Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Get up on the bed!

Today started out beautifully.  When I awoke, I noticed large white snowflakes falling to the ground.  Wow, the first snowfall of the year, I mused.  I wanted to run and get my camera and take some shots.  But then I became aware of the gripping spasms in my back and knew I wasn't going to take any photos at all.  Actually the spasms have been hurting me severely for three days, and I had called the doctor on call in the middle of the night last night and he told me to call my primary doctor first thing this morning.  So I called this morning and his office said they would call me back today.

When nobody had called me today, I called back at 4:30 and asked why nobody had called.  After talking over my symptoms with me, (and me crying into the phone because of the pain), the doctor's office told me to go to the ER.  

At the hospital the triage nurse asked me some questions, 
and then took me back to a room and told me to get up on a bed.  My back was burning and spasming.  Whenever I had a spasm my back would grip up and then I would be wracked with pain.  Anyway, she quickly told me to get up on the bed and then she left.  John sat down in a chair.  I stared at the bed.  It was high.  My body had waves of pain going through it.  I couldn't maneuver myself up onto the bed and turn around.  I was thinking, "Don't you get it Lady, I am in pain!"  I told John I couldn't make it onto the bed, that the bed was too high.  He told me he would go get somebody to help out.  He came back with a nurse.  She looked and said, "We can't make it any lower, that is as low as it will go,"  and then she walked away.  I started thinking, "Don't you get it Lady?  I am in pain, my back is spasming.  This is ludicrous.  I can't climb up there.  You won't help me.  I can't stand here with my back spasming?  Can you say PAIN???  Can you not at least help me to a chair or the floor while my back spasms???"  Then I couldn't stand the pain any longer and I just burst into sobs.  I mean I really sobbed.  So much for bravery.  Maybe it was because I didn't know how long I would have to stand there and I couldn't go out there and ask them again to get me into the bed.  I was in too much pain to even walk out there and ask for help. 

This time another woman heard my sobs and came running.  She had a stool.  "Let me help you get in bed," she said.  She put the stool down and helped me climb in.  I knew there was a solution to that "We can't lower the bed" problem!  She asked me if I could get in with the stool.  I told her I could if I went very slowly, and I did.

Shortly the Physician's Assistant came in.  He did some tests on me.  He wrote me a script for some muscle relaxants, and some loopy-loop medication.  He also prescribed bed rest for four or five days (no, I am not supposed to be on here, lol), heat, and massage.  If I am not better if five days I am supposed to go to my Primary Care Physician.  Now, how am I supposed to stay in bed when I have so much to do?

So anyway, if I get on here and my entries are loopy-loop, or I leave loopy comments in your journals, you will know why, lol.  Just thought I would warn ya. 

Well, that's about it.  Hope everyone is having a good day. ;)   


  1. Hope your feeling better soon!!!

  2. Oh Krissy, hope the meds do the trick....and you get some bed rest!  ~D

  3. Krissy; poor you; I'll pray that you recover as quickly as you can. YOU got to take care of yourself - bed rest means bed rest; otherwise you might risk hurting yourself more.....

    now, turn off the computer and go lie down and rest.

    Wow, the first snowfall of the year for you guys; how exciting!


  4. Oh Krissy i am so sorry hope your back calms down soon:)


  5. Poor thing! Hope that your back starts feeling better (or the drugs make you not care <eg>).  Snow <shudder> and that's why I live in the south!

  6. dreamingbrwneyes10/25/2005 10:48 PM

    I hope you are feeling better. It never suprises me how clueless some people are these days. So sorry you had to go through that. Get tons of rest!

  7. cant beleive you saw snow, wow. I sure hope you feel better soon, I know how those spasms hurt girl, take care of your self


  8. i would have found the strength to smack that nurse!!!!  it would've been worth the pain...lol.  We had a snow/rain mix here today...they're calling for 2-4" by tomorrow...yay.

    Annie =)

  9. Some workers in hospitals are more professional and caring than others. I've found that out over the years. When you're feeling better, we'll be looking foward to hearing from you. Take care.


  10. Dear Krissy, Believe me, I know how tough the medical "system" and people can be.   I experienced a bunch of crap myself today.   I'm so sorry you went through that.  I can feel the pain (emotionally) myself!  And no...they don't get it sometimes.  Just never stop asking for what you need.  Feel better my friend.   Love, Nancy

  11. princesssaurora10/26/2005 12:43 AM


    I am so sorry to hear about your back, your ER trip and that terrible awful RN who dared to be so mean to you!  Please rest...stay off the computer for awhile...we'll be here when you get back!  Prayers coming for you and for John as always...

    Be well,

  12. justaname4me210/26/2005 2:14 AM

    Congratulations on your nomination! I can't believe you've gotten snow already.....I'm not looking forward to the white stuff. I hope you are feeling well soon~

  13. ally12313058591810/26/2005 4:52 AM

    Krissy what an ordeal to be put through when you were in such pain, hope it will settle down soon {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} for you and John.......Ally

  14. SNOW?  This early in the winter - amazing.  Krissy, so sorry to hear about your back. This has probably been brought on by all the stress.  You must do what you are told and rest as much as you possibly can.  Prayers being sent your way.


  15. jlocorriere0510/26/2005 5:00 AM

    You'd think a nurse would be familiar with Pain wouldn't you, soory you had to go through all that. I hope you get some relief with the meds, don't worry about being loopy, I've been loopy for years!! Get some rest now. Jeannette.

  16. jules1964200110/26/2005 5:50 AM

    I hope your back gets better soon Krissy. I love snow but we rarely get it here...........Jules xxxx

  17. That nurse has some bedside manner,  you should complain about her. Hope your feeling better soon.

  18. (((((((((((((((Krissy)))))))))))))))Sorry you hurt your back. Hope you get relief soon. Better loopy then in agony, I say. Send John's email again if you get a minute as I've misplaced it. Got back into priate one. Blessings :-) Sassy


  19. Don't worry if you're loopy loop Krissy, 'cause you are in good company with me. I lost the plot the day I was born. Keep laughing and try to get some rest.
    Love 7 hugs.
    Sylvia xx

  20. thefaircolleen10/26/2005 11:07 AM

    Thats all you need is for your back to spasm. . maybe its because you are tense and tense muscles are not as flexible so go in to spasm?Sorry it made you cry. . come here and let me give you a big hug!

  21. Some people seem to forget that they're in the business of helping others. I'm sorry for your experience in the hospital and I hope you feel better soon.


  22. Back spasms are very painful I know.  I`ve had them once and I don`t want to experience them again. I hope the meds work for you Krissy, take care,


    Sandra xxxx

  23. Oh Dearest Krissy,
    Your entry today could have been written by me (or any one of us that deal with chronic pain.)  I have had so many bad experiences at hospitals waiting for them to understand the severity of my pain.  It just gets my goat.  Because the last thing we need when we are in this kind of pain is stress.  It's like some of these nurses play games with us.  I am so sorry this happened to you.  Hugs, LuAnne

  24. sarajanesmiles10/26/2005 6:45 PM

    Oh ouch.  Krissy that sounds awful my dear.  I remember being in terrible pain with my back for a while after J was born, where I couldn't walk, let alone hop up onto a high bed!!!  I hope that the muscle relaxants work for you, and that the loopy loop medication eases the pain some.  
    Sara   x

  25. funnyface0s010/26/2005 6:46 PM

    Sorry to hear your not well Krissey.   Hope the back is improving and you are feeling yourself again.
    Luv Jayne x

  26. Krissy, I ended up in the E.R. about a month ago for the same reason.  Terrible spasms in my back.  In 1992 I had to have back surgery...they fused my spine from L4-L5-S1.  I was afraid something had gone wrong with the fusion.  Anyway, with a couple Flexeril, some heat, ice and a massage I was as good as new.  Haven't had any trouble since, except when I had to work on the hospital switchboard a couple weeks ago and sat in a bad chair for 8 hours.  I need to be able to be up & down all day and I do have my own chair at my regular desk. Take care & be a good patient.

  27. get well soon

  28. Please get well soon. Take a rest. Just dropping by some hugs.

  29. ladyhasflava10/27/2005 2:57 PM

    GIRL you better get your butt off here..lol...I know its ADDICTIVE..wow is there a pill for AOL JOURNALitis>.lmbooooo..GET WELL SOON and stay away from crazy medics..lmboooo..OUCHHH~~ FLAVA

  30. Strange things have been going on with aol.  Hope your back is better !  Take care! 'On Ya' - ma

  31. hope you get well soon....

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  33. Oh no SNOW??????I cannot believe that the nurse didnt help you up on that bed as soon as you got there.....I have never had a back spasm but after reading about yours I felt like I had....I think you are tense, stressed and full of anxiety ...I love your loopy loops and I dont even have to take a pill to do them,,,,My friend if only I could help you.....I would have got down on my hands and knees and had you stand on my back and got you onto that bed....Haa  
    Lots of love and hugs       prayers too....love ya Myke

  34. Sending lots of hugs and feel better soon!!!
    I hope that nurse had a very good excuse for being so rude...
    Linda :)

  35. This was a bad week for backs! I threw my back out on vacation!! I was all hobbled and bent over. No wonder that guy called me "grandma". I decided not to dwell on my back pain in my journal entry tho...we really did have a good time despite all the pain meds I was popping. :-)  I hope your back is feeling better too! Being home in my own bed at last has helped a lot.


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