Saturday, July 12, 2008

my computer going down

Hi.  It's Krissy. 
My computer works one minute and then stops working the next.  And then maybe 10 hours later it might work again.  I am getting frustrated.  So meanwhile what I am frantically doing is arranging my documents and my photos/graphics properly, then I am going to copy everything to disk.  I fear this computer is going to crash at anytime, and I hope to copy to disk everything before it does so.  So if you don't see more from me for a day or two, you will know what I am doing.  And if this computer won't work, I will be buying a new one, and that will take a little time to get set up.  But please do't forget about me, b/c I won't be away for too long, LOL.
Love you all, Krissy :)
PS  I just talked to my nephew on the phone, and when I explained everything to him, he said it sounded like what is going on is a hardware problem.  I think it would be cheaper to get a new computer than to fix one with a hardware problem.  We shall see. 


  1. I think computer packages are so cheap now days, that to spend the money to get one fixed, is just wasting your money.  Good Luck!!

  2. Its always something with computers it seems. I got myself a new one two years ago with 2G memory and yet my storing of pix seem to slow it down a bit.I just had to buy a new modem too after 4 years with that. Everything except the speakers have been replaced with new. Hope you have better luck than I did with fixing yours. You will be missed!!

  3. nightmaremom7/12/2008 12:25 PM

    sending good vibes...   computers are so much cheaper these days.. I think you're right.. a new one is probably the way to go
    Good luck

  4. Maybe you have gremlins like me!  This week my cell phone stopped working, then it works!  My dishwasher would not come on, I gave up when to work in the yard later that evening my dishes were clean!  This has been going on with things around the house all week.  <BG>  My laptop is in the shop after fighting with Toshiba for a month over the extended warranty we bought they canceled but never refunded our money.  From now on I only want Dell computers!


  5. Now how could anyone forget about you.  I will pray your computer works until you get everything down... said a short prayer... will continue.  I LOVE YOU!!  xox
    your TBADT... xoxo

  6. Don't go spending on a new one unnecessarily. Get it checked out first. Preferably by someone private rather than a repair shop who would willingly take your money for a few minutes work.

    Hope you get sorted soon.

    B. x

  7. Hope you get it all sorted out soon Krissy, computers are a bind when they go wrong.   Be no stopping you if you get a new one.

  8. Be here waiting when you get everything worked out :o)

  9. Krissy hang in there dear, computers can drive us crazy when there's a problem for sure.  Glad you backing eveerything up.  Hope you and John are doing good otherwise.  Take care.  Arlene (AJ)

  10. Good luck, Krissy, hope the PC can be either speedily repaired or replaced.


  11. good luck and how could anyone forget about you?

  12. I hope you get it sorted out... computer problems are no fun at all... I have been fighting with mine since yesterday too....
    Linda :)

  13. Jesse installed some new anti virus thing on my computer and not the computer is freaking out all over the place.  Tsk.  I used to think I was a patient person, but sitting here waiting 5 minutes for something to load and then get barraged with a couple 'do you want to allow this program?' popups.....AURGH....


  14. I have to agree with you, Krissy (it is good to hear from you; I hope you and John are doing good and enjoying summer days), but if the computer is a few years old, I think its always better to get a new one once they start giving you trouble; the cost is never fun to deal with, but better than putting lots of money into something more than a few years old

    could never forget about you and John; you are 2 of my favorite people in J-Land :)


  15. Who could forget about you?

  16. Krissy,
    As if we could ever forget you!  No way!

    I think you should just get a new computer.  I know it's expensive, but you don't want to put to much $$ into a sick computer. Also, if it's 3 yr. old, it's outdated anyway.

    Take care, Krissy.
    Love, Merry

  17. preciousone257/12/2008 11:56 PM

    Krissy, good luck with the computer problem... I hope you get everything copied!!
    I know how frustrating that is... we depend on these things SO MUCH!!  Well, hope to see you soon!!


  18. cacklinrosie1017/13/2008 12:10 PM

    Hope you can work it out, Krissy.  Have you tried a whole system recovery with the discs you got with the pc?  You do need to save every single thing because it will restore the computer back to what it was when you bought it, meaning nothing on it that you saved.  Sometimes that does worlds of wonders and will save you some money for the time being.  Praying you can be back soon!  Love you, Chris

  19. System recover disc will work if it is software; problem with harware means it is prettywell fried.......I think you should back up everything, use the old one and shop for the best value of a new one.    

    With the back to school sales soon to start you should be able to get a good by, or at least save the recipt and check the sales for 30 days after you buy it.


  20. Now Krissy, Get real, how will we ever forget you?          Dawn

  21. Good luck with the computer !  When mine started going crazy  awhile back it only took some extra memory to fix it.  That wasnt' too bad.  Hopefully it will be something simple like that.  'On Ya' - ma

  22. Sorry i am late in getting to this i have had problems too..... grrrr.

    I hope that everythings works out for you
    hugs Jayne


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