Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A couple of April Fools' jokes

Happy April Fools ‘Day!   

Today I  wanted to share with you a couple of April Fools’ jokes that happened, one in 1998, and one in 1962.

In 1998 Burger King published a full page advertisement in USA Today announcing the introduction of a new item to their menu: a "Left-Handed Whopper" specially designed for the 32 million left-handed Americans. According to the advertisement, the new whopper included the same ingredients as the original Whopper (lettuce, tomato, hamburger patty, etc.), but all the condiments were rotated 180 degrees for the benefit of their left-handed customers. The following day Burger King issued a follow-up release revealing that although the Left-Handed Whopper was a hoax, thousands of customers had gone into restaurants to request the new sandwich. Simultaneously, according to the press release, "many others requested their own 'right handed' version."

     Instant Color TV
In 1962 there was only one tv channel in Sweden, and it broadcast in black and white. The station's technical expert, Kjell Stensson, appeared on the news to announce that, thanks to a new technology, viewers could convert their existing sets to display color reception. All they had to do was pull a nylon stocking over their tv screen. Stensson proceeded to demonstrate the process. Thousands of people were taken in. Regular color broadcasts only commenced in Sweden on April 1, 1970.

There jokes are from the site The Top 100 April Fools' Day Hoaxes of All Time.  Check out the above site to find more true April Fools' jokes.  Thanks to Valerie (valphish) for showing us this site!

Happy April Fools Day to you all,

Love, Krissy :)  


  1. that Burger King one was hilarious!!! our previous newspaper in Montana would always print a story that was false on April Fool's Day; I didn't realize that the first year we lived there; there was a story about white snakes on the rims (a rocky cliff to the north of the city) that people had spotted which was rare since the snakes were so elusive. I'm thinking "wow, I never heard of white snakes before" and I'm also thinking "not going to the rims for sure". Even had a picture of the rims with some white snakes. The next day they printed a retraction that it was an April Fool's joke. The next year I was wiser

    enjoy the day!


  2. sugarsweet0564/01/2008 10:41 AM

    Wanted to pop by & say hi, now that I have my alerts back on. :)
    Have a grand week. Happy April!!!

  3. Happy April Fool's Day!

  4. LOL on the jokes. I especially like the Whopper one! LOL

  5. midwestvintage4/01/2008 12:24 PM

     I fell for that hothead one hook line and sinker when it came out in that magazine.  They never explained it was a joke.  I spent a long time waiting for more information on it, LOL.  What a dolt I am.  


  6. Very good...I love the left handed Whooper.  What a great idea.  I haven't heard any on the TV or read any in the newspaper today.  Maybe we've gotten too sophisticated for April Foool's Day jokes.   Linda in Washington  

  7. Lol. the whopper was a good one! Happy April Fool's Day Love Pam xx

  8. I had read about that LEFT HANDED WHOPPER~I bet MaMaSnowBird bought one!  She is gulible to gimmicks.

    hugs,  Bethe    

  9. I love the color tv joke

  10. Happy April Fool's Day!
    Linda :)

  11. both funny, and the whopper joke..LOL!  people believes so easily.

    Gem :-D


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