Monday, October 17, 2005

Scavenger Hunt #45 - A few items I find necessary

My first necessary item is my cat brush.  I have to brush Michael every day because he is long haired.  I used to not know that I was supposed to.  He became matted and I took him to get groomed but no groomers in town would touch him.  I ended up having to get the poor cat put under anesthesia and he had to be brushed out while asleep.  After that I have brushed him daily without fail. 

My second necessary item is my inhaler.  I carry it on my person at all times.

And finally there is salt.  What can I say?  My family has joked that they will get me a salt lick for Christmas.  My diabetic doctor doesn't think it is funny...


  1. How are you and john doing?


  2. ally12313058591810/17/2005 2:32 AM

    they are three very necessary item - the brush - the inhaler - not so sure about the

  3. Bet Michael loves his daily brushing. Sitting here laughing about the salt lick....I bought one for Christmas a few years ago, for my baby sister and a cousin. Who as young children, used to take turns licking the salt lick...until our Aunt caught them. LOL!      ~Deborah

  4. Oh, very, very good!!!xox

  5. I loved the salt! (watch your blood pressure too). Inhalers would be absolutely necessary.

    I bet Michael does like his daily brushing!

    great pictures, Krissy.


  6. salt LOL , my hubby eats it straight from the shaker! yuckers! And he has perfect BP too , the bum!

  7. Lay off that salt Krissy, you will make yourself ill. Lovely photo, so clear. Thinking of you and John. Take care my friend.
    Sylvia xx

  8. Salt............Tsk..tsk..tsk..............LOL......................Kasey

  9. lol krissey, salt? I like my salt too but I use the low sodium, better for you


  10. my husband cant live without his salt

  11. Thinking of you and John. And Mr. Michael.  

  12. articwulf5836810/18/2005 3:43 AM

    My 3 items...
    Diet coke always in my hand lol
    Favorite blanket, can't sleep without it
    Deodorant, believe me everyone around me thanks me vey much lol

  13. hestiahomeschool10/22/2005 12:28 AM

    My husband actually got me one of those little salt wheels they guve hamsters for Christmas one year. :-)


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