Saturday, April 26, 2008

I probably don't have lung cancer/ John is still sick/ I hate narcolepsy

Where to start?  Perhaps with the best first.  The CT scan came back.  It looks like I probably don't have lung cancer.  Praise God for that.  They can't be sure, so they will take another CT scan in three months.  But right now they are leaning towards no cancer, because there was no growth in what they were looking at.
Thanks for all the emails of concern, asking about John and me.  And so sorry I didn't reply to all of you sooner.  It has been so hectic and I have just been trying to keep up with things at home, and doctor's appointments.  John still has bronchitis and the flu.  He went back to the Physician's Assistant today, because he still has been running fever's all week.  This has been for a week and a half now that he has been sick.  The Physician's Assistant ordered him some more antibiotics.  We found out that the antibiotic was contraindicated with another med and he can't take it anyway.  Hopefully this matter will get straightened out by tomorrow night when John is supposed to start a new antibiotic.
John has a follow up appointment on Monday, hopefully he will be substantially better by then.  I don't know.  His fever just spiked again a few minutes ago.
Okay, so what's going on with me?  I've been running around trying to do a lot, LOL.  I am so behind on chores, errands, etc. 
And my shoulder and arm have been killing me.  I have been going to Occupational Therapy and working really hard.  I was given an extra week by my Orthopedic doctor to get my shoulder/arm in shape, to try to avoid surgery.  But I don't think I will be successful in avoiding surgery.  I have made tremendous progress, yes, but don't see how I can avoid having the surgery.  This is not a bad attitude, it is just a fact.  Maybe I am wrong.  We will see.  I am working SO hard.  I am slightly discouraged I guess.  I let the therapist stretch my arm until I am in severe pain every time I go to Occupational Therapy.  She does it for maybe 20 minutes.  Sometimes I scream a little bit while she does it, and say "you HAVE to stop now".  Then she stops.  Sometimes, LOL.  Sometimes she waits a few more seconds before she stops.  Ugh.   
So we will see what happens in the next few weeks.  I don't know what the recovery time is for that surgery, but I just don't have the time to have an operation right now.
So that's about it.  I haven't had time to have fun.  I would watch a movie tonight just for fun, but I keep having these narcolepsy fits.  As a matter of fact, I started writing this entry well over two hours ago and am just finishing it now, because I keep falling asleep.  I can't stand this Narcolepsy.
Okay, I guess that's it for now.  Sorry I don't sound real positive tonight.  I'm mainly just tired.  And I am trying to get off this entry.  My narcolepsy is so bad tonight that I keep falling asleep and this entry has taken me over 2 hours to write, maybe three.  I hope I have not made a bunch of errors in this entry, LOL, I am too tired to go back and read.
Okay,so that is me.  I really am fine, though.  Just tired.  If I could just get past this narcolepsy...
Love you all,  Krissy :)


  1. nightmaremom4/26/2008 12:26 AM

    hugs to you and John... get some sleep my friend

  2. ernhrtfanalwys34/26/2008 12:27 AM

    Thank the Lord your CT scan came out well.  Please continue to update us when you can.


  3. Thank God for the unchanged CT!  Our collective prayers have been answered.  I will keep you in my prayers for your next scan in 3 months.  I will also keep John in my prayers.  I hope you can BOTH get some rest this weekend.  It would do you both a world of good!


  4. you did just fine writing this, Krissy; don't ever worry about that; it made sense and I didn't see any misspelled words

    THANKING THE LORD they feel you don't have lung cancer!!! THANK YOU LORD!! Definitely an answer to prayer

    you are always in my thoughts and prayers, Krissy (and John); I hope you know that

    praying John will take a turn for the better and stop having fevers and I know surgery might not be the answer you want, so we'll keep praying for that too


  5. Thank the Lord that they think you don't have cancer. That shoulder surgery is a long drawn out recovery time with lot of physical therapy. I ented up just doing the exercises myself at home because the therapy folks were just to rough and I couldn't cope with that so my Doc told me to just do them at home. You are exausted by worring about John is and in all that pain yourself is probably why you are falling asleep so much, plus not feeling well yourself. I pray that you both feel better soon. Hugs, Helen

  6. Good news about the ct scan and I'll be praying for you both.  Hopefully you will both be better soon so you can enjoy some of the wonderful weather coming our way.  Spring has been great here this past week or two, but the forecast for next week brings colder weather our way.  It won't be long though and the warm will be here to stay for awhile.  'On Ya' -ma

  7. cacklinrosie1014/26/2008 6:53 AM

    Thank God that the CT scan had good results.  My mom had a spot or something on her lung a couple of years ago.  They watched it for a good while, and it just disappeared.  Keeping you and John in my prayers.  Sheesh, you really have so much going on right now.   I can see why you really want to avoid surgery.  Love you, Chris

  8. dougsbabygirl314/26/2008 8:28 AM

    I am glad about the lung cancer thing.... I will keep praying for John and for you as well. Feel better.... ((((((((((( hugs to you and John))))))))


  9. I'm so sorry you and John are having these medical issues.   Keeping you both in my prayers.               Dawn

  10. sugarsweet0564/26/2008 9:00 AM

    Praise God for no cancer!!!!!!
    Still praying for both of you.

  11. Praise God for no cancer! God is good!!!

    ~~~Make It A Great Day~~~

  12. Your enthusiam and strong will shine through any physical problems you may have! That I believe is what will get you through your bad times.! You are a wonderful role model for us!

  13. winivere20024/26/2008 10:23 AM

    I came to see what you were thinking! LOL... BUT it makes me sad that while I have been battling to find a job, you have been battling with your health... Krissy, I hope that your health improves with each passing day and your husband's, too. Life can be so hard sometimes. Thank God we have friends who care for us, because sometimes friends are like God's apology for family. lol... Praying for a speedy recovery... Win

  14. I hope things ease off for you Krissy. It has been such a bad time for you both. I am pleased to see that horrible word Isn't surrounding you. You and John are both In my thoughts and prayers. Love Pam xx

  15. I sure hope you and John feel better soon.  hugs,  Bethe

  16. specialadyfink4/26/2008 11:18 AM

    Glad to hear your good news.
    Now if John could just beat this nasty flu etc.
    You sound like you are wearing yourself thin.I
    think your body is saying to slow down and take care of yourself.
    Big hugs and prayers sent your way.
    Take good care

  17. What movie do you want to watch?  I do hope John gets better very soon.  Prayers being said for your lung constantly, but you know that.  See you tomorrow, my love... your TBADT xoxoxo

  18. Gentle hugs to you both
    and hope you are both feeling better soon
    and get some quiet time...
    Linda :)

  19. Krissy that's wonderful news on the CT Scan lung check, will keep you in my prayers for another good scan result in 3 months.  Between your narcolepsy, your shoulder arm pain and John not feeling to well with his bronchitis and flu, sounds like you both have more on your plate than you need right now.  Forget all the chores, etc. just take care of yourselves first.  Know all of us here in journal land which we lived closed by so we could come and take care of you two and whatever you needed done.  Take care.  Arlene (AJ)

  20. midwestvintage4/26/2008 4:37 PM

     Glad your results were good on the cat scan.  Wish you could feel better with the narcolepsy.  That would be so frustrating.  I hope John gets better soon.


  21. Keeping you and John in my prayers.

  22.     I'm sorry not to have kept up with you lately. I'm glad to hear you don't have lung cancer, but I am sorry I wasn't keeping up to know it before now. I hope you both feel better. I know that flu is really bad this year, and I bet that someone in John's condition would be affected worse than a normally healthy specimen. Please take care of both of you. I'll keep you in my prayers.
    P.S.: I have asthma due to my allergies. There are times when I can't keep my eyes open. I know just exactly what you mean about narcolepsy. It's not fun to fall asleep when you could be or should be doing something else. Take care.

  23. Krissy~Hope you get some sound sleep ASAP. Praying John will get better ASAP. You are so courageous and strong to be Working so hard in PT; really you are so take this in! ;-)  I am praying you can skip the sugery even though I know it's unlikely. Hope you have time to check the MeetUp site and mkae some good connections. Praise God a billion times you most likely don't have cancer!!! Love to U & J~Deb ;-)

  24. that has to be so agravating for you. hope everything starts to get better and john too

  25. Sorry things aren't going so right for you or john xx  Hope positive things are waiting for you round the corner xx


  26. I'm sorry that there are so many issues. My prayers and thoughts are with you and John. I hope that you guys start to feel better.. lisa

  27. Oh Krissy one too many things on your plate.  I'm hoping and praying the docs are right and it's not cancer.  Hope all gets better soon....get some much needed rest.....CALGON!!

  28. Glad to hear that the CT scan news is good.

    You need a rest, you have so much going on, its bad enough trying to cope with ones own problems phyically but when you have to look after others too it becomes taxing and takes its toll on us.



  29. cherry2sweet2eat4/28/2008 11:23 AM

    yahh im so happy they said you probably didnt have it but john needs to feel better soon a whole week i cant believe it!

  30. peytonswater4/28/2008 1:53 PM

    THANK YOU GOD!!!!! John is in my thoughts,,,poor guy.  I hope your shoulder gts better, surgery defintly needs to try and be the last resort <sigh> so lets stay positive as we can :) I know how frustrating it can be. And if you need surgery I have heard much sucess with those types so even if that happens we are gonna keep our chin up girl :)
    Hugs & Love

  31. lymphomacancer5/12/2008 5:21 AM

    I hope you don't have lung cancer. All the best for your next appointment.

  32. Th recovery time for that surgery can sometimes take longer than what you are doing now and you will still have to have therapy


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