horrible child and my parents always said I was a good easy child to raise!  If you were my neighbor they wouldn't have said that, they would've said, why can't you be more like Krissy! :-P

    ONE of the things I did was when we lived in Spain, I got the English girl to skip school with me.  We went and hung out at the beach.  Little did we know that her parents saw heading away from school and called the school to see if we got there.  Nope.  The English mum called my mom and told them we didn't get to school.  They did a search of the whole town, even took a ferry to an island looking for us.  And the whole time we were just chillin on the beach!  After we got home, well ....  let's just say I NEVER ever ditched school again.  But, that doesn't mean I was perfect after that incident! ::sigh::


  17. chaoticbeauty343/31/2008 5:23 PM

    I was 6 or 7 years old, and angry at my sister who was watching me at the time. So, I went to see my grandmother across the field from our home. I wasn't supposed to go by myself or without premission. On a typical day, My mom would walk me or call my gm who would stand outside and watch me as I walked through the bare field. However, This day I was mad. So, I just snuck out the back door. (To this day, I don't remember what my sister did to make me so mad)

    The problem was when I got there my gm wasn't home, and I was too scared to go back. So, I waited for her. Her neighbor happened to come over, and see me, and invited me in for ice cream. So, I went since we knew her.

    Well I guess my sister couldn't find me, and called my mother at work who rushed home. They called me grandmother who wasn't home, and panicked, and called the police. Needless to say, When I did get home. I learned a valueable lesson. LoL

    Best Wishes,

    PS Thanks for the kind words of encouragement on my journal.

  18. OH ho....this is my third attempt to make a comment.  For the first two, I was asked for a password.  go figure.
    When I was six, I noticed a bottle of cream on the floor of the milkman's truck.  I helped myself and ran home with it.
    I was followed closely by the milkman.
    When I was scolded for taking the cream, I protested, "But it was TABLE cream."  Somehow, I thought that made it all right.  The tremarkable thing is, that I coukld read the label at six.

  19. well Krissy, I was 12 and my parents took us to a friends' BBQ but I knew the wife had been flirting with my handsome Dad - so when I went to the I snuck into her bedroom, saw her wedding ring on the vanity table, and stole it.  When I got home I put it in an envelope and mailed it to her.  That's about the time my parents got me a child-psychologist.  Go figure.  CATHY

  20. Krissy, When I was about 12, my girlfriend and I got a "True Romance" magazine.  She was staying with me at our cabin at the lake. We went for a walk & took the magazine & climbed up in a tree and read it.  My Mother would have NOT approved!!!!! And who could blame her? But we were young and curious and doing something "forbidden" which made it even more fun to do at the time. Merry

  21. These are some GREAT answers. Probably the worst thing I did as a young child, I was probably around 5 or 6. We were at friend's house and their daughter and I asked for some things to play "beauty shop" with. We got towels, combs, brushes, mirror,a lipstick, some powder, etc. The ONLY thing missing were scissors. Oh yes I did. Judy's hair was UP in a LONG pony tail and I cut it OFF. Probaby a 6-8" pony tail. Oh did I get a buttwhippin. LOL
    Hugs, Barb

  22. Once when I was trying to hold my baby sister so carefully, I dropped my little glass piggy bank on her head! ;-0 Deb

  23. Another time in third grade  I asked the nun/teacher what the Commandment, "Thy shalt not touch thyself", meant? I was surprised when she sent me home to ask my mother! lol~Deb

  24. breakaway19684/02/2008 10:29 AM

    OH this is too funny!  My kids did this to me before too.  I felt so embarrassed!  

  25. >I know, I know, it's already Thursday, but I thought I should put in my 2 cents worth.
    >I ran away at the age of 10. The house was empty when I got home from school. My aunt called and asked if Mother was home from the big city yet. I got to feeling unloved, so I put a pair of bermuda shorts on under my skirt and a package of crackers in my pocket and set out for... wherever. I got about ten miles away when a woman whose daughter was in my Sunday School class saw me walking down the road past their farmhouse.
    >She called the sheriff, who sent an officer out to talk me into riding back to town with him. The woman offered to take me, but I think I wanted some protection, because I knew the folks would not be pleased that I had run off. Indeed, my mother offered to send me to the Girls' Reformatory if I ever ran away again.
    >  ;^P Jan the Gryphon

  26. standsbyriver4/04/2008 9:39 PM

    As a young girl in HS, I had been made to work in the office of the school for other offences I had done which I don't remember at the moment.  If you were absent, you had to go into the office first thing in the morning and get the principle to sign a permit slip and have each one of your teachers sign it at each class.  Well, while there, I stole packs of pads and forged the principles signature and sold these to students who wished to ditch school.

    I also had an uncle who was schizophrenic and my brother and I thought it was funny that he thought my grandmother's house where he lived was bugged.  We sent him under the house to look for bugs down there as we told him we'd seen them.  They were there.  But they were REAL bugs, not listening devices. I was eight.  He was under that house almost all day.  Hanging my head in shame about it now.


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